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Invisible Hand Hits Our Pillow


This is a story that took place when I was 14 years old, at my friend Kimberly's house who was 13, at the time. She and I would spend a great deal of time just hanging out, talking, exploring the woods in her backyard, etc. But this day was different...

Night was descending and we didn't want the day to end... (for bedtime.) So we sneaked out of her bedroom window and climbed the fence (less noisier than the metallic fenced door) and ran down the road (with woods enveloping it on one side) ... The stars were visible in the clear sky so we just kept walking (pretty 'stupid' now if you ask me, two teenage girls walking down the road of a neighbourhood near the woods, but we enjoyed the excitement and saw it as part of the adventure) until eventually the sky was black and the stars were brighter than ever. Being whimsical... We decided to follow the brightest star to see where it took us! Naturally that meant we just walked and walked and walked... Until I saw this black swift blur suddenly dodge behind the light post... I know what I saw and I announced it... She thought she saw something too, but I wasn't sure if maybe she was just agreeing to anything I said. So I ran to the light post, feeling crazy, and sought after the black blur. It was like a shadow... Super swift and pitch black. I couldn't find anything... On the verge of giving up, I tried again to seek... And boom... There it was a small black cat. He was so cute... (and surprisingly sweet) so I picked him up and walked with him in my arms while excitedly chatting away with my friend with gratification that we weren't just seeing things! He had a little white patch under his neck that looked like a diamond so we named him that, (plus after the star we followed and found him under.)

As we returned we could see Kim's mother angrily standing at the door... Clearly she was calling out for us... I put the cat under my shirt because I knew she wouldn't let us keep him, but when we entered the fence her mother asked me, with a solemn look "What's that under your shirt?" Kim replied "Kitten" as she walked past the threshold, to which her mother nodded to (mistaking for one of her own kittens that her cat gave birth to) and we snuck into Kim's room to let Diamond out. He was not the colour of the litter from her mom's cat so we had to keep him hidden. Anyway, I don't think any of these things are related, I'm just giving a lot of detail to explain how this all came about to being a "strange night."

So here we are, petting the cat, chatting... Reflecting upon the night and feeling excited about our new family member/secret, when suddenly, an invisible hand SMACKS the pillow near the open window! And I swear to you had the cat not looked at the pillow when it happened, looked back at me in shock, then give a delayed hiss before jolting under the bed in fear, I would NOT have believed it as strongly as I do now... I would've just thought that I imagined it with my friend agreeing with bias to what I "thought" we saw...

I don't know what's out there... Nor if any of what I've shared tonight was related... But if it wasn't for that mysterious cat's reaction... I wouldn't have believed this entirely...

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Silent_Observer (2 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-09)
That would make sense, Asad123! Maybe it didn't like that we took a cat it was attached to? Lol 😉
asad123 (2 stories) (20 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-08)
Nice Story! And nicely Written.
I think maybe some spirit was attached to the kitten 😕
Silent_Observer (2 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-07)
Devious Angel, feel free to ask away, 😁 I thought I described it well when I said "an invisible hand smacked the pillow." It looked exactly like that, except that you knew it was a hand to begin with (cause of the physical reaction the pillow had. Briefly looking like a five fingered press before slowly puffing up into a vague imprint, as pillows do.)

BadJuJu - Heh, yeah. Like I said, I wasn't sure if the cat was related to the situation (since nothing unusual like that had ever happened before. That night was a particularly whimsical night as we weren't the types to go off through windows and such.) Diamond's reaction was the confirmation (to me) of what we saw. But after he ran under the bed, we coaxed him to come out and soothed him.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
13 years ago (2011-06-07)
There are a few things in this account I don't quite get, but being the crazy cat lady that I am I'll stick to one thing. What happened to Diamond? You can try to hide a cat, but they won't stay hidden for long. You make no mention of what happened with the cat after the pillow incident? With him playing such a large role in this, I consider it odd that no mention is made of him after he hid under the bed.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-07) did you arrive at the conclusion that someone smacked the pillow? Was there a hand print? Had you guys previously experienced anything in the house that would lead you to believe it was a ghostly experience? There is so much missing...

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