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As a teenager I requested my own room and was given the largest area in the finished basement. It was almost like a dank little apartment closed off from the utility area which housed a half bath.

At the time I had a television the far left corner and my computer desk to the far right with a shelf of books and CD's on it. I had started to notice upstairs in the house that electronics would operate suddenly and so I spent more and more time in my room. One day I had a CD running at quite a loud volume. I began to hear some sort of second track playing that I couldn't account for. I lowered my music and the second track played louder. I suddenly heard someone scream my name at me.

Meanwhile I was frantically turning off any device I could find to quiet the now jet plane sound of jungle noises. Loud animal sounds and crickets/bugs in the floral brush. Finally I noticed that the only device still running was my computer. I turned off the speakers and the noise continued. I unplugged the whole PC and it didn't stop. At the sudden sound of a more human voice beginning to speak, I ran upstairs hysterical to my parents' room. They were shocked at my frantic state and had not heard a peep. In fact, they had been dead asleep.

It took quite a few minutes until I was brave enough to return to my room. I didn't turn my computer on again for at least 3 weeks. I tried to play the CD again to make sure it hadn't been some hidden audio track. There was nothing. In fact, the track seemed to be missing some of what I had believed was a part of the song.

I can't explain the event except to say that this home had had previous events for those living upstairs, especially children.

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Phoenix83 (4 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-04)
That is creepy. I can relate, I had a computer turn on one night. It made odd noises and the monitor flashed on and and off even though the power strip was turned off. Interesting story. Have you had any other strange happenings since then?

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