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I would say this happened around 2004- 2005. This is all still in the London house, and things had remained relatively calm.

One day, I was just sat in my room, probably cleaning it or whatever, and I heard a sort of rustling, only very faintly but very constant. I did my best to ignore it, but you must realize how annoying it is, even the quietest sound, if it's constant, it grates on you. Once I started actually looking for the sound, it stopped.

I remember at one point my parents were sat in the dining room, and my Dad suddenly stopped what he was doing, he said something had shot across the floor, he said it was small and black, and he was obviously worried a mouse had got in or something. We searched, and nothing. So again, it was shrugged off. At the time, I didn't think it was of any significance, but since, I have read a little more on the paranormal to discover any form of black mass is not usually a good thing.

Before I carry on, our dog used to walk round and round a certain spot in our living room, just in an exact circle. When my parents decided to pull up the carpet in that room to change the flooring, they had great difficulty in getting it up, almost as if the underlay had been melted to the floor. When eventually it was taken up, there were a few giant circles carved into the floor in a formation, one of which were the dog would walk. There were another 2 in the dining room when the carpet was lifted off there, which runs off the living room. They were pretty worrying, because they looked pretty deliberate, but as I'm not well informed, I wouldn't like to even begin to speculate if these were markings for some sort of ritual.

I think in doing that, it's as if 'something' was disturbed, because events became a lot more intense. The rustling that I had heard in my room seemed to be happening more frequently, and getting more intense, they had turned to scratching. Even though it was generally above the same area, it also moved sometimes. I thought maybe a bird had got into the loft space, and I didn't tell anyone because I was worried if it was say, a nesting bird, they'd maybe put down bait, I just figured eventually the birds would hatch and fly away and it'd then stop.

...Of course it didn't stop. It started getting very loud, and happening pretty much every time I was in my room. I couldn't sleep at night, so I would try to get sleep in the day when I could. But... It was still hard to, as the scratching was still happening. I eventually told my Dad that I suspected maybe birds/ squirrels/ rats, whatever. I tried to show him the scratching, but anytime I called him, it stopped as soon as he got to my room. He got someone to come in to check it out, that maybe my shouting had scared it if it was a small animal and that's why it stopped. When the person came to look, nothing was in the space above my bed. There were no droppings or signs of animals there, and no way for them to get in, however, the guy still put bait down just in case and said he'd come check it in a week or two to see if it's been disturbed.

The scratching carried on, so I started to sleep in the lounge that was on the ground floor. I thought seeing as I only hear it in my room; I could get peace and a proper sleep there. And it worked. Then one weekend, my ex was staying over and I heard this scratching again in the ground floor lounge. This meant it'd be coming from the dining room. I sneaked up the stairs, and nothing was there. There was no explanation for it. I was glad someone had finally heard it besides me! However, he just said to ignore it and eventually it did stop.

The 'Bait-Man' came again as he said, and reported that nothing had even touched the bait, it was exactly as he'd left it. I tried to think of all manner of logical explanations for this scratching and could come up with nothing. The whole loft space is an open space, and I couldn't understand how no one else in their bedrooms would hear it, even faintly. I honestly was starting to think I was going mad. If it hadn't have been for the fact my ex heard it too, I think I probably would have gone insane, if only due to lack of sleep.

I started getting this 'feeling' that there was a small child in the house; I don't know where it came from. It seemed to be scared of adults, I and my sister would get lots of cold spots next to us, in front of us, sometimes actually on us, and if we asked one of our parents to put their hand in the cold spot, or sit where we were, it'd suddenly vanish. With this 'feeling' I sensed the child was almost being controlled to do the physical things that'd happen around the house (various things being moved, going missing etc.) but it meant us no harm, just whatever was controlling it made the child think it was all a game. I don't know where this feeling came from, if I genuinely sensed something, or if it was an over active imagination... Whatever.

