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Hood Figure With The All White Face


Here is a story I've only shared with a few people as the times I have I was often made fun of or looked at as if I was mental, except for my wife as she was sort of a witness.

When I was younger, before I got married, I was on the phone at my parent's house with my future wife. My parents have a tremendous yard and behind the yard there are woods. It was nighttime, extremely dark out and while I was on the phone looking out into the yard through the glass of a sliding door I noticed what appeared to be someone standing behind the fence that separated the woods from my parent's yard. It was too far to tell for sure but it looked as if someone was wearing an all white mask to cover all the features of their face. My parents were upstairs and my brother was in the shower, but I didn't say anything to anyone other than my fiancé on the phone. I told her it looked like someone wearing a white mask was looking into my yard. When I checked a second time it was gone. Maybe 20 minutes or so had passed and I remained on the phone when I heard my brother yell out a swear word pretty loud and come bolting out of the bathroom covered only by a towel When my parents asked what was wrong he said he just saw a white face looking into through the skylight when he got out of the shower. This made me nervous. I told my fiancé and she suggested I tell my parents and brother but I didn't want to suffer the same ridicule and have it turned into a joking matter as it was being done to him.

My dad did go outside, as did my brother and I and we looked around, but I never made mention of what I saw earlier. Well, time went on and eventually I became tired and went to sleep around my usual bed time of 1am or so. I'm not sure how long I was asleep and how much time has passed but I was awoken to the creepy feeling that someone was standing over me watching me sleep. Not just watching, but the feeling of someone staring deeply at me. I always sleep with a pillow over my head so of course I couldn't see anything and I chose to ignore the feeling and try to fall back asleep. Well, the feeling got strong so I removed the pillow and sat up to experience the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in my life. At the back of my bed leaning over me was a talk figure wearing all black, with a black hood and an all white face. The face was completely white oddly enough like "No-Face" from the Dick Tracy movie however no visible features were there. Shocked with fear I jolted back down pulling the pillow over my head and began to pray. When I started praying the feeling of being stared at immediately left and when I looked back nothing was there. I couldn't sleep for a while but eventually passed out. When I tried to mention it in the morning about everything that had happened I was laughed at. The only one that believed me was my soon to be wife.

I never spoke openly about this and never saw that figure again, but have always wondered what it might be and if anything else has seen anything similar. I've seen countless stories of seeing hooded figures in which you couldn't see the face, but nothing like mine. Has anyone seen anything like this or might have an idea as to what it might be?

Since then I have had only one other experience, this year actually, but I'm not to sure I would like to speak about it just yet. I saw something else but it wasn't the white-faced figure from before.

Just to note, I'm not a religious person by any means, but I am a Christian, I do believe in Jesus and I lead a fairly normal life.

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Splintah (1 posts)
1 year ago (2019-06-25)
I signed up because I just saw this same figure in my dream last night. I have frequent dreams (at least of the ones that I can remember) that I am back in my childhood home, always in my room, with my grandmothers room next to mine. In these dreams her room is always vacant though, she is never there. It was night and I was looking out the window, and all of a sudden this figure showed up in the window. The windows in the room were full length windows that were basically doors with a huge pane of glass on them. The figure was towards the bottom of the window so it must have been very short. It was entirely black but with a porcelain white mask. I fell back scrambling and it sat there in the window staring at me for about 5 seconds before dissipating into the air, in a kind of electrical looking mist. Seconds later it reappeared inches from my face. I can tell it was porcelain because a moment later it was inches from my face. I could tell the mask was some type of porcelain because it was extremely smooth but I could see the texture on it when it came close.
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4972 posts) mod
6 years ago (2014-06-18)
Austin_Dave - were you taught to control your nightmares or did you learn it on your own? I taught my son (now 12 1/2), when he was about the same age you were that he can change the outcome of his dreams/nightmares. That he has control.

