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A Strange Hit


This is my paranormal experience after my dream.

While living in that other house I switched rooms and my son took over the other room. There was a door connecting both rooms and I would keep that one open. My son's room was being painted and he was sleeping in my room.

I decided that I could turn on a night light somewhere hidden so that my son would fall asleep. It had been an hour since my son fell asleep and I finally got into bed and my boyfriend was already passed out as well.

I closed my eyes to fall asleep but for some reason I didn't fall asleep so easily this time, and when I finally felt myself falling into deep sleep when suddenly a powerful force hit the foot of my bed. I could feel the arms and hands as if someone had hit it so hard the bed vibrated and it sounded like a loud echoless slap sound. It was strange the arms were one in between my boyfriend's feet and the other arm that hit was in between our feet. It didn't touch us but we both jumped at the exact same moment and I could feel the lengths of the arms on the bed. I'm not sure what it is or what it wants but it's followed by strange dreams.

I always experience strange dreams after I have a strange experience I could write about every one of them but they range very differently and all of them have to do with either possession of a girl or very twisted strange things...

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