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This is a story I was told as I was walking into a fellow Soldier's home a couple of weeks ago.

As I was walking into the home of my friend, I was stopped at the door by another friend of mine for a "briefing" before entry.

"You have to know this before you come in, man."

I was kind of concerned as there has been some turmoil on Army posts' this last month. He told me that this home was haunted and not to speak a word of it inside.

My friends moved in a few months ago and strange happenings followed like things missing, movements out of the corner of their eyes, cuts, doors slamming and flying open. He called his mother to tell her about what was going on and things from there got worse.

He saw a figure moving across the room as he watched TV. He got up to see if his wife needed help and saw, in the kitchen, a woman with a red dress. He went to the drawer that held the silverware to see the drawer was empty and the dish holder was also bare. He was uneasy and went upstairs to check on his wife who was standing against the wall in their bedroom. She told him there was a man in ACUs in their bedroom that she thought was him and when she tried to embrace him he was gone.

He opened the door to the spare bedroom where he keeps his weapon and all the other doors in the home flew open and just as quickly slammed shut. He turned around to see a dark figure (as you would perceive a human in the dark) move into his infant son's bedroom and went after it. The bedroom door wouldn't open when he attempted to open it, so he kicked it in to see the figure coming from the baby's crib toward him and left the room. When he got to his son, he had a cut from his ear to the corner of his mouth.

He then called another Soldier in our company who is an American Indian that practices (I'm not sure what to call it) spiritual cleansing. Upon his arrival he felt the presence of evil unrest. He went through the house with sage and oak leaves while praying and hanging pictures of Christ. When he completed this he returned to them outside and told them that there was evil unrest in their home and the woman of the home wanted harm done to them but the father and children were at peace.

A little over a week later the housing office released information to them stating that the family that lived there before were murdered by the father after he came home from deployment after discovering that his wife was unfaithful and the children were calling the boyfriend "Daddy". He took them into the kitchen, shot them, and killed himself.

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Jennybsgt (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-25)
Only part of that story is true, I was stationed on Benning for 4 years and the only reason I know is because I worked at the vet clinic. The man was at OCS at the time, found out his wife was cheating on him, took his children to school then came home and shot his wife and then himself, the kids are fine (physically at least). The family had a pair of super sweet kitties that were left behind in the aftermath. We worked with the surviving family to get the cats back to the kids. So although the story is a sad one, no children or cats were hurt in the incident and hopefully they are still living happily together.
moravian (1 stories) (171 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-29)
After 20 years in the army - much living on post housing - I can verify there are many homicides and suicides the army keeps hush about.:- (
Ayahuasca (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-27)
Hey, I was in the Medical Corps for quite a few years and while in Zgon Bosnia in 2001, I was running outside the camp and heard my name called and smelled rotting flesh at the corner to a trail that wound through a ghost town in the upper hills, called "Sapper Trail".
I heard my name called,stopped,in a whisper and looked to my left and thought of people lined up and shot, THEN smelled rotting flesh.
Of note, when I ran up the hill I saw a string, like a trip wire... All pretty cool!
deannah (12 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-25)
DANG! And I thought our old house had strange things going on. I'd love to hear of other accounts if want to share them with me. I have plenty of other stories that I just haven't posted. I hope that the cleansing has brought some peace to your home.
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-18)
Wow this is some crazy shiat. You know if she was faithful he would never done what he did and she would never been a angry ghost. Don't get mad at the living for your mistakes. Someone need to just banish this harmful ghost though. She was already sin for being unfaithful. Now she want to be sin again for harming another. I hope your friend is safe and doing well. God bless
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-18)
Soldier1--That's one fetchin' angry ghost, whether it be male or female. I hope your buddy and his family are outta danger now since the sage cleansing.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-18)
It's really sad when a tragedy like that occurs. I also feel bad for the unsuspecting family that had to endure all of that. How have they been since the spiritual cleansing took place? I hope it worked, and that they are able to live in peace. Thanks for posting.
Take care 😊

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