It's amazing to me that children can do this. Sometimes adults don't accept that we can control our situation, especially when fear is involved. But when a child understands and can do this, just blows my mind. I'm glad you shared this with us 😊
Austin_Dave27 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2014-06-18)
I know the author posted this story a while ago, but I also want to post this for myself and new people with this experience that have found this story. I'm a lucid dreamer, which means I can I control my dreams. Last night I was having a normal dream but then a dark somewhat disfigured looking thing appeared out of the corner of my vision. After a few seconds I realized I couldn't automatically banish it like I usually can. It was a black robed figure with a hood who was slouching. I couldn't see it's feet because it floated off the ground. In this dream I was with a girl that I've always loved very closely. But anyways, it was slouching at first, and I nervously asked her if she could see it and she just kept saying I was crazy and that I had lost my mind. So then I addressed it by directly looking at it to confront it and attempted to manually banish it by lighting it on fire. Being in robes, I figured it'd work great. I've done this before for more stubborn demons and nightmares in my dreams and it's always worked. But when I attempted to make this one spontaneously combust into flame, nothing happened, and it quit slouching and it stood up straight and towered over me. It was extremely tall, twice my size in height. Then I saw it's face from underneath the hood. A white pale face. White lips. This face white as can be, almost like porcelain but clearly a face. With deeply recessed eyes with dark black bags under them. With horrifying emerald green eyes that pierced into me and froze me in place, practically petrifying me in place. The girl disappeared and I was sucked into a black void with just me and this "thing". I realized I had been over powered and I couldn't banish it, so I withdrew myself from my dream and woke up on purpose... My heart was racing, my hair was standing up on my body, and I was in a cold sweat. It was morning so I didn't go back to sleep... This is beyond a natural occurrence, as I have always been able to control and destroy my nightmares, at least since I was about 10 (I'm 18 now)...I think this one was a true and actual really powerful supernatural being though. Before this I had never had such a close encounter with a spirit. Honestly I'm rather scared right now, but I'm glad that other people have encountered this spirit in various forms. I'll be enforcing much stronger mental wards from now on though... And I've also learned a trick. Don't stare directly at it.
Iikura (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-28)
I had a srory similair, But I saw this thing in a picture I took, I didn't noticeit until after, was it short like, 3/4 the size of a house door size
BOB1 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-07-07)
I think I may have a photograph of what you say has been haunting you, I don't know whether you wish to see it as confirmation but I understand if it isn't something you want to see again! I was wondering around an old mental asylum shut down around 20yrs ago, we took several photos and came across a picture with a figure and a face of which you describe here, it really creeped me out! If you do wish to see it, my email: bryn.obrien1996 [at]
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4972 posts) mod
8 years ago (2012-10-19)
Dbrigham - this is the second time I have advised you to submit your stories the proper way.
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4972 posts) mod
8 years ago (2012-10-17)
Dbrigham - please submit your stories as everyone else has done. It's okay to comment on someone else's story and maybe add a small story of your own, if it relates to the original story. But please, when you have as many stories as you have just shared, do it according to the rules and guidelines.

Thank you.
chelsiemayk88 (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-03)
I have had a similar experience but with 12 hooded beings that would appear to have no face.

But occasionally a glimpse of what looked like a sith from star wars with markings all over there face and there eyes would glow green or some times they would have long white beards but no other facial feature ex: eyes or nose.

They also seemed to not have limps, (arms & legs) or at least I never saw them because there robes were so long.

I believe they were made up of energy and they could portray different peoples features and extraterrestrial beings features depending on what the energy around them was. Negative or positive.

I still do not know if they are from the light or dark. I was told through a clairvoyant by them to call them higher masters/protectors. And that they were from divine light and were only here to support me in my personal growth/protection.

And that I had contracted them before I came to earth.

Maybe you did so too. I haven't seen mine for 3 years now because I asked them to leave. Because I was too afraid to allow them to communicate with me telepathically.

