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It started when I was six. My grandmother died and I was really depressed. I went into my room and was about to turn on the radio when I heard a strange noise coming from my bathroom. When I went in, I saw my grandmother sitting on the floor spreading out tarot cards. She looked at me and held up a card with the devil on it. I was pretty scared, so I went to my mom and got a psychic to investigate. She burned some kind of sage in every corner of the house and said there was nothing else she knew of to do because we are atheists.

The next thing happened when I was eight. We lived in a really old house in Lebanon, Ohio (historical area). I was really into the whole ghost thing ever since my encounter with my grandmother. So when the owner told us it used to be part of the underground railroad, I got excited (knowing that most of those houses have secret passages for escaping slaves), so we investigated and found a passage in my room under the carpet that led to the basement.

About two weeks after we moved in, I was sleeping in my room and heard whispers on my balcony. I got up and went to the door that led out to it and saw a dark figure at the bottom of the stairs. I started to feel a strange force; like he was pulling I or someone was pushing me down the stairs.

When we got down to the backyard, it opened the basement door and as I looked in, I could see five or six African-American people in rags just staring at me, pointing up to the passageway it opened, and I could see a young boy looking down and closing it. Though it seemed to be minutes later, within seconds the people vanished and my parents were coming down the stairs.

Another encounter I had was a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the couch in the living room. From where I sat, I could see the bathroom doorway. My parents were at work and I was home alone sick. I was watching TV when I heard the door open.

I looked up and saw yet another young boy just staring at me. I blinked and looked back. The door was still open, but the young boy was gone. And the room began to fog. I asked my parents about the history of the house. About 20 years ago, a young boy ran away and was found dead in the creek, cause of death unknown.

I still get the feeling I'm not alone in this house, like someone is following me, but trying to convince my parents that these things really happen. When you're as young as I am, it's pretty hard.

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jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-01)
kristine: You shouldn't have to try to convince your parents. They should know themselves that if this house is rich in history as it is and the land in which it was built up on is too, there would be things left over. That was a very sad time in history, so the pain, suffering and fear is deep! You should feel pretty blessed to live in such a historical home with so many spirits left over from years past. The little boy is probably following you trying to see why you're dressed so funny, why you do the things you do, speak the way you speak, listen to the types of music you listen to, eat and drink the things you do and use the funny type of gadgets that you use such as: telephones, computers, video games, tv's, showers, toilets, etc... Which they didn't have back then. I'd be curious too! It doesn't sound like they are any threat to any of you, they are just still hiding out and trying to find their way to safety as they did so many years ago. God bless their poor souls! Talk to them and let them know they have nothing to fear anymore. That Evil time in history is over, they don't have to hide anymore, they can go to the light and rest in PEACE!

God bless you and your family too!
Andy1 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-01)
Wow. That's pretty cool. The ghost only let me see how they look through my mind... But its pretty cool that you can actually see them. 😉
michellelovesghosts (5 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-01)
the devil isn't always a bad card. It can mean the 'death' of something: a relationship, a way of life, a job etc

Thats interesting about the history of your house! I believe in 'spirit residue' energy that is so powerful it can remain there. I don't think its anything to be afraid of, if anything they may be afraid of you. ❤

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