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Two Episodes Of Curious Nature


I have been a long time reader on this site, but have never taken the time to set and write up my experiences. Both these incidents have been years apart and no way connected, but they are pretty fresh in my mind. Hope they are a good read for all!

1. It was in 2010. My husband and I lived in a townhouse and were avid horror show fans. We literally only watched the "Ghost Hunter" episodes on every channel, Haunting movies and TV shows, Ghost Whisperer etc. It was fun for us honestly, we didn't take any of what we watched too seriously.

One night, it would be around 12:30pm - 1am, I remember being in a dream like state and clearly seeing something standing behind our bedroom window curtain. It had long hair which was blowing around and I could see a hand coming out from behind the curtain. For a minute or so I felt totally paralyzed with fear. It was as if my subconscious was telling me to wake up before what ever that was comes out from the curtains.

I could feel the sweat on my back and using all the strength I could muster to sit up on the bed. And my husband sat up on the bed at the exact same time. We both jumped and then looked at each other. I asked him "bad dream"? And he stares at the curtain and describes EXACTLY what I had seen. I was shaking by then and we both left the room and went to sit in the living room all night. It never happened again, and I never felt unsafe in that house. We did increase our repertoire of shows though!

2. This was less dramatic. We were returning from a party late at night (around 1am). Our 6yr old was sleeping in the backseat. There's a road near our home which is a wooded area and has estates, horse riding institute and golf courses on each side. The road is kind of hilly, so you feel like you are on a smooth roller coaster.

I could see a white figure about 100yards from us. I thought it was a white smudge on the windshield honestly. The figure stayed the same size even though we were close to it. The car went through one of the troughs when we were right next to the white misty figure and the proximity alert on the car beeped! I was shocked for a second and then looked back but couldn't see anything on the road. My husband, who was driving, said it was just the road being so uneven that caused the beeping. We have traveled on that road 100s of times since, but no beeps yet! I certainly don't take that road late at night anymore, even though it's a shortcut.

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Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-04)
Hi believe_sceptic

For some reason short cut roads are always the creepiest, where I'm from we have plenty.

The lady behind the curtain is definitely interesting and unsettling, I wonder what it could have been, has anything else happened ever since that incident?

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