When I am ready and ask for them they will return and I'm sure your one will probably show up whenever you reminisce about the first encounter you had.
endsupdrivelx (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-10)
I want to say "it's" back... Or it's something new... I don't know what it is yet but now it's moved to letting me feel pain I woke up to a feeling of being grabbed around my ribs... Didn't want to let me go either. Looked at mt chest and sides to only see red marks no real hand or what ever prints... I think ill move out this house soon...
Superkenny37 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-02)
In the summer of 2009. I had a dream very very similar to your experience. The same figure with the white face. He was cloaked completely, and you would look at his face and could tell it was a mask but the expression on it was so human it was scary. The expression was of shock, and all I could think was "Its back". I was standing out on a deck that faced a forest of some kind of woods. I ran and tackled it. I made contact with what was under it for less then a seconded. I ran back into the house screaming "Its back"...For almost 3 years I have been trying to figure out what this means for me. I'm a very spiritual person. Dreams arent JUST dreams to me. I fell I can share this with you because this "figure" is very similar to something I have seen in my dreams.
endsupdrivelx (2 posts)
9 years ago (2011-12-28)
it was either the end of sept. 2011 or the star of Oct. 2011 I had recently moved into a new house. And have been there since july 1st 2011. So I was sleeping on the couch in the living room one night and from a dead sleep I opened my eyes to see looking right at me a blacked out figure with a white face and blacked out eyes but the face seemed to be a "mask" and the eyes were deep black like it wanted me to stare into them... But this all happened in a matter of a blink because as soon as I opened my eyes to see this thing floating above me I shut them... When I started shuting my eyes I saw this thing lunge at me instantly I felt pressure around my neck so I jumped up with my eyes shut swinging my fists until I got to the wall and turned the ligt on... From the point of seeing this white masked, blacked out eyed thing to the point of where I jumped up to throw my fists it was all in the matter of 15sec. Since then I hear foot steps in the hall like pacing... Weird clicking noises like some ones working on something... Haven't seen it since then but I have out the corner of my eye seen something peeking at me from the hall when I'm in the living room but when I look its gone... I try to ignore it and believe I don't care... But its scaring me... Hehe... I'm happy to know though I'm not alone and not crazy I told 2 people about it that I trust and they believe me but I didn't even really believe me... But now that I founf this web site to find out that there are similar stories... I'm kind of alittle more scared...
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-03)

I'll bite... Your experience got me interested could you please submit your experience to the site to be posted? I know that might take some time but it will give you a chance to provide more details of this first experience and you can tell of the others you mention as well.


haunted1 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-03)
I can't decide if I am relieved or concerned over the fact that other people have seen or experienced what I have come to believe was my imagination. Let me start by saying that I am someone who historically has not put a lot of stock in tales of the supernatural. My story began in 1997. I was in Annapolis, VA on business. I had been traveling every night for months. It was about 12:30 AM and I was driving to my hotel. The radio was on and I felt just fine. Suddenly I was overcome with the feeling that someone was staring at me. The hairs on my neck stood straight up. A wave of goose bumps came over me so fast that it made me shake. The feeling was crazy intense and came over me really fast. I looked in the rear view mirror and thought that I saw the dark siloette of a woman. This particular stretch of highway was traveling through the woods and there was no one else on the road. I turned around and looked into the back seat and there was no one there. I drove for maybe another half mile when I looked back again and I saw the same figure. This time I just got angry so I locked up the brakes and slid to a halt. I came to a stop half off the road and half in the grass on the right hand side of the road. I jumped out of the car and swung open the back door and there was no one there. I was covered in goose bumps again and the hairs on my neck stood up. I looked all around me and initially saw nothing. Then off in the distance standing under a street light I saw what appeared to be a woman wearing a dark robe with a hood. The face was white and appeared to be a mask. Maybe a porcelin mask. It looked at me and scared me pretty bad. I closed the back door got to the front door looked back and it was gone. I have to tell you I was pretty freeked out. I drove at about 100 mph the rest of the way to the hotel. Maybe 10 miles away. I took my luggage out of the trunk and got inside as soon as possible. I kept having waves of paranoia coming over me. With them I would get goose bumps all over. I got to my room on the 8th floor. I turned on the TV and went to close the curtains and when I did I looked down to the parking lot. My rental car was parked at the end of the lot near the woods. The figure walked out of the woods and stood next to my car. It abruptly looked up and pointed at me. The white face had no eyes. There were just black holes where the eyes should have been. The TV turned off and I heard a noise in the hall way. I looked towards the TV for a second and then back towards the car and the figure was gone. I have never been so frantic and scared in all of my life. I moved the dresser, the chair, the desk, the matress and the box spring up against the door. I sat in the corner of the room and shook. I was awake all night. When the sun came up all of the fear just melted away. I looked outside and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I showered and got dressed and went to work. All was well. In time I wrote the whole experience off to fatigue. I thought that I had spent too much time on the road. I thought that I had been halucinating. I did start praying my rosary again. I thought that it was all over. Years later I saw that it was only the begining. I am haunted to this day and have told no one about this until today.
Helion (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-05)
hello everyone, at the start I would like to apologize for my grammar, english is not my first language.
Well my story goes like this, actually it's not my story it happened to my girlfriend, I'v been with her for 4 years and she is everything to me in this life so I am afraid of what happened to her... I am afraid what it could mean.
Story goes like this:
She has one room that she splits with her sister, there are two bed in the room and at the end of the wall and the other (her's) next to the window.
She was sleeping, and she got this wierd feeling that someone is watching her... So she got upset, she turn around and she saw this fugre over her bed, she descrbed it as "all in black, floating in the air just a little over the ground, all white face, she thinks it maybe was a white mask, and it had a deep eye socket's, described it as "no eyes" "

And then when she faced it and saw it, she screamed and it floated fast away, her sister woke up to the scream.

