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In the summer of 2010, my partner and I found ourselves in a financial pickle. We decided to rent a apartment unit connected to the home of a married couple we knew. The wife shared my interest in fantasy, science fiction and also occult. I began to notice that the doorway to the basement room which extended from our residence would seem to sheen over like a mirage or oil slick. It was very faint but I could make out the general size and shape. I found it odd that around the time at night or alone I would notice this I would have a metalic taste in my mouth and a odd sensation on my left side as if I had been run through with a skewer.

I asked my friends about their home. The husband claimed his family were connected to this area for some generations even though now it was a suburban development. The wife said she knew there was a spirit in the house who was watchful and would often show up lingering in doorways. In her mind he was simply curious. The explanation seemed fine at the time after all a positive or neutral house spirit is often a good thing. I decided to acknowledge its presence but ignore it for the most part.

For a select week after this I had trouble sleeping. I had also felt the area of the home I was in was unusually charged. Nontheless I woke one night to glimpse a figure standing over my husband as he lay on his side of the bed. As soon as I blinked it was gone. Only a night or so after that I was sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. I was jarred awake with a slap across my calf. I was too angry to open my eyes. I knew it wasn't my partners hand because the wrist had extened from the outside of the bed as if some one was standing over me. I waited just second before swinging out in a wide kick hoping to catch a prankster. My foot flew only through air.

In the morning I felt myself drawn to the other side of that filmy basement doorway. I had ventured there before driven to be nosy my partner had said. This time I found what I was being directed to find. Up in the rafters of the ceiling was a potruding handle. What I pulled out was a sword saber. It was old and rusted with blood. I stared at it for a moment baffled by it being in the rafters. I put it back and questioned the home owners. It was a relic handed down through the husbands family from the civil war and he kept it for its value. It was quite obvious to me that the spirit was attached to that object and I believe it was his blood upon the sword. The owner however refused to bless it or clean it. To him the fact it had blood simply added to its value even if that meant it came with a passenger. The homeowner moved it to another location fearing theft because I had found it despite his hiding it separate from their usual storage. I assured him I cared more about its history than a profit and would never have seen it if not for the ghost wanting me to expose his tale. The blade gave me one last parting gift, a cut when I had found it. I'm not sure of the signifigance of that but it kept me asking questions.

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Gossamer_Lights (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-10)
Interesting experience, also hope you got a tetanus shot;)
valkricry (49 stories) (3265 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-05-09)
Siinda, although I enjoyed your account, I do question the blood still being on the blade. Rust can look an awful lot like dried blood, and blood being what it is, can be hard to remove completely. Many old swords that saw usage bare dark stains. However, blood is highly corrosive to steel, so even in battle the worst of it would be wiped off - on anything available, even the fallen opponent or one's own uniform. Most, who fought with sabers developed a type of 'snapping' the sword to shake the worst off, until they could proper clean and oil the sword for the next time. Not to mention the fact that blood would act as a glue when the sword was placed in its scabbard. Swords, like any other weapon, were prized possessions, and even if the man wielding it had fallen, someone would have picked it up and cleaned it. In fact the way your friend is storing the saber is the worst way if he is attempting to keep it for its value.
However, as you say you were 'directed' to find the thing, so blood or not, it had meaning. Great reading!
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-09)
I firmly believe spirits manifest themselves to people sensitive enough to feel them and caring enough to want to help them... Don't stress that your mate won't have it blessed, you can do it through intention. Make sure that you work inside a protective circle, you don't want the ghost latching on to you because you're open, you know?
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-09)
My bro owned a bayonet from WW two and the energy that charged that thing was intense. I had nightmares after handling it... Yeah, blades hold some serious charge. You could do a distance cleansing if the guy won't let you near it. He could at least have cleaned the blood from it, how disturbing.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-09)
Neet story. Maybe the signifigance was that you keep thinking about him. Just a thought, some people believe when you engage in a fight, you give and recieve each other's energy. Well his blood was on the sword so technicaly you got cut by him. Maybe he's ready to go and he fealt you could help him, you know. You can send his energy. Only a thought.
Siinda (4 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-07)
I thought perhaps I might have caught my friends sleepwalking or just being inappropriate. It was actually scarier that nothing was there. After I found the sword and it was moved off the residence the ghost went with it. For the most part I believe it just wanted to be acknowledged. Spirits like me because they know I can sense them.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-07)
Siinda - good story! I like how you tried to kick it despite the fact that you knew it wasn't your partner lol I would have been very scared. Do you still live there? Is it possible you do a secret blessing for the poor soul?

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