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The Sound Of Running Water


First of all I want to apologize for my English - I'm not a native speaker.

My grandmother died 5 years ago. I loved her. She was also my best friend. She was amazing, very kind and caring and incredibly modest. She was a widow and lived alone in a flat.

On one Sunday I had a date with my boyfriend. On my way to meet him I had the feeling that I have to visit my grandma. I was very tired, but I met my boyfriend and then we both went to see my grandmother which was great. We spent quite a bit of time with her and when we were leaving she was very happy and was laughing. When I arrived home our phone was ringing. My sister was at home and had this phone call. My grandma's neighbor was calling that my grandmother was with her and could not breathe. This neighbor lived in a flat under my grandma; she was a nurse and was her friend. A few minutes later my grandma died. It was sad but on the other hand my family was happy that she had not died alone and that had been happy before her death.

My brother lives in her flat now. There is an amazing tree. It occupies almost half of one room. It is a green jewel and it is more than twenty years old. I cut a small sprig of it and planted it in my room. A few months later after my grandma had died I experienced this...

I woke up very early in the morning by a sound of running water coming from the plant. I thought I had watered the plant too much the evening before and now the water was spilling out of the pot. I got up, the sound was gone the plant was okay, so I checked the whole flat, but that was okay too. So I went back to bed and fell asleep. Soon after I woke up again by the same sound but I ignored that and fell asleep again.

In the morning my brother's neighbor, the very same who helped my grandma, called that his flat was totally flooded and the water was coming from my brother's flat. My brother was a doctor and worked that day in a hospital. When my parents checked the flat they were very surprised - it was perfectly dry. However some pipe was broken and the water was leaking to the flat under my brother's flat.

I think that my grandma wanted to thank her neighbor and tried to warn me via the small plant I cut from hers and the sound of water coming from that.

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faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
I enjoyed your story! I think it is great when loved ones show that they are still around when they are needed!
I hope to read more from you! 😊

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