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Old Victorian Lady


This story happened when I was about a year old. We lived in my grandmother's house in Gurabo, PR, which was built on top of a sugar cane field and before it was a sugar cane field, it was an old spaniard cemetery. One night I was very sick with a fever and my mother got up in the middle of the night to get me warm milk because it put me to sleep easier. My mother went to the kitchen, the backdoor in the kitchen had rails on it, and a lady dressed in old victorian style clothing with a big puffy dress that women wore in the 1800's came right through the rails and the metal door! She wore a large hat which made her face dark and you could not see her. The lady was walking fast, like if she was in a rush, and she went right through my mother! My mother sort of did not pay much mind to it and went about her business warming up my milk... Then all of a sudden my mother shouted "oh my god that lady just went into my daughters room!". My mother rushed to my room... the lady was gone... and I was sitting on my bed giggling to myself. The high fever I had was gone!

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julie collums (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-02)
like reading ghosts stories I sometimes get scared. Specially when I am alone. But any way I love reading and watching ghosts stories. I believe in the supernaterial, and I throught I saw a ghost when I was a little girl. But maybe somebody was just trying to scare me. And sometimes I can hear my dead love ones call me.

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