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Two Fiascos, Two Unusual Rescues


This date of infamy took place in 1972 just two weeks after I turned 18 years old. I became engaged to Bill, my former first husband, and biggest mistake of my life. Unfortunately, that misfortune was not known to me at the time. It took some years to learn.

I was dating him for close to a year when he proposed. I declined since I had plans to go to college, learn something to establish a career, and simply be independent and stand on my own two feet until such time as I chose to settle down. However, Bill 'talked' me into it. Oh, he was good. He could make you 'believe' the moon was pink with purple polka-dots. He actually had me believing that he really loved me. Suddenly, the plans that I had made for my life went out the window and I was in a romantic tail-spin and my hormones took charge.

My parents didn't approve of him, or the idea of marrying at such a young age, but "I", of course being 18, thought that I knew it 'all'. I thought they were being unreasonable. How very wrong I was as I was, much later, to find out. Ouch!

Since my family didn't approve, we conspired to 'run away', and get married. I was able to leave the state at 18 legally. We took his foster parents, Esther and Dave, with us to be witnesses (Also, Bill was broke and Dave and Esther had the money-I thought Bill would pay them back, lol!), and went to Catlettsburg, Kentucky. In Kentucky you could marry at 16 without parental consent. I don't know if they have since changed that law. We were there for 3 days for the blood test results-back then you had to get a blood test before getting a marriage license.

We stayed in a road side Motel during that time. Bill, and I went out to get some food from a McDonalds-that was the best we could afford.

Upon coming back we were driving down a long, lonely country road. It wasn't much more than a dirt road. A rather long one, too. We were just diddy-bopping along when we felt a huge ker-thud that shook the car. We didn't 'see' any huge potholes, but it felt like we drove through one. Something told me to turn around and look behind us. There, in the road behind us, lay our gas tank (you can laugh now.). Bill had a rust bucket of a station wagon-a Ford, I think-that he was holding together with bailing wire and paper-clips (more laughter). I informed him that we had just lost our gas tank in the road. He laughed and said I was seeing things because the car was still moving. I, again, told him "I know what a gas tank looks like and 'ours' is in the road back there". Again, he said I was nuts. Meanwhile the gas gauge is gradually going down, down, down, to empty. The car stops. Bill, surprised, exclaimed, "Hey. We're out of gas and I filled the tank".

My reaction to that was-"That's what I'm 'trying' to tell you. We lost our tank in the road back there." He looked in the rearview mirror and realized I was 'right'.

We had to carry a full tank of gas about a quarter mile back to the car (you haven't lived until you've done that one.). When we got back to the car Bill had me help him get the tank into the back seat of the car on the passenger's side-another fun task. After that he rolled the window half-down, and crawled under the car just enough to grab the gas line. The soft copper tubing that connected to the tank. He brought it up through the partially rolled down back window and connected it to the tank (honest. This is the truth!). We were, then, able to continue driving back to the motel.

We got up early the next day and went with Esther and Dave to a Church that we found the day before and made arrangements with the Pastor to marry us in. His wife played the organ for us. How romantic. Boy, was I stupid, stupid, dumb, dumb. That was just the beginning of our marital bliss, lol!

On the way back to Willoughby, we went through Columbus. While going through Columbus it was getting dark about then and a cop stopped us. Bill pulled over. The policeman told Bill that one of his taillights was out. When he asked to see Bill's license, I got the shock of my life when Bill admitted that he didn't have one. I found out later that Bill had been driving since the age of 15. He just never bothered to get a license. About that time the officer noticed the tank in the back seat of the car. Driving without a license, taillight out, and unsafe vehicle. Oh goody! We were all taken to the Columbus city courthouse/jail.

Esther and Dave were able to go the Greyhound Bus Station, get a couple tickets and get back home to Willoughby. I, on the other hand, stayed with my new husband. I waited in the courthouse while he was processed and escorted to a jail cell.

I was seated on a bench outside of the desk sergeant's office when he came out to interview me. He assumed that I was 15, or 16 years old. I told him I was 18 (big difference. Right.). I never did 'look' my age. I was being carded for cigarettes until I was 40 and began to appear to be 21. He told me that he had a daughter that was just a year younger than me. He felt sorry for me and ushered me into the office. He then took me to the Police Commissioner's office. He set up 4 over-stuffed leather chairs and got me an army blanket. He said I could sleep there until he had to get me up in the morning before the commissioner got in around 8Am. He told me that Bill will be arraigned tomorrow morning, but didn't know what time it would be as there were other cases before him. I slept, but was full of trepidation and fear. I was wondering what to do in the midst of all this.

I spent 'my' honeymoon night in the Columbus jail. How romantic. All the warning signs were there that 'this' marriage was a disaster, but dumb, dumb me, I didn't pay attention at the time.

The sergeant woke me up around 7:30 and gave me 5 bucks to go downstairs to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I cried and told him I could never pay him back, but he said it was alright. That it was a gift. I proceeded downstairs to the cafeteria and got an egg, toast and some orange juice for $1.25 (the prices were different in the early 70's.). I felt like throwing up though after eating. I was just so upset, scared, disappointed, and angry that all 'this' was happening. I wasn't about to call my parents for help. Oh, no. Not me. I had my pride. I know, I know. Pride comes before the fall, but this was 'my' problem and I was determined to deal with it. Even if I wound up in the gutter, I wasn't calling for help.