At one point my Mum's inhaler went missing, and obviously, she relies on it. She started getting in a bit of a panic and we were worried this could cause her to have an attack. I went to the ground floor and I just started saying, 'Put it back, put it back now.' And then I heard a clatter in the toilet room. I looked in, and the inhaler was placed on top of the toilet. We had checked in there in our search, and it wasn't there.

I started to hate being on the ground floor, it started to seem so much more dark and gloomy than the rest of the house, and I avoided it as much as I could. Whatever energy was in the house even managed to drag the washing machine out a few inches. It wasn't switched on, so it's not like it had vibrated outwards a little as washers do. And no sooner had my Dad moved it back, that it moved again.

I know my Dad did a blessing of the house, said a few prayers and things all seemed to calm down a little. Even the scratching stopped. One night, I stayed up a little later than everyone to watch something on TV, and I heard a strange sort of almost rattling, with a whoosh and this small black thing had come alongside me, and gone through the dining room, and vanished into the kitchen. It was too big to be a rodent of any sort, and there's no way could a cat have got in, although I would say it was maybe the size of a cat, though it was ball shaped. It made me very uneasy, but I was too scared to go upstairs for some reason.

I decided to go on the Internet for a while, and I remember telling my friend over msn what had just happened, then went on to tell them about past events in that house, and how I thought it had all stopped. Then as if 'it' had been reading over my shoulder (Ha, I'm getting nervous again now...!) the scratching began again! Like it was on the walls this time. I looked all over again for an explanation, and again, as soon as I began to look, it stopped. Then would start the second I sat back down.

The next 2 or 3 hours were quite frightening, it looked as if the room literally darkened and felt as if I was pretty much frozen to my seat. Like I wasn't 'allowed' to get up. I would almost describe it as I was frozen with fear, I felt as if I was being watched from the other side of the room. I so desperately wanted to go to bed. When it got to about 4 am, everything lifted. And I rushed upstairs with my eyes closed.

After this, I would hear the scratching again; it also started to feel that at the top of the stairs, as if someone was there. And again, anytime I tried to show anyone the scratching, it'd stop. A few times, I tried to show my sister and it'd carry on, but very faintly. I couldn't bear it anymore. I told my parents about the scratching again, and also of the night where I just felt trapped by 'something'.

My Dad said he would bless the whole house, and if I felt comfortable with it, he would put a cross in my room. I was just happy to try anything! He also blessed the loft space. I thought maybe the atmosphere would feel lighter, but it all felt just as oppressive but I went to bed that night feeling a little better.

...It started again! Only this time there were thuds, scratching from more than one place... I just burst into tears. And now I really couldn't understand why my parents couldn't hear this in their room, it was so noisy. I called them, and they didn't wake up, but I was too scared to go and physically wake them. Thankfully, my sister heard me, the noises didn't stop, and it was relentless. Then we heard the sound of metal thinking on the floor. She looked really frightened and I didn't know why. But after that, it stopped. And that was it.

My Dad checked the loft space the next day, and it transpired, the sound of metal, was more than likely a crucifix he had put in the corner where I had said most of the scratching occurred. It was at the other side of the space, as if it had been thrown. Apparently when he'd initially blessed the loft, the same thing had happened, except it had been thrown at him. I know my Dad isn't a liar, and something like that, he wouldn't even jest about.

But as I say... That was it. I never really felt safe there afterwards though, and put up with it for another couple of years, but then I moved in with my Grandparents. Their house was full of strange noises and feelings of a presence, but it was like my old house, extremely friendly. The lack of activity almost seemed rather boring compared to the London house! I have looked into the stuff that happened though, and it seems pretty similar to the characteristics of a demon? I'd be really glad of opinions on this one.

[note from the webmaster: this is an update by the author on 2009-05-31]

I would like to attach a few pictures to this story. The first three are very recent, taken about 4 years after this all happened, and when the house has been emptied as my parents moved away. The second two are just from in my bedroom where I'd be where some of the activity was happening.

