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Slammed Door


Here in Houston my aunt used to work in some apartments where a guy had committed suicide. The workers at the office had gone to check on him after they got a call from a relative, worried that they hadn't heard from him for days. Sadly, when they got to his apartment they found him dead in his bedroom, with a shot to his head and a gun on the floor.

The housekeeping lady at the apartments was afraid to go to the apartment where the suicide had been committed so the managers got a housekeeping lady from another company to clean the apartment. Of course, when she got there none of the workers said anything about the suicide because there was no need for her to know. So, the housekeeping lady cleaned the apartment and later in the day ran into my aunt and told her the following.

She'd been frightened while cleaning the apartment. She was in the bedroom (where the suicide took place) putting garbage in a bag when all the sudden in the corner of her eye she saw a black shadow pass behind her. It was quick but still gave her an uneasy feeling. After that she felt cold. My aunt didn't want to frighten her so she didn't mention anything about the suicide.

Well, two days later they sent the make-ready guy to give the apartment the finishing touches. The make-ready guy already knew about the suicide and my aunt and the rest of her co-workers were teasing him about getting spooked by the spirit of the guy. The make-ready guy assured them that he didn't believe in ghosts or spirits so there was no reason for him to be scared. So, he went to give the final touches to the apartment.

A few hours later the make-ready guy meets up with my aunt and explains to her how he almost had a heart attack in that apartment. He was working in the bedroom's bathroom (where the suicide took place) and got thirsty. While he was heading out of the bathroom to get a drink he was walking towards the bedroom door when all the sudden it slammed shut with such force he felt his heart skip a beat. (All the doors where left opened because there was no need to have them closed.)

It was a really hot day in Houston with no wind and he didn't hear footsteps like anyone walking out or anything like that. After a few seconds passed and his heart went back to normal he opened the door really slowly and saw no one around. Thinking his co-workers where playing a prank on him, he even went outside the apartment to look around and saw no one! He went back into the apartment to pick up his belongings and got out of there a.s.a.p.

The make-ready guy expressed he wasn't about to lose his sanity for eight-dollars an hour and I don't blame him. We all know who slammed that door.

By: Jackeline Lopez

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shadow_image (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
wow that's pretty freaky! 😨 where exactly in houston were those apartments at? I would not want to work on a building that was haunted because I would die from being terrified oh just gives me the creeps just thinking about it 😨
igowako (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
whoa. My cousin has a huge old house built around 100 years ago were someone commited suicide in. I get what you mean =/
Cholulteca (148 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
Wow! That's so scary! 😭 poor of the people that would rent the apartment... 😨...and well, obviously, poor guy that commited suicide, is sad people get that depressed as to kill themselves... 😢

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