There was a ladies room just twenty feet from the bench I was sitting on. It was lined up in a long straight hallway. I decided to go in the ladies room for a little refuge. Actually, I went in there to cry and pray. There were 2 chairs on each end near the stalls and the place was completely empty. I sat on the chair closest to the door and began crying and praying my heart out. I was asking God for answers to my dilemma.

Rather unexpectedly, an attractive blonde woman came into the restroom. She looked to be in her 30's to early 40's and dressed in a very smart business suit. I assumed she was some kind of secretary. I quickly turned my head and wiped my eyes, but she caught it. She began

Asking me what was wrong? However, my pride took over and I said nothing was wrong, but she knew better. She told me to tell her what the problem was. She put her arm around me and when I looked into her eyes something just 'told' me that I could 'trust' her.

I began to pour my heart out to this perfect stranger. She listened intently, and took me over to the sinks and we washed my eyes out and dried them. All the while she was telling me that no matter how bad it looked, that everything would work out and I'd be alright. She also said that someone was watching over me (an odd statement, but I believed her). She walked me back out into the hall and crushed a ten dollar bill into my hand. Once again, I cried and told her that I was unable to pay her back, but she said it was a gift, and not to worry about it. This is where it got strange. It took me all of 2 whole seconds to stick that ten dollar bill in my purse. I looked up to thank her again and she 'was gone'.

She was wearing high-heels and I didn't 'hear' her walk away. That hallway was too long for me not to see her walking away. Other then the restroom with a noticeably squeaky door, there weren't any doors close enough for her to duck into. She literally evaporated into thin air.

At this point I was stunned, but, also quite wrung out from all the crying I did. I went back to the bench to wait. Just then a lieutenant came up the hallway toward me. He informed me that Bill was being released, but we 'had' to give up the car. It was in impound. However, we had permission to go to the garage to get our belongings out of the car. Just that fast. After that woman told me that things will work out, Bill was released. I was just happy to see him. Was she an angel, or a kindly ghost? I wonder.

We left the station and with the money I had, went to the Greyhound station to get a couple tickets, but we called Dave first. We figured that he was long back in Willoughby by this time. I was somewhat miffed when Dave told Bill that he'd called my parents to let them know what happened without my permission. In retrospect, I'm grateful that Dave called them, but I digress.

By the Grace of God, my Mom came to the bus station, embraced me like I've never been embraced, took us to the garage so we could get our belongings out of the car, and drove us back home. Dad was elated to see his daughter was alright, but oh, how he wanted to strangle Bill.

Again, in retrospect, I cannot blame him.

During the marriage I kept getting spiritual visitations from my Grandma. Every year on September 20th. The date of her passing. At first, I was at a loss to explain it. I confided in Bill about the visits. He told me I was wacky and laughed. Well, he got his.

After Esther and Dave passed away we stayed in Esther's house while it was being probated per the request of her cousin, Luella. We were sleeping one morning when I 'heard' the entry door open, and close. I heard grandma call my name to get up because it was getting late. Grandma got up before the chickens having lived in the country. I just remained in bed anticipating what she'd do next. I knew from experience what she was going to do. If I didn't stir, she'd shake the bed until I 'did' get up. Ha, ha. I just laid there with Bill next to me. She began shaking the bed, and I got up and was standing at the end of the bed while Bill bolted upright saying what the 'bleep' is going on? I announced that it was grandma shaking the bed and he best get up. He laughed, said I was wacky, and laid back down. At that point the bed not only shook, it was almost being lifted from off the floor. Bill literally shot-put about 5 feet from the bed to the floor in a panic. Right on, Granny!

Shortly after that I had a strange dream visit from her. She told me that Bill didn't love me and was using me. She advised me to get out of that marriage because there was someone worthwhile waiting to meet me. I woke up with a slight start from that dream, but it all began to make sense. Those visits were trying to alert me to what Bill was really like. He was robbing me of funds, and cheating on me every chance he got. Someone was definitely watching over me. I kicked him out and filed for divorce.

During the interim that we were living apart, I met John, my wonderful 2nd husband. He helped me in the divorce process and it went smoothly. John and I were living together shortly after we met. We just clicked right away. The 2nd week we were together John had a strange dream that he confided in me when we were at the kitchen table the following morning drinking coffee. He said that he had a dream in which he saw an elderly woman from the shoulders up talking to him. She told him to "take care of my little Linda now because she knows how much he really loved me.". That was where the dream ended. He described my grandma to a tee. I dug out a photo album and asked him to see if there was anyone he recognized in it. After a few minutes he pointed out my grandma. A woman he had never met. We had over 30 happy years together until he passed on, but he is still 'always' with me.

I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone reading this, but "I" believe that even though our loved ones are not with us in the physical sense, they 'are' with us in the spiritual sense. I, now feel, like John is with me helping me in times of anxiety, or uncertainty.

