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Unusual Incident


This unusual incident occured about a year back. The incident wasn't intense, but it was enough to make me want to stop investigating haunting incidents for a long time. I have only recently taken it back up due to the fact that incidents such as these I will be using as a research paper to pass English 102. Since then, I have been taking a look at weird incidents such as these.

Anyway, I was at my mom's house typing a paper or looking at youtube (I forgot that was awhile back). Now we have our computer in this cabinet. In between the cabinet, I can look outside. What I see outside is an apparition of some kind that appears to be like a man wearing a Cubs Tie shirt. The face is distorted plus it happened so fast I couldn't see anything on it or give more than that. I know the shirt he/she/whatever was wearing was blue and looked like a Cubs T-shirt and he was wearing shorts. When I looked back, he was gone.

At first I didn't comprehend what I saw, but I knew something didn't feel right. At that moment, I became an idiot. I decided to investigate it myself. I grabbed a knife (heh, like that would do anything, but if I was attacked there, I would fight back; regardless of the outcome) and went outside.

It was raining at the time and I didn't decide to get my shoes on. I was too interested. I went outside and everything didn't feel right. I went out to explore the surrounding area in my back yard. Far away at the end of the church between bushes I saw a sphere of light pass by. After that, feelings of anxiety and fear popped into my mind. I wrestled with the thoughts for about five minutes before deciding this was too much and should I stay out any longer, I may come to harm. I dove back inside and waited for the pressure to dissappear. It took twenty minutes for me to calm down.

I talked to my neighbor about the incident and he had an incident a few nights ago as well. He was asleep in his bed when a voice told him not to leave his bed and he would not be harmed. He said he thought he saw a man pass through the walls and during the time he was unable to move. Once whatever it was passed on, he could move again.

I haven't had anything super intense happen since; other than this one time where when I laying on the couch, I looked up to see a black being looking at me. As soon as I looked up, it dove behind the couch and vanished. I went looking for about an hour to find it. Other than that, nothing more than unusual noises or voices, that are probably all in my mind. But the two I mentioned before DID happen.

I interpretation on spirits is that spirits do not exist: angels and demons do. Whatever caused those two incidents was most likely a demon trying to inflict paranoia on me. And they did a good job. I hold on to God more than I ever do after reading of more intense incidents.

I believe the fear I felt with the first one was an angel telling me to get inside quick. Whenever I get curious now, I always ask myself "Is this a good idea?"

Well let's just hope that nothing else happens in my life for the time being.

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Missmelanie04 (6 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-28)
Wow. This is a very good story. Most of my experiences have been hearing and sensing rather than seeing. The only phenomena I saw was a plastic part of a recorder roll back and forth across my kitchen floor with no wind, etc. To move it. Other than that, it's all been auditory experiences.

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