She has been scared all day, so am i.
I am afraid this "ghost " could mean something bad, I am scared of loosing her I can't think anymore straight.
Can someone help explain this? Please someone help
chocodash (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-05)
Wow. I can't believe I've finally come across other people who've had an experience similar to mine. I've been searching online for ages trying to find anything similar.

About two years ago I was lying in bed on my back, and I couldn't sleep, but I kept trying for a few hours, and eventually I decided to just get up, and I opened my eyes to see a white face over me watching me. It was like a mask, but it had dark eyes (like another person's who commented). I'm not sure if it had a hood but I think it might've (it was really dark though so I couldn't really tell). But anyway, as soon as it realised I'd seen it, it quickly moved to the right and disappeared. It's the first time in my life that I've ever seen anything supernatural/not normal. It scared the crap out of me.
RavenEyes (8 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-23)
I see a identical being in dreams and in meditation except he has eye holes that are black-the face area is basically a white porcelain mask. Mine hasn't frightened me he actually was very calm and soft spoken upon the visit, but he never gave me a name and still had a very strong aura.
JimD (431 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-13)
Dark hooded figures are demons, pure and simple. Catholic Holy water and blessed salt helps, as does the Rosary and appeals to Mother Mary and to St. Michael the Archangel. Commmand it to leave in Jesus' name. Mass and confession help also. Good luck. Dukes 2352 at
ShadowTheWolf235 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-12-26)
Ok, now I'm freaking out because when I was around the age of 6, I went into my parents laundry room and saw a dark hooded figure with no face and it looked like it was holding some sort of staff. This sounds similar but not exactly the same...
Khanigrl9 (7 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-19)
I've had that happen when I was younger (9/10) I was outside at the playground and I saw the same thing! I don't have any clue of who or what it is! I still want to know though, I feel it follows me, but not much anymore. 😕 But yea I've had that happen befor, I burst out screaming, and crying! 😭
edgardu (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-05)
hey all, I wanted to share my story that is very similar to this guy's story.

Well its been about six mths that I lived with my dad in an apartment with 1 big room! We had 2 beds in the room but he always slept in the livingroom that was just out the rooms door.

Well 2 weird things had happened to me in that room...

The first thing is that while trying to sleep I felt a deep stare, I didn't even look but I knew some how exactly where he was standing (without looking) I got up and wen to sleep in the livingroom.

The second time I woke up 1 day arround 9 am my dad was awake and my mom was there, they where coocking but there wasn't too much noice suddenly I felt this pressure in my chest I oppened my eyes and culdn't move or breathe and I felt some one walking on my right and left side then I started to pray and went away about 5 secounds later. It was more like if some one had sat on my chest!

The third time was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Ok I was asleep (dreaming I was at the mall) about half way through the dream I felt a hand on my waist, I look and there is nothing (in my dream) but I still felt the hand, when at some point I use my hand to where I felt the hand I feel a hand grabing my hand...

Im not at the mall anymore, I'm in my room, I see this hunch back horrible monster... Some thing like golum, just a lot scarier and uglier and evil.
Standing right next to me holding my hand I thought I was dreaming! I throw his hand away, I'm stearing at him then I look around the room and I figure I'm awake I look back at this entitie and starts transforming into a fit male body with a black tuxedo with white stripes, a red tie and a white mask covering his entire face including his yes but he was facing me, I screamed like I never had before! The door was opened, my dad was about 15 feet away and he doesn't even move. I'm in shock with this horrific fear! He doesn't go away standing between the bed and my door my dad doesn't wake up! I don't know how long it took for my to just get up and walk right by him out the door. Now I don't remember this but my dad says I walked to the kitchen with my hand on my head whispering then he asked me what happened I tell him and he sees me freaked out so he freaks out so we got up and went to get something to eat... I had that moment in my head for about 1 week!