I apologize for the length of this account, but I felt it necessary to explain the foundations from which this paranormal help and guidance evolved. I think that sometimes help, or guidance comes even from the paranormal realms. Just my belief and opinion. Thanks for reading!

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-23)
CanUseeit: Thank you, very much, for reading my account, & for your comments. I appreciate the encouragement. I appreciate the air-hug, too.
Yes! Everything that happened on that particular excursion were, indeed, the warning signs that Bill was a mistake. A monumental mistake, but live, & learn. Sometimes it takes getting the stuffing knocked out of us to get our attention. Thus turning us around for the better. Thank you so much for reading!

The Very Best to You! 😆 😁
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (63 posts)
3 months ago (2024-04-27)
Your story telling is from the heart. I must have been female in my past life because this story really upsets my stomach. There are a lot of Bills out there that know just the right way to steel your heart and steer you off course.
That attractive blond lady with her positive words, and cash then poof gone WOW. I think Dave knew you both needed more support. I am glad mom had a big loving hug for you. So, your grandma (in spirit) followed you to Esther's house and was shaking the bed there. Now that's a strong attachment and she knew bill was bad for you. Gas tank is funny stuff maybe spirit trying to stop car from making this big mistake. At least the front floorboards were not rotted out, so he did not have to stop like the Flintstones did. I am sending you a big old Air Hug your mate will have to deal with it. Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-27)
Hi, Bergraf: I'm sorry if I confuse people with the quote '' marks. I'll explain. I just use them to call attention to a specific instance, or thing.
If it seems perplexing, I'll discontinue using them,& instead use capital letters to hi-lite something specific if it makes it easier for everyone.
However, I am VERY GLAD that you enjoy reading the accounts. I assure you they ARE true accounts. Thank you so much for reading, & commenting!

Wishing the Best! ❤ 😁
Berggraf38 (3 stories) (24 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-26)
I always enjoy your stories Linjahaha, they are some of the best on this site.
I hope I don't sound like a smart-ass, but I'm just curious, I've wanted to ask for a long while- What's up with the 'quote' marks around random words? 🤔
Arturo (10 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-26)
Interesting story, and very well written 😊 thanks for sharing it.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-24)
Pelatiah, I assure you that a gas tank 'can' fall out of a traveling car. Especially if you're driving a rust bucket like Bill had, & then to hook it up in the backseat nonetheless. I 'wish' you could've seen 'that'. Hoo-boy!
I'm glad that you enjoyed the account, & can identify with it. Thanks for reading!

Best Wishes! 😁 😁
Pelatiah (4 stories) (75 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-22)
Linjahaha, I loved your story! And I agree with you 100 percent, our loved ones ARE with us, even after they die. I believe we've agreed on other things before, and now it makes sense why.

I too had an angel help me in a time of great hopelessness/fear.

Also have a late husband that's been around now and then for the last 25 years, since 1993. He ties boy scout knots in my mini blinds every time he "visits." Wow, I didn't know gas tanks could fall out of vehicles!
Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-21)
Zander: I'm glad that you enjoyed my account. It is a small world that your father,& grandfather were attorneys around that same time. Wow!
If I had known then what I know now about Bill I would have looked them up, & asked them to put Bill so far back in a cell, they would've had to pipe him sunlight.
Of course, I didn't know then what I learned later. Oh, well. The 'important' thing is I did learn, & had some assistance from the paranormal realm. Help can come from the most unexpected of sources.
Wouldn't you agree? Thanks for reading, & commenting!

The Very Best 😁 😁
Zander (7 stories) (146 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-21)
I'm really enjoying reading your stories. My father and grandfather would have both been attorneys in Columbus when you were passing through. My grandfather was also mayor of Columbus for a time in the 40s. The then mayor had died in office and as Head of City Council, he had to fill in. He didn't win re-election but he really shook things up! Smashed some slot machines with sledge hammers because he said gambling hurt families. Looking forward to reading more of your writing! Glad your story had a happy ending!
Linjahaha (24 stories) (153 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-19)
Lady-glow, Rajine, & Lisa: I am glad that you all enjoyed the account.
That's right. Wisdom comes for the lessons learned the 'hard way'.
I believe that we've 'all' been down 'that' road once, or twice.
Lisa, I'm glad that you don't mind the length of the narrative.
Thank you all for reading!

All the Best! 😁 😁
LisaD77 (8 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-19)
I really enjoy reading your stories. The longer, the better, no need to apologize for the length! Please continue to write. 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-19)
Hi Linjahaha

It's amazing how time puts things into perspective, the more you look back at it.

The signs were there from the very beginning, I think even that old dilapidated vehicles fuel tank falling apart was the first sign that you should turn back, it is coincidence that it just so happened to fall apart at that exact moment. But I'm glad that everything worked out for you in the end, I do believe that we all have a guardian angel out there looking out for us.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-18)
Hi Linjahaha.

Definitively there're people looking for you not only in the physical world, but in the spirit world too.

Who hasn't taken any wrong decisions during their youth? At the end, these wrong decisions are lessons in life.

Thanks for sharing this interesting and fascinating experience.

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