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I am still so angry to this day that I have no explanation for the repeated incursions that have happened in my life.

When I was a little girl I used to see an un-descriptive man enter my room every night. He was much thinner than my father who in fact I could see asleep on his bed with my mother beside as our rooms were across the hall. Being a small girl I simply yanked the covers over my head or put my teddy bear over my eyes and prayed for it to go away. It did not go away, it tended to linger over me a place a hand on me before I just would simply black out in fear. My parent's being religious encouraged me to nickname him "Redman" or Devil and in fact it did not stop occurring until I moved out of my nursery room into a larger corner bedroom. A few years passed and I was always uneasy about our basement as it seemed that's where the man must have been walking from.

Once again when I was about 13 I began having the sense of something in my room. Honestly I was just filled with the creeps. One night in particular I was looking into my large dresser mirror which sat along the wall that connected the larger room to my nursery room when out of nowhere a full figured man with a striking face appeared in the reflection. Obviously I was alarmed and made to sit up but I was in shock. The "man" slowly came out of the mirror walking towards me through my dresser as if it was immaterial and stood over me.

I could not decide if it was the same figure from my childhood or not his face was almost too chiseled and his expression to intense to gaze on for very long. My rationality kicked in and I balled up my fist to give him a good smack but my hands would not move. In fact I was still lying down facing the mirror unable to do more than blink. The man then rested his hand on my abdomen (which I didn't feel). I was so scared that I just did what I had to do when I was a little girl and tried shutting my eyes so tight I couldn't see anything. This however backfired on me because when I shut my eyes his face was burned into my mind as if he was right in front of it and he wouldn't let me look away. Suddenly it was over I don't recall him retreating and I didn't come to any epiphany's about what he was doing at the time that would have encouraged a spirit to leave.

I am so confused and scared about this, If I knew what he wanted or what he was trying to do I would be able to carry on peacefully but nowadays I find myself unable to sleep unless I'm completely covered head to toe in a blanket and have a pet with me in the bed. I just know if I don't something will come touch me. What was the purpose of this all?!? Just to scare me? I'm 25 years old, I can't be afraid of the dark anymore.

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ammellis (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)

Intuitively I feel that its possible that this man raped someone in his life, or, that he was raped. (he could have been a female if/when he was raped, but I THINK that if that were the case he would either present himself as female some of the time, or you would sense a female quality some of the time.) maybe that seems strange, but my intuition is just pushing me in that direction. I've had two encounters with ghosts that were similar. In one, a child was abducted and molested and killed in the woods. A four year old boy. Horrible. He would present himself initially as a child, and would leave many many clues about his identity (photos of himself etc). But then, once he got your attention at night, he would suddenly manifest into this horrible, threatening, dark man. Another child who would talk to the boy said that the boy called this thing "man". He was showing or expressing the last thing he saw. He was trapped in the confusion and he was lonely. He needed help to understand and be released.
The other one was an intelligent russian man who was a wonderful person. He had a wife and lovely daughters. He was an excellent father and husband. He was political and philosophical and would drink vodka with comrades and have intellectual discussions. One night he... Oh nevermind. Its turning into a very long story. The point is, he was a good man, he got caught in a moment of incredible guilt in a mostly innocent sexual encounter. He was ashamed (needlessly) and humiliated and became stuck there, even after he died. His home was turned into a boarding school for girls, and his ghost would just repeat the same action over and over of which he had been ashamed in life. To the girls of the school he seemed like a horrible, creepy ghost. But he was just a spirit caught in his emotion of shame.

That being said, this entity of yours could be dark and menacing for real. But, the question is whether he is actually after you. Do you know what I mean? He could just be caught in a somewhat repeat action, and you are sensitive to him and so he focuses on you, but not in an out-to-get-you-and-actually-cause-you-harm way.

My intuition also says he is the man from the basement.

If you feel brave and powerful enough (which I believe you are) you can fill the space of your house/property with white light and call this spirit to move on and assimilate into the beauty and the light. If you can't do that, maybe you can do ritualistic things (like with salt and sage or whatever suits you) and bless your space and bless his soul and lovingly forbid him from contacting you or harming you or your loved ones, in the name and power of God.

At any rate, I hope you find peace and the ability to sleep with ease and well being. Of course I don't know if I am right, but maybe it could help?