Since then I'm afraid of the dark like a child.

Well, thanks for those who read my story and sorry for the grammar!

English is not my native language!
blkfox (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-21)
Yuck, that picture alone scares the hell out of me... When I read your story the hair on my arms stood up imagining that thing at the end of my bed. You must have been terrified.
TraumatizedbySin (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-21)
BLKFox - That is almost exactly identical to what I saw with the exception of eyes. What I saw looked just like that without eyes though.
Trudy (92 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-21)
Dear Traumatizedbysin,

Test the spirits according to 1John 4:1-4. Remember that we are in a spiritual battle.Eph.6:10-18, Colossians 2:15, Philippians 2:9-11.
blkfox (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-21)
Look under the pictures section on this site... Third row down first pic called "the hooded figure"
Hayle (12 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-20)
wow thats... Scary I 2 am very happy that I hav found this website were I won't have 2 feel wierd about me feeling ghost
TraumatizedbySin (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-20)
ZiShu - Thanks for replying. As for my other experience, I honestly don't believe it was related. What I saw later on was nothing like the no-faced thing I saw in the past. The second experience was something much darker and I'm not exactly sure if I was awake or dreaming it, but it most definitely felt real and scared me for various reasons. I explain what I saw but I won't get into certain details that I'd rather not speak of at the moment.

The thing I saw later on in life, the last year or so, had a face. A very long snout sort of thing. It had the long face of almost a horse but with red eyes and pointy teeth. It's body was all black and I'm not sure if it was a cloak or it had the wings of a bat because it looked as if was stretching outward with what appeared cape-like stretching from the base of it's hand to its body like the wings of a bat. All I remember was sitting up and looking directly at it. I stared briefly then laid back down and don't remember much after that. Not sure if I prayed or not, most likely I did, but it was gone and has never returned or showed any sign since. All I remember was waking up confused wondering if what I saw was real or not. There was one particular aspect of the situation that thinking about it afterwards that scared the crap out of me, but I'll share that later at some point.

But thank you again, I will definitely never look into their faces longer than a glimpse to see what is there, but hopefully nothing appears again. As for that movie you mentioned, I never heard of it, but I will now look into it to see if what was in the movie looked like what I saw.
ZiShu (281 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-20)
It is possible the next experience you had is probably connected to this no face being.
I believe this spirit is some type of other worldly creature.
It probably saw your face and liked it. It may be some type of creature that is trying to identify or find it's form again. It probably use to be living at one point but had all it's features removed by punishment of something unknown.
The creature/spirit seems "hungry". From my understand, spirits would appear to others to impact fear or any other emotions to the victim, so that the spirit can feed upon the energy released from the emotions
There is a movie called Spirited Away that features a no-face spirit with almost the same description as yours.
Don't ever look at it's face long enough. Always reject it and never be kind or let it follow you.
Keep praying and God Bless
TraumatizedbySin (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-20)
Thanks for both the replies.

Jazzeyjay - I will definitely look into what you mentioned and see what I can find. Luckily I have married since and moved into my own place and have never see that thing again. What I saw later on was different, but equally frightening. At some point in time I will definitely share the story.

Angellically - At the time, when I first saw something in the yard I didn't mention it because I wasn't certain what I had saw. Once my brother mentioned seeing something in the skylight it confirmed what I had saw and scared me so I just tried to block it out. The next day I told everything to my parents but no one believed me.

Speaking of things like this is always a touchy subject and I'm just glad I found this site where I can read other people's stories and experiences and share mine as well.
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-20)
TraumatizedbySin: Thank you for sharing your story. I have found that this is one website that you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences. We have all experienced horrible, frightening things and that's why we are here as sort of a support for one another. Whenever you feel comfortable enough to share your other story, please do so, we would like to read it and hopefully there will be someone on here that can relate to it and answer some questions for you.

I have seen some really frightening things in my life, but nothing like this and pray I never do. I'm just wondering if that property was ever used in some sort of satanic rituals such as necromancy. I've read where sometimes they do this in order to protect their site. It might be worth you checking into.

God bless you always!
Angellicaly (9 posts)
11 years ago (2009-10-19)
Wow that's weard! Why didn't you tell anyone when your brother said he saw something! Then you might have not been though of has crazy! Or to top it off if you would have told someone about it when you frist saw it then it would have been better! 😕

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