Scratch Scratch 1
Scratch Scratch 2
Scratch Scratch 3
Scratch Scratch 4
Scratch Scratch 5

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chatterbox13 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
Now after reading this I'm scared of pulling up the carpet in my room. Every night when I turn off the lights and go to bed I hear scratching on the carpet and sometimes accompanied by pop like a bubble or sth. At first I thought there was a rat or a bird, but one night I overcame my fear and turned on the lights to see what was it and there was nothing but I continued hearing the scratching. Ever since that moment I changed my room with mom's and she hears it too. We're thinking of blessing the whole condo.
dragonwalker (5 stories) (77 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-28)
I'm way late to this party but what is in front of teh stove in the kitchen picture? I get this... Image of a big tall person (head about even with the fan above the stove) just sort of... Lurking. Very uncomfortable. My spidey senses tingle there. Your bedroom feels like a closed in, closed off, cold space. Like you've tried to have good times in a bad place and it's just not working. Anyway, thanks for the visual!
what_is_around_us (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-02)
Maybe the things you are/were into opened up something to let out whatever was in your house. Like the skull and X.Maybe it attracted whatever was in there. And no offense hun but some of your posters were kind of dark and maybe the entity fed off of that little bit of darkness. But whatever it was had to be very evil and strong to throw the crucifix at your father. If you felt there was a child there, it may have been, or just someone stuck under that entities control. Have you felt any of the same feelings since you moved out?
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
It looks like a very nice house. I'm sorry I really don't know. But I did like your story.
Rosie93 (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
Well, the things that stick out in my mind when I read this story are the circles you found carved into the floor. These could definitely be linked to the experiences you had. It's possible that previous owners of the house were involved in the occult, and that the circles are the result of some rituals that they performed. This could very well have invited evil spirits into the house. As for the child entity, it could have been a demon, which it sounds like to me in this case, although I wouldn't say all child entities are demonic. Have things like this continued to bother you since you left? If so, I would consult the help of a priest.
Best wishes! ❤
lioncat97 (2 stories) (67 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
Gee,How could you put up with it? I would be screaming and crying by then. At least it didn't hurt you.
jenniferford (2 stories) (56 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
Demon for sure. All black orbs shadows are not good. But evil spirits can also make you feel as they are good and not good at all. I leard that children spirits are very bad. God will leave no child behind. Even if that child was killed and never knew it. From what all you have said you have a demon follower. If your heart is with God then you are clean and he will keep you safe. The thing is when a ghost can move things like a washer. You need to know it Can Hurt You. Demons are very well known to show there self as a child and never try to play with it. God bless you and your family and good luke with all this.
spica (2 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
It's pretty cool. Maybe one family or someone else died in that house few years ago!

I going to admit something...
It's really creepy though...

Spica ❤
xKalmuneiu (5 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-26)
I apologise for taking a couple of days to get back to this, I haven't been able to get on the laptop and my phone wouldn't allow me to post my comments... Quite infuriating as I'd texted the whole thing...! Heh. Anyways, I did try sending some pictures to accompany this, but they haven't shown as yet, so for anyone who may be interested, they're located here:

Http:// (The link is also in my profile.)

James: I'm not quite sure if 'it' did read what I was saying, just it's timing was pretty unnerving to say the least! It had been relatively quiet and within seconds of me passing such a comment via msn, it all began again. I never really looked into what the circles could mean, I wouldn't know where to begin. I mean, they could have been quite innocent, it's just they seemed very deliberate as they were carved into the floor rather than being say, maybe just a mark from years of pressure from furniture for example. I'm not really sure where I would find out such things.

Ghost: I did wonder, but again, I'm not particularly well educated on paranormal matters so don't like to assume too much. I'll be honest, I was hoping that wasn't the case as it still gives me shivers when I think back to it.

