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Curious Spirits On Old Highway 181


This story didn't happen to me per say, but it did happen to my dad. As a little girl he always told me and my sister's ghost stories that had happened to him as a child and throughout his teenage years. For some reason there's one story I can remember very well and I think its worth sharing.

When my dad was 14 years old he and my grandpa took a little trip to Corpus Christi, TX to go fishing for the day. What my dad said was my grandpa got really upset over something and decided they were driving all the way back to San Antonio. He didn't care they had just driven 2 hours; he was that mad and decided to go on with his plan. At the time my grandpa was drunk and ordered my dad to drive back home.

My dad said he was a little intimidated to drive back home on the highway because he was only used to driving on just neighborhood streets. He said it was really late and he was driving on old highway 181, and he was the only one on the road. Suddenly he felt as if he was being watched, he looked over at my grandpa and saw he was completely out and ruled him of wondering eyes. So he kept on the road. Finally he glanced over at the side of the highway and saw what looked like people dressed in clothes from another time. He described them as farmers or something in 1930's attire.

He saw a man, woman and two young boys along with several other families just staring at him in curiosity. He said they didn't look ugly like zombies or anything but very pale and almost translucent. The mysterious families just stayed watching as my dad drove by in terror. He didn't want to wake my grandpa for fear of him not believing a word.

When they got home my grandma had food for them to eat, so they stayed in kitchen eating in awkward silence. My grandpa broke the ice asking what the matter was. My dad finally spoke explaining what he saw not caring anymore if he sounded crazy. To his surprise my grandpa claimed he woke up for a minute during the ride home and described the same thing.

We are not sure why these ghosts linger on the side of the road watching passer bys. A theory of ours is maybe as time advanced along with the more roads and such we took over their farmland and they are just curious to see WHO may have done it!

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kinsoul (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-23)
I read this story in a magazine years ago (although as I remember it was first person--maybe your dad wrote it) but couldn't remember the highway number--just that it was one of the smaller roads coming back from Corpus to San Antonio. I've actually been searching for an account of this over the internet. Glad you recounted it here.
MissNatalie21 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-11)
WHOA! As crazy as that could possibly sound I believe that you are exactly right. I believe that most "hauntings" are connected to the spirits of the past who are just curious of all our new technology, like t.v.'s or radio's. Most not all
amy11 (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)
WOW! I heard of those stories I mostly would said someone got crashed by a car or two cars crash into each otehr and killed them. That's what mostly happens
cline1986 (7 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)

How are you doing. Well thank you for your story. Since I will be visiting my dad in Texas soon now I know one of the roads I am not going to be driving on. And yes they could be curious about the passer bys. I wonder what happened to them other than their farmland being taken over. Great story. 😁 😨
TigerLily (3 stories) (145 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-12)
Your theory sounds very likely compared to anything I may have thought up. Hahah.
Amazing story.

God Bless.

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