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The Victorian Home Part 4


I'm back once again with another story in my house, this time it's a much more creepy story, and I'm pretty concerned just thinking about it.

Last night, me and my parents decided to have a bonfire in our yard. We were all just having fun as a family! My mom was taking pictures of me and my dad. She wanted to try something fun with her phone, so she decided to put it on a video and make it slow motion. She videoed my dad saying something funny and laughing, and then put it on slow motion.

As we were watching him in slow motion on the video, suddenly, we heard loud, almost gruff, heavy breathing. It sounded almost like a large man was standing right on my mom as she was videoing. At first, it was one loud breath, and then slower breaths after that. A persons breathing is so distinct, so I think that's what was so creepy about it. If you have ever used slow mode on an iPhone, you would know that obviously, everything moves in slow motion, as well as breathing or any other noise. But this wasn't. You could barely even hear my dad talking and laughing on the video, since it was in slow motion, yet you could hear this breathing so loudly. All of us were a bit alarmed by the video.

My mom decided to try to recreate another video like it, and see if she caught anything else on the slow motion video. She began videoing me laughing, and smiling while by the bonfire. She played the video in slow motion, that's when we heard it. Music on the slow motion video. But we didn't have any music playing, and we couldn't hear it to the naked ear. It sounded like someone was hitting loud notes on a piano. It just kept going BING. BING. BING. Really slowly. Possibly sounded maybe even like someone slowly winding up an old music box of some sort, but to all of us, we thought piano keys. Then, it sounded like a loud, screeching note at the end. Then it got even weirder. A loud growling noise came after the music, it sounded as if a large animal was about to attack. It didn't sound ''nice'' at all, and it definitely didn't sound human-like. They were just weird, disturbing noises, as if something was just really angry. Like a huge animal was making a gruff, growling sound. The video ends after that.

I was pretty shaken up after listening to the video, and couldn't even believe that I heard what I did. I looked at my mom hoping she would give me a logical explanation like she always does, just to make myself feel better. But she looked like she was in shock and fear, just as I was. Then she looked at my dad and said ''Um honey, what could that be?''. My dad is never scared of anything, and basically just laughs and teases if you find something you think is creepy, but my mom let him listen to the video again. He got a concerned look on his face, and said ''What the hell is that?'' That's the same thing I'm ''Still'' wondering.

My mom then said, ok, that's it! I need to know what that was. So she told me to video her in Slow mode. I took a short video of her smiling in slow motion, then we heard something completely different on her video. On hers, loud gunshots. It just sounded like BOOM BOOM BOOM, and then an even louder gunshot at the end. We were concerned on that video to, but we all agreed that the creepy music and growling on the slow motion video of me was the most concerning.

It seemed like every time we put the videos on in slow motion, we were hearing noises that were happening somewhere else, and not where we were at the time. But I knew that the noise just had to be happening at that moment, which made no sense. We had no music, no gun and there definitely wasn't anything making the sort of growling we heard, and we were only hearing these noises in slow motion.

All of us still concerned about what exactly was in the videos, my mom got up and said we should go use slow mode in the house and see if it does anything. So we kept all of the lights off, and turned on the slow mode, and began recording each room in our house. My mom headed into the Living Room first, which is where she saw the little girl running away. She then ended the video, and we all huddled around the video, watching it in slow motion to see if we saw or heard anything at all. Then, my mom pointed at the video and said ''There!'' She rewinded the video, ad we all saw an orb shooting rapidly past. But how exactly? The video was in slow motion. Nothing could have been moving that fast. Then, we even saw 2 more orbs after that, moving the exact same speed.

We used the slow mode video everywhere else in the house as well, but that was the only room that we saw anything in.

I don't think that any of these occurrences should be brushed off, because it feels to me like a sort of demonic entity since listening to these rather disturbing videos.

My grandpa passed away from a lung disease September 1st. My mom said she has been trying to communicate with him, and has been talking with him. Before we began taking the slow motion videos around the bonfire, we had been talking about an incident that had happened to my mom. She received a Facebook message saying that my grandpa wanted to be tagged in a picture of him, which was posted in memory of him. But obviously, he had already passed away 6 days before this happened. So how was he asking to be tagged in a picture? My mom was even in tears after this happened. She saw it as a sign that he was trying to tell her that he was still there.

But since we had been talking about this incident before taking the videos, what if something else is just trying to toy with us into making us think it was him? When we heard the video where there was music and growling, we all knew that it wasn't my grandpa, because he would never sound like that.

