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Night Terror


I live in central Europe, the Czech Republic. My family owns an amazing weekend house in the countryside near German borders. We are there very often from spring to autumn. It was probably built in 1890, no one really knows now. I love the village; it has 15 houses, mainly temporary inhabitants and only four families like us - "weekend families". The village of course used to be much bigger, but people are moving to cities. There are some stories connected to the village. The most documented on is about a young mother who died just after her baby was born. She was seen by several villagers near her baby. The story took place in around 1900 and it was described in contemporary newspapers. Anyway back to me. The only certain fact from the house's history we know is that in our house the first telephone was available for the locals from villages around. The furniture is most from second hand shops, the majority is from 20s or 30s.

I have a room of my own. It's long and very narrow. My bed is situated just under the window in one corner. The light from the window in night can't reach to more than the middle of the room where white door is. So from my bed I can't see the opposite side of the room.

Recently I had this crazy experience. I was already lying on my bed, trying to fall asleep and thinking about one guy. I felt like someone was watching me from the dark. Maybe I saw grayish mist. I'm not sure about it. It was like a tall cloud before the door. The door is white it could just be my imagination. Anyway suddenly I smelt this incredibly disgusting smell. It could have been rotten garbage or something like that. It was very strong and made me feel sick. Then I saw a big mosquito or moth just flying from maybe fifty cm from my head to the dark side of my room. I don't know exactly. I didn't pay any attention to this. Then I saw clearly myself standing on some sunny path. But I still think I wasn't sleeping, because I was like: Oh, that's me standing on a path and that really reminds me of something, and I'm so curious about where I saw myself. Suddenly I had feeling like I was quickly falling down and impinged upon something. That was terrible, because I think I was conscious, not asleep. The sunny path was gone and just darkness before me. That scared me a bit. And last but not least, I always sleep on my side but I don't know why I turned on my back and felt sick, then I couldn't breathe properly and I felt like something was crushing my chest. I thought I was experiencing a heart attack. In maybe one minute or less it was gone. But it scared me so that I woke up every two hours that night.

Today I discovered where I saw myself. In our home, in the city, we used to have some pictures painted by my great great grandfather. One of those pictures used to be my favorite. It was a postman smelling a pink roses bush on a sunny day. I saw myself in the postman's place but without the roses. The afternoon before my crazy night I found another picture by my great great grandfather. It's from around 1900 and it shows my great grandmother at the age of two. She died at the same age as I am now, 23, the official cause of her death was a broken heart; her husband was cheating on her. Currently I am trying to recover from a hard break up...

I was looking up for some info. I think I experienced an evil entity. I was told the devil can have many faces. He chooses weak people. I think it fits perfectly.

More than one year ago I was experiencing poltergeist activity. I clearly saw a man sitting on a sofa and watching me. And at another time I perfectly heard him. I describe that in my first story. Now I also think it was evil, since all kept getting worse and worse and my praying didn't work.

I also have telepathic dreams. I'm a Roman Catholic. I don't go to church at all, but in my mind and heart I'm truly God loving.

With all these experiences I have so many questions to ask but there's no one who could reply.

Roman Catholic Church here says that telepathic and visionary dreams are some sort of sins.

What do you think? I'm looking forward your opinions.

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WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
12 years ago (2009-09-08)
Catholics have a lot confused if you ask me. So a few things I want you to remember is your sins are forgiven. When bad things happen they are not your fault they are simply a chance to experience an aspect of life you may have been deprived of other wise not everything in life is enjoyable but to miss out on anything would be a shame. The bible has many stories about this one of the most notable would be the book of Job. Vision and telepathy are not sins the bible even mentions dreams and visions countless times. Jesus said above all love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Just focus on that instead of all the extra stuff it will simplify things for you. Last but not least sins and short comings are not exclusive to you or anyone else they are the one thing everyone has in common take note of them and strive to be better. There is no need to dwell on them they are all forgiven. Remember only God has the right to judge you and all he ask is you confess and ask forgiveness nothing more. Do not worry about penance Jesus died for you if that wasn't enough a few prayers won't make much difference. I do not mean to disrespect your religion you just seem over burdened.

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