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About ten years ago, I was stationed at Fort Benning Georgia, which is about ten miles from Columbus Georgia. My family and I lived in some old housing on post which was built in the early years of the FDR Administration, around 1934. At the time, my youngest children, a son and daughter, were two and four respectively. The older girls were at college. So it was just the four of us.

The style of our house (there are about four styles of housing from this era) was a two floor, three bedroom, and three baths in a stucco structure. The basement also has a bedroom with a bathroom (one of the two in the house) which was a maids room (in those days it was not uncommon for senior US Army officers to have a maid). The houses have had little done to them over the years other than the addition of air conditioning and gas heating (to replace the old coal furnaces of the '30s). As a result, the houses have a lot of creaks and noise.

Shortly after we moved in, my wife and children went to spend the summer with her Dad in Kansas. One night after she left, I was sitting in the living room on the ground floor. It was about 10:30 PM. I was watching TV and I had the sound on low. Suddenly, I heard what appeared to be someone walking down the stairs from the second floor bedrooms. I turned off the sound and listened for a moment. Just as I was about the turn the sound back on, I heard the steps again. I got up and walked to the foot of the stairs. There was nothing there. I walked around the ground floor, verified that the doors were still locked, and went upstairs. Satisfied that nothing was there, I went back down stairs. Within a few minutes, I heard the sounds of steps again. Again, I went to the stairs, only this time at a run hoping to catch whomever it was that was doing this. Again, nothing. This went on continually, but not every night.

About two days after the time I first heard the steps in the stairway, I had a very strange experience in the master bedroom. As I mentioned, I was home alone, as my wife was still with her Dad. While I was sleeping, at around 2 a.m., I felt a strong pressure on my back as I lay on my stomach. I woke up and tried to get up but couldn't move. The force felt like a pair of hands was holding me down. I was instantly awake and tried to push myself up but was unable to do so. At first, I thought a burglar was doing it, perhaps in the process of robbing the house. But, as I turned my head I didn't see or hear anyone. After about two or three minutes, the pressure ended. I sat up and was terribly frightened. I had only one conclusion; there was some spirit in the house that apparently didn't like me being in the master bedroom.

The next night I was ready. I had my Bible open and was reading the Psalms aloud. I walked to each bed room and said the Lord's Prayer, and asked our Saviour Jesus Christ to protect all who entered. When I lay down to sleep, I read a chapter of the Bible. I did this every night. The footsteps stopped and I no longer had any hands pushing me into the bed. All seemed to be well.

Upon my wife's return, I didn't say anything to her about what I had experienced. I didn't want to scare her. Everything continued as normal until my second oldest older, a Freshman at Florida State came to visit. She stayed in the small guest room. The next morning she asked me if I heard or felt anything strange in the house. I said no, why? She said that while she was getting ready for bed she felt as though someone was in the room looking at her. As she lay down to sleep, the door to the room (a big heavy solid wood door with about thirty years of paint on it) suddenly opened very slowly. My daughter said that she looked through the dark thinking it was either my wife or I. She saw nothing but felt someone sit on the bed next to her. She immediately went under the covers and said the Lord's Prayer and asked for God's protection. She fell asleep after about an hour or so. She was too afraid to get up until the sun came up, at which time she was telling me about what happened. I asked her not to say anything to my wife or the little ones. She agreed. Eventually, she kind of got used to the strange feeling in the room whenever she visited us and just chalked it up to the house's age.

After we left Fort Benning and my baby daughter was about eight years old she told me that in the master bedroom back at Fort Benning she saw a dark figure that pushed her into the curtains. As a result, she said she never went into the room when she was alone. She also said that in her room, which she shared with her baby brother, she would see figures, mostly women wearing what she described as "old time clothes". These figures didn't hurt her but just looked at her and her baby brother. I then told my wife about what had happened to me and my older daughter, as well as what the baby daughter had said. My wife said that she too felt "creepy" in the house and hated living there, but didn't say anything as she thought I would become worried

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scarlettsnowe (1 stories) (79 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-22)
I think it's normal for old army bases to be haunted. When I was in the army I lived in the barracks. I used to hear all kinds of things about stuff moving around and all that. It makes sense if you think about how old those bases usually are and the horrible things that can happen to people that are in the army- going off to war, and not coming back one of them... 😊
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-14)
Most of the activity your family experienced sounds residual, the footsteps in particular. The feeling of being pinned down in the bed just sounds like a simple case of sleep paralysis. I get where you might not want to scare her, but I do not know if I could lie to my daughter when she asked if I had seen something, and I had... Maybe that is just me though.

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