I don't believe that you can welcome something else into your house, just by trying to communicate with a deceased loved one, but I really don't know much about how that works. But after the disturbing videos, my mom said that she was going to have to stop trying to talk with my grandpa, as sad as it was, because she didn't want to stir anything paranormal up, anymore than she possibly already had.

My mom kept all of the videos on her phone, and I have listened to them all at least a dozen times, but still can't debunk anything. I feel that I should be concerned, and look forward to hearing more opinions.

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DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (79 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-29)
This is my honest opinion regarding what you said that you can't invite anything to your house by just trying to communicate to your deceased grandpa. First of all, my sincerest condolences to your family. Second of all, I believe that you can actually invite something sinister into your home that way. I'm sure you are well aware that an entity can mimic your grandpa since you already mentioned it in a way through story but I sensed that you are still pretty much unconvinced about it.

For me it is always a big no, on contacting you deceased relatives because for one, they are resting in peace already and contacting them will bother them in spirit world. Also by doing that, you are making yourselves vulnerable for malicious entity that preys on your family's grief and weakness at the moment which makes them have easier access to your home and haunt your family.

I do believe though that a home filled with loving energy, deters this unwelcoming and dark aura that may haunt your home. If you feel these positive feelings and energy, it will make your home feel secured from dark entities that might prey on your family.

Thank you and God bless.
valkricry (49 stories) (3269 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-09-28)
Please write your comments in English, so that all might understand, or supply a translation with it. Most of your comments were hidden due to low ratings, this is because most readers can not read what you've written, and making the same comment over and over is considered spamming an offense you can be banned for, for that reason, I will be deleting them.
MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-09-27)
Hey, wow, what an interesting story. A couple thoughts: First, and I don't know WHY I think this, but I think in the other dimension in which spirits live, they move faster than we do, which would explain why the orbs were moving (to you) in your video at normal speed while everything else was slowed down. In so many evps I've heard, the voices are almost right on top of the investigators' voices, as if just the answer comes out so much faster. I have one evp where I say something, and almost right away (not normal speed) a spirit mimics. For example, in one, I am asking someone, "Do you hear those noises?" and you can hear a voice mimic "hear" very quickly. And no, it's not me, it's a deep voice. I could be completely wrong, but just feel this is "how it works."

Second, I have had a spirit communicate with me via Facebook. And it was a few days after my mom died. So not surprised by that. I would be careful about listening out loud to the recordings you made. For some reason, it seems like the more you outwardly acknowledge this stuff, the more it happens. I think we're supposed to be in the world of the living, and not too into whatever else is out there. We can and should be curious, but also just careful. Just my two cents, and believe me, I'm no expert, just someone who's had some experiences.
boo_boo_whoo (15 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-27)
Oh, that's so scary! 😲 Do you think some one may have used your gramps computer and entered his FB account? I hope you can share the videos. 😊 ❤
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-27)
Hi Jb66,
Your story gave me the heebie-jeebies! My feeling about this is that if you dabble or play in the spiritual realm, you can inadvertently attract negative energies or spirits, without being fully aware of what you are dealing with. It's a lot like the 'Law of Attraction', by focusing on attracting energy, you can bring that energy into your life (positive or negative).
With that being said, I agree with what Lost_Voyage and TravisCannabis commented on, and I believe your mom is smart by no longer wanting to stir anything up by continuing to communicate with whatever this is...
Take it Easy, LightMight
TravisCannabis (69 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-26)
Your brave buddy, if it was me I wouldn't have been laughing and smiling after hearing the breathing thing on the video I would have gotten the heck out of there and crapped my pants. 😭 😁 Can you post the videos?
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-25)
Hello Jb66, thanks for sharing your story here! I'm not sure what to make of what you picked up on the videos and recordings. You say in all of them, the sounds and images you recorded were at normal speed, while everything else was in slow motion? That is bizarre! Is there anyway you can upload what you've captured here to YGS? It would help if we could see what you saw? As far as your comment to welcoming something else into your house just by trying to communicate, yes it does happen. I did it when I was younger just by telling a ghost story and believe me that was an intense experience! When we open up to the other side, unless we really know what we're doing and can channel properly anything can come through that open door. That's why Ouija board experiences typically go awry so fast! It's very likely when your mom reached out to try and communicate with your grandfather that other spirits took that as an open invitation to 'communicate' and did so using the video/audio you took! I'd be curious to see the videos if you're willing to share? I look forward to hearing more of your stories!

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