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The Ghost Lady


In Houston, Texas I stay at my brother's house with my aunt Ceci, my cat Alfie, and a ghost lady. Before I moved to the house I learned of a tragic event that happened inside our home. A robbery took place and a lady was killed.

The lady is physically gone, but her soul, spirit or ghost, however we want to call it has become our other roommate. I haven't seen shadows thank God, but once in a while I can hear the ghost lady. Sometimes when I'm home alone I can hear noises outside my bedroom door like someone is banging something or moving something and I can tell that Alfie can hear them, too.

On two separate occasions I've been home alone with Alfie in my bedroom which is upstairs and I hear her, the ghost lady! Downstairs is where my aunt Ceci stays with two of our dogs and lot's of times Ceci will begin shutting up our dogs when they start barking up a storm. Well, on these occasions I'm 100% sure that I'm home alone when all of a sudden I hear Ceci trying to shut up the dogs. I hear her voice and when I go downstairs to talk to my aunt she's not there.

I know it's not my imagination because it's happened to me twice. I even knock on Ceci's bedroom door to see if she's there and I don't get an answer and when I look around the kitchen, she's not there either. When my aunt later arrives home I question her to see if maybe she'd been home earlier shutting up the dogs and Ceci doesn't have a clue to what I'm talking about.

Even right now when I was about to begin writing this story Alfie and I heard a bump outside the bedroom door. I know Alfie heard the bump because we both turned to look at the same time and I'm home alone right now with Alfie, and oh! I forgot the ghost lady.

By: Jackeline Lopez

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