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Being Touched By Ghost


My name is Luke and I live in Brookfield MO, I have never really had any ghostly experiences leading up to these events I'm about to share with you, But have always kind of had a wide imagination. But about 4 years ago my sophomore year in high school I was going to bed, and you have to realize we kind of lived in a old house but all of the house had been redone by my dad except for my room which was my brothers room before me, and therefore there was no insulation in the room so it was always quite chilly.

Well I went to bed and didn't really have that much of a problem falling asleep, but once I did I started having a dream, one of those dreams where you can think and feel like you can open your eyes but you can't, well it was just of a red flashing light, and I remember feeling like my legs were crossed but they weren't, well I was sitting there trying to open my eyes and I felt my sheets getting tighter on me and cold, I wasn't really all that scared I just thought I was in the middle of my dream and I was still half asleep. I finally opened my eyes and was relieved, until I tried to move, all of the sudden I felt like someone or something was putting a big pressure like pressing on my chest and I could not move, I got my head to come up a little but it felt like somebody had me pinned to the bed, I could not feel the exact pressure points on my body but it was like a mass of something was pushing into my body, mostly my chest. I couldn't talk or scream nor did I really want to, I came flying up breathing dramatically, as if this pressure had just disappeared, I ran into the front room and woke my mom up, and told her what had happened, of course she didn't really know what to think but I was 16 at the time I told her I know what is real, well I slept in the front room with the TV on that night. After that nothing has happened to me since until now, this is the reason why I am writing on this.

I am now in college I live in Moberly MO, alone in a 1 bedroom apartment, well almost a exact remake happened I felt a pressure my sheets got tight on me and I opened my eyes, a lot easier this time but as I was getting up my vision went blank and it felt like somebody had lifted me up and had me upside down, I don't know if they did or not because I could not see it kind of felt like you were falling out of your bed when you were sleeping, well I then felt my bed on my back and opened my eyes and my covers were all on the ground I just lay there scared out of my mind because I live by myself in a town where I know very few people.

If anyone has any help they can share with me that would be great, thank you for listening to my story...

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KirkoBezerko (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-10)
Old hag syndrome or sleep paralysis, both are fair common, I've experienced both are they aint pretty.
opaleone (41 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-09)
It sounds like a pretty common sleep disorder. (Sometimes refered to as Old Hag Syndrome. Don't let the name scare you, but you can see where it came from.) It seems to happen to people in their teens and early 20's the most, but can happen to all ages.
I wouldn't worry. Your natural reactions are the right way to go. Just stay calm, and try to open your eyes and wake up. Sometimes trying to move another body part (a foot) is also effective. It'll help snap you out of it.
butthead (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-08)
that is very strange.
The fact that it happened twice "almost exactly" the same could be something down to sleep disorder or that thing people talk about when you really think you are awake but your not quite awake yet.
If it is more than that, then I'd be suprised if it was'nt your 'friend' from the old house checking up on you.
Sorry, probably thought of all of the above anyway... And it's only my opinion.
If its making you lose sleeping hours and you genuinly believe its impossible that you are awaking from a dream or some other sleep co-ordinated reason, or if it makes you uneasy, you could try small prayer's before sleepin or speaking a few words to the lord or something.
Just a few thoughts...

You you you you you you you you you, and you. Now please don't ask me to correct all the you's I put in paragraphs please! Bloody site!;p

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