Peace, Love and God (or the Universe) Bless ❤
shadow_witch (65 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
wow...this story reminds me so much of when I was a very young child & I used to sleep with the covers over every inch of my body with my cat trapped under them with me because I was scared of the poltergeist in my room. BELIEVE ME, I KNOW what it's like to be scared at night when you know you're not alone. And even though I am now 41 years old, there are STILL nights when I sleep with the covers over my head. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. 😉 Because you're certainly not the ONLY one who does it!
david181920 (2 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-04)
WOW it certainly sounds like you have had a rough time here. But I definitely think it is time to fight back against this "Redman". You need to find a psychic medium or "Spiritual Medium" (that is genuine) that will be able to assess the situation for what is and come up with a proper solution. These entities can have a big impact on our lives. So if you are actually experiencing what you claim this needs to be done sooner rather than later. (By the way no one should to be trying to contact the entity directly as this will probably not help and will only encourage "it" to stick around.)

Firstly, this is stating the obvious, but you have got to get your house CLEANSED. This is usually done by a spiritual medium who in fact uses her sprit guides (to my understanding these are the spirits that assist the medium in talking to the dead etc) to kick benign spirits to the curb. She or he will perform some ceremony usually involving a smudge stick (white sage incense) and salt and water that they will sprinkle around. And will then let their "pack" of spirit guides lose to drag the (usually) benign spirit out of the house. This being said however most spirit mediums do not claim a 100% success rate at cleansing (of course!) so another ritual may need to be performed (especially if the entity has returned. Don't be fooled they do not always go towards the bright light). Also it is very important that this is done preferably by a psychic medium that offers this service. Not by a gypsy woman that puts chicken blood everywhere or someone who believes putting holy water in the fridge will help. (These idiots will also be happy to charge you for another ineffective service). Also it is important that you take other measures to ward this jerk of a spirit away. Such as:
* placing a solution of salt and white vinegar in a vessel next to your bed (on your bed side table perhaps) to ward evil ones away. I have never tried this but I imagine it won't smell nice.
*Try burning a "cleansing" Incense (white sage perhaps) that will ward off benign spirits and negative energies.
* Also if you live alone boost up your social life by inviting friends over and also air out your house out and give it a good spring clean. Also it may be a nice idea to place colourful fresh cut flowers in the house (this is just a suggestion). These sort of benign spirits attach themselves to negative energies. (Even those of a dreary house). I believe this entity has probably attached itself to you perhaps because of your heightened perception or something else. Or It may have been in the house before you moved there (if it died there etc). In which case getting rid of it may take a while. (In which case it may be a bit stubborn). By brightening your house and life up you are making an environment in which the entity will not want to live.

I personally believe that many of these spirits float around trying to find someone to screw with (I liken them to internet viruses) and once they have found someone they will stick around. (Reminds me of tinea). But please consider this! What I have said is no substitute for the advice of a genuine psychic medium. Contact one as soon as possible so you can find out what is going on and how to deal with it. Until then don't fear. Many of us are unfortunate enough to experience what you have. Remember you are not the first and you will not be the last. And it is simply another part of life.

PS: the best strategy to find a good a psychic medium, I have learned is keeping an ear out to hear if anyone such as friends, relatives etc has had a remarkable experience with a psychic medium and how accurate they (the psychic medium) is etc. (this of course indicates this person has consulted a real psychic rather than someone in a back alley). Also you can search for psychic mediums over the internet, but obviously you will need to check them out otherwise you will end up with someone completely ineffective at doing what they claim. Until then hold tight, I am in your age group and yes I am experiencing night terrors at the moment. I do not know who and what is screwing around with me but they are having a fun time jerking me around (they or "it" thought it would be nice if "it" pushed my paper work from my desk onto floor this morning. This happened before my very eyes as a woke up. The fan was off and the windows and door were shut. I could not help but roll my eyes at the entity. I wish you the best of luck.😊
Sundaydrive (49 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-04)
Your parents encouraged you to call that first man Redman? They WANTED you to associate this thin man with the devil?
In my religion, we use the "laying on of hands". Do you think perhaps this may have been a similar thing? Or did t full out feel evil?
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-01)
The one story I've written, was about a spirit/critter that snuck into my room when I was a kid and touching me on my back/tummy area.
Siinda (4 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-01)
Yes, I've had other experiences too. Mostly Dark figures walking around. Most recently I was bolted awake by feeling a hand layed on me from next to me bed. I really wouldn't mind this stuff if I knew what the purpose was.
pinklady1802 (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-01)
wow that is scary! God, I hope you are ok now. Nothing has ever happened to me like that!

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