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The Man In The White Horse


This is my first experience I ever had with ghost or spirits. This happened outside the United States it happened in Colombia.

I was just 5 years old, I was waiting for my mother to come back from the doctor it was around 8 o'clock and it was dark in the farm that is owned by my grandfather. I remember looking at the window and not seeing nothing but the dogs sleeping, and in a quick second a man with a white horse appeared a few steps in front of the house the dogs always bark and go crazy when they see someone but for some reason this figure did not trigger the dogs to even wake up.

I told my grandparents once my grandfather came out to find out what it was it just disappeared. Physically this person that appeared in front of the house couldn't have gotten inside with the horse without making any noise since the fence was locked and you needed a key to open it.

I really can't explain what this was or who it was even though I was just 5 years old I still remember that image of that guy now that am 23 years old I can't figure out why he appeared and just vanished. Was there a massage to why he appeared to me and ever since I saw this figure I been able to see ghost and been visited by many different things sometimes good and sometimes evil

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KoltenAspen (39 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-13)
I love horses especially white horses and have you looked up the history of the land hope this helps

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