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I'll start off by giving the background of the story. My step-father, Benji, lived in an old 1940's house he had bought about 20 years earlier. Me and my mother moved in and he later told me how a man had died in their bedroom before he lived there. He was a well known judge in the city.

He had two sons with his first wife, Anne, named Kenyata and Jolyon (I know, unique names) One night Benji heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, as if someone were wearing heavy duty boots. He thought it was just one of his children and shrugged it off and went back to sleep.

The next night he told the kids to not get up when they're supposed to be in bed. They said they didn't know what he was talking about. But of course you wouldn't expect children to confess to doing something wrong. When it happened again that night he got out of bed quietly hoping to catch them in the act. He opened the door expecting to see someone coming to the top of the stairs but no one was there. It happened again for the next few nights. By this time Anne had even experienced it.

The next night he stayed by the top of the stairs, bound to catch his children (he wasn't a believer of the paranormal). But to his dismay the footsteps started again right at the bottom of the stairs. He heard them coming up the steps and got scared. He went into his bedroom when they were about halfway up the stairs because he thought they were coming after him. He shut the door and this time the footsteps went further than the top of the stairs. They walked right through his bedroom door and into the back closet. The next morning he got the feeling that he should look back there. He searched the closet and found an old picture of the family that had lived there before him. He recognized the man who sold it to him as the middle aged son. The ghost obviously wanted him to find this picture, as there was nothing else in the closet but clothes. So he got it framed and put it up in the kitchen, and it never happened again.

My family has always been known for experiencing paranormal things. My mom saw the ghost of her grandfather the night he died at the food of her bed. My grandmother can tell countless stories. It seems to only affect the women of my family.

Shortly after we moved into the house things started happening. I would hear my name being whispered from a chair sitting next to our bird cage. It was an older woman's voice and for some reason I feel like it's the judge's wife. I started researching and found out that the woman, her daughter, and her youngest son was killed in a car accident when they were on their way to pick up her middle son from the airport. After that I had countless visions of a truck t-boning me in a car. Once I was sitting in the living room with my mom and she said I just went blank and stopped talking. I remember that all the sudden a rear view mirror appeared in front of me as if I was looking out of a car windshield, then everything else fell into play. I saw a whole picture in front of me. It was of a place here in town next to the house and the car was moving as if I were driving. And I think that's where the accident happened.

Other strange things happened. The door at the top of the back staircase always opened and closed. Our batteries were always running out (they say that spirits drain the energy from them)

After I moved out I was visiting once and was sitting on the couch. Somewhere near the ceiling came a young girl's voice that I believe to be their daughter. I have felt her around me before but it was the first time she had made herself known. I couldn't understand what she was saying but the voice was as clear as day. I don't know if I upset her by moving out. Maybe she enjoyed having another girl in the house with her. I think I was around her age.

They obviously don't want to harm us cause they would have by now but they seem like they want help. It feels like the whole family is trapped there and only wants to be remembered. We have their picture up but is there anything else I can do to help their lost souls?

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JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-20)
Stacier90--Interesting set of phenomena.
Is there anything else you can do? Well, perhaps visit their graves if they're in town. Plant a tree on the house property in their memory. Write a poem or story and submit it to the local newspaper. These are trite but honorable gestures.
Talk to them and tell them they'll be very welcome if they walk into that bit of light shining up there. Who knows but someday they'll be able to do you a good turn.
danika (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-19)
thats a good really good story. Did it really happen though? 😕 anyway I like that story! 😊

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