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What I See In My Dreams


Since it is a new year I thought maybe I should share these experiences to see what everyone thinks. I have been keeping them to myself for years and years. These experiences are not your typical paranormal experience rather the things that I see or hear and experience are in my dreams. Now I have had things in my life happen where I knew I had seen a ghost right then and there but my dreams are paranormal and sometimes scary and often I wonder why I have these types of dreams with information I could have never known before.

It pretty much started when I was about twelve. I would often spend part of my summer in Maryland with my maternal grandparents because my cousins would be staying there at the same time space was limited and I chose to sleep on the couch it was big and comfy plus I would have a TV. Every night I spent on that couch I would have terrible nightmares about these two people who were trapped in the house they were just walking around and they could never leave they would just sit at the table in the kitchen hours on end sometimes they would bang on the walls to maybe get out and there was a weird haze. The dreams got so vivid and intense I had to sleep with my cousins in the spare bed room. My grandmother wanted to know why I was so scared I told her about the dream she then proceeds to tell me that there had been a murder suicide in the home right before they bought it in the 1950's the husband turned the oven on and left the door open he gassed his wife to death as she was sleeping. I went home after hearing that never stayed the night there again. I was so scared I had seen these people in my dream and trust me I had never ever heard that story before as they never told anybody because they did not want to scare the kids.

The next time I had these weird dreams with no prior background was when I was staying with my grandparents on my father's side in Massachusetts I was about fifteen I would sleep in my dad's old bed room. I would constantly have nightmares about the women in the wall she was stuck in the wall. I got so afraid I would try to have sleep over's at friends houses just to stay away since I would stay the whole summer of course I had to stay some nights. I never really told these dreams to anyone. My grandmother passed away and my grandfather sold the home and on the eight hour drive back from the funeral my dad was talking about his childhood home and how he had horrible nightmares about the women in the wall. So I do not know why we both had horrible dreams about a woman in the wall forty years apart although it was a historic home with many owners before my grandparents. I have tried to research the home but never found much.

Years went on with no dreams like this until a couple years ago we just moved to a new area. We live off a country road and there is this intersection it has a light but tractor trailers always run the light. I always had a bad feeling about the intersection. I had a vivid dream about my fiancée and I driving on the way home getting up to the intersection and then all of the sudden I saw all these people who looked dead all just standing there there's about one hundred people in my dream. I am telling my fiancée to slow down then all of the sudden there's a little girl with pig tails holding her hand out for us to stop and then I woke up. So I researched this intersection there has been so many violent deaths related to car accidents with tractor trailers and other people running the light the last tragic accident was a couple years ago two little girls died along with their mother. She was getting ready to turn at the light to drop them off at the elementary school that sits across from the intersection.

The other dream I had took place after we moved like I said we live on a country road there's many houses but for some reason I had a dream about this one house. It is a large home in my dream the home had some form of poltergeist and the family was so scared they left everything in the home, they had young kids and they left the toys in the front yard. Every day I would drive by the home thinking about the dream but never knew why I dreamt of that home. My sister's boss lives behind the home in my dream so one day she mentions to my sister in a casual conversation that the home was a civil war hospital and the last owners fled because renovations stirred up some scary activity. I was shocked I had a dream about this home never knowing about its background.

I know this goes on forever but one last dream I had was back in October my fiancée and I were staying in Gettysburg he was there on business and I tagged along we were only in town for one night we just had time to eat and go to our hotel. I fell asleep and had a horrible dream this man was standing next to my bed he was so obviously dead in my dream I could not scream nothing I was so scared. I woke up it was so cold in the room it was unbelievable. The next morning at checkout the lady asked if we had a good stay and I told her about my dream and I then find out apparently the hotel has two men who haunt the hotel. So I wonder why I don't just see them in real life instead of my dreams.

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HardToScare432 (1 stories) (72 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-28)
Well, for your first story, it makes sense to have a dream like that. Dreams don't usually show the exact thing (Do you know what I mean) dream are kind of like a riddle. So if she was asleep when it happens, then she WAS trapped basically.
Rhys (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-11)
I have a hafe dream.
The small hours of sunday (about 1-3AM) I just got sleeply so I put wow off and tryed to get to sleep. So I come to the hafe way them it hits my dody was shaking all over. And I saw heads with some wrighting on them. They moved and moved but I got to see all of it. I sawe the wighting in full. At this point it get fast and hurts even more but I make to the tip of my fear and I start to I hit my laptop for the on button and hide in its light. This was the first time I saw some thing when having these "fits"

You have a grate gife and I hope this helps as you are not the only one to go though some-thing like this but am 14 and I have this all the time at my house. This is way am not going to sleep in the drak now...
GlamGirl (3 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-14)
Thanks for reading it. You both bring up some great point's. I do feel like my dreams opens up some form of door with sprits and other things. Thanks
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-13)
Hi glamgirl, I agree with aussiedaz. There must be a switch that turns on while you sleep that makes you more receptive to these spirits. It certainly seems like you have medium type qualities. I really enjoyed reading your story, and thanks for posting. Take Care 😊
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-12)
Hello glamgirl, I remember watching a life bio on a world famous medium some time ago. I remember they studied his brain wave patterns when he was awake and data suggested that he was sleeping, Based on that and my own personal experience I do firmly believe that through our dreams for some of us we can connect spiritually past present and future. I also believe and this is just my opinion, That the ghost hour 3am is more due to those who are in a half sleep state of conscious and are able to connect for a short while, Thank you for your story and I know how it feels when you have these visions take care.

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