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Glowing Circle Floating


Two times, and only two times I've seen this glowing ball. It wasn't scary it was nice seeing something so beautiful. What I saw is never going to be forgotten and has never returned, I wish it did though. The first time I saw it was really nice, the second time I got to see it, it was little bit extreme for me.

The first time I saw this floating ball was a little while back. It was during summer and my friends and I were on lunch break. We went outside of the building for break time. After playing with a cat, we had to go because break time was almost over. Then right beside me on my left, not so close, but not too far there was something like a sparkle, a glitter when I first saw it. Then I looked a while longer and it was a ball a glowing ball that was so graceful about the size of my fist. I was going to grade eight then. I tried chasing it. My friends yelled my name "Elaine?" I had asked them if they could see it, and told them it was so pretty. They said no, and asked me if I was okay while I continued looking at the glowing ball. It was bright, it was like a blur but it was glowing and it had some colour. Yellow, pink and blue, it was very light though and yes I was better than okay.

The second time I saw it and the last was about one year and a half. I had school that day and had finished, after I finished my homework, cleaning, and etc. I went to sleep, and just about a few minutes of sleep. My heart was beating fast. It happens sometimes. Then I saw on my left side again about a meter away the same glowing light. This time it was stronger, I was able to see it clearly. It had no colour and it was bigger. Bigger then my fist, maybe this time it was about my fist and a half. It had rays of light, but it wasn't that bright, it faded at the ends of the rays. It was like it was glowing. My heart had stopped beating fast, and was normal probably a little bit fast, but not like before. My whole room turned white my bed sheets where white, and nothing was in my room beside my bed. My room had the same shape. My door was open the hall was white. I stayed in the same very spot. The carpet seemed to smooth to be carpet. I stayed the same colour. After taking a good look that was in front of me, I did not look behind. I was lying down Kind of freaked out a bit. Everything went back to normal. It seemed too real to be a dream.

I had never seen it again. I finally told my parents what had happened just a few days ago. They had thought I was dreaming, but I told them fully I was awake. I had not been dreaming nor was I day-dreaming. I don't think I had fainted or something, I never do. Later on my mom had believed me, and wants to someday see something pretty like that.

Does anybody know what this is or what it could mean and why doesn't it come back anymore?

I want it too... Or maybe that's why?

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ZiShu (281 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-08)
This is most likely a Guardian Angel of yours.
Angels appear as glowing balls of light in the real world.
However I had seen these small glowing orbs in my dreams, twice so far. First it was dark green, 2nd time it was... I don't remember but it was followed by some bright light.
The next time you see it, ask if it came from God or greet it with May God's peace be with you.
Has anything happened on those two occasions after it appear?
When you said you had went to sleep, what time was it you woke up? Angels like to appear around 4am and wake up people.
Did you by any chance saw a type of hallow round the orb? Like a ring.
God Bless

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