Phillip: Yes, at the early stages it did just sound like a faint rustling, you could barely hear it at first, just it was so persistent that I couldn't ignore it. I would suggest checking your loft first, to maybe rule out any kind of animals or birds, because... If nothing else, they could be trapped. But yeah, it did 'progress' into quite loud scratching. It wasn't really like an animal though because the scratching wasn't moving about, it always sounded as though it was almost trying to 'dig' at the loft floor through to the ceiling. It seemed to mainly come from the same place, but sometimes I'd hear it in various spots.

Preacher: I have read that the characteristics of what was going on seemed to point towards something 'demonic', but I've also read that to rid somewhere/one of something demonic requires an Excorcism, and this did seem to calm down after a couple of blessings, and my Dad is an ordained Deacon, I don't know if the 'level' of clergyman has any bearing on how effective any blessings etc. Are? My family moved out a little while ago, and as far as I'm aware there was nothing so drastic happened after that. My Mum and sister didn't like to be alone there, and my sister said she would feel as if she is being watched sometimes, and there was one occassion where it felt like someone got on her bed, she also tells me she thinks a couple of times she heard the 'rustling' above her, but this only happened a couple of times and never really progressed. She said she just would ignore it.

And yeah, with regards to people's various comments regarding my Dad, I know I am very lucky that he would take me seriously. Whether his initial actions were to just humour me, I don't know. But yeah, I am very grateful that I have such an understanding family.

preacher1 (37 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-26)
Poltergeist is more of just a noisy spirit; the thing that concerns me is the scratching, dark figures and aversion to religious object, the dense atmosphere all point to that of a demon. I have heard of Demons controlling other spirits as well though it does make me feel sad if it is a child. Your Dad had the right Idea on what to do. Does your family still live there and if so is there still activity?
phillip20 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-25)
Hi xKalmuneiu I have some of the same things happening to me currently You commented on my story. Does the rustling sound like a plastic bag being rustled, and I've also heard the scratching noise above my bedroom coming from the loft above I have always assumed it was a large bird it sounds like a large animal moving about and scratching the floor. What did your scratching sound like? Thanks.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-24)
You lucky that your parent believe you what you been through my don't believe they think I am just imagage things. But no I am not.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
xKal--I don't know about it being a child. Would a child have the skills to read over your shoulder and understand your words & thoughts?
Would a child or playful poltergeist throw a crucifix not once but twice?
Now that you're no longer in that house, there's no point in suggesting you keep a tape recorder handy. To have a father who accepts your accounts is a great act of belief and trust in your veracity, however, and it may be that bond held you together throughout all that crap. Malignant spirits like to sow discord. The circle on your flooring is a puzzle, but someone knows the answer.
xKalmuneiu (5 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
Yeah, I did wonder if this was a poltergeist rather than something 'evil'. I mean, when I was having a little look around the internet, whatever 'it' was, seemed to share some characteristics of something 'demonic', but by the same account, I've been led to believe to get rid of demons, a full Excorcism needs to take place. But a couple of blessings seemed to do the trick. And it's not like my Dad is a priest, although he's an ordained deacon in the Catholic church.

When I was packing to leave that house to move with my Grandparents, a lid from a perfume bottle (that was definitely in a bag in a cubby hole I had in that bedroom) was thrown against the wall and landed on the bed in front of me. Probably just a little reminder that they would be there longer than I would, heh.
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
Sounds like a typical poltergeist activity. Maybe it was a child who had once lived there or maybe died there. I don't know what threw the cross but that seems to be the case when a house gets blessed. The activity will increase. Seems like whatever it was it was attracted to you. That means either you are the catalyst or whatever is there feeds upon your energy. You maybe sensitive by nature so it was you that picked up on what was happening and it knew that you knew it was there.
xKalmuneiu (5 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
I have sent in some photographs to accompany this story. I'm not sure how long they take to approve. A couple of them were taken late last year, when the house has been emptied as my parents moved. There are also two of my bedroom, those pictures are taken a few weeks after this happened and I'd moved my room around a little to try and give it a feeling of a 'fresh start'.

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