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Someone As Yet Unseen Has Been At My Side


The most puzzling occurrence took place a year ago, at approximately 2:30 in the morning, in my studio apartment in Santiago, Chile. I was fast asleep on a Friday night, when I was suddenly awakened. I was on my side, at the edge of the bed, with my back facing the edge. I laid there for a moment, but immediately became conscious that someone was in bed beside me (past the edge of the bed, but as if lying there by my side). This 'someone' was massaging my buttocks and breathing heavily against my neck. It took a few seconds for me to take in the reality of what was happening... I was alone!

There was no room for someone to be lying behind me, because I was at the edge of the bed. It was all too real... The massaging was intensely pleasurable. I had never had anyone breathe so heavily... Suddenly I jumped up, realizing there was an entity there with me. I was not submitting myself to this someone. I turned on the light. The sense of touch was as real as any other physical contact I have experienced. For the following nights, I went to bed with the light on and lay on my back. I would awaken at the same time each night for the following few nights. I was not really afraid, just shocked that this had happened.

Whereas this occurrence only took place that one night, I still remain puzzled by it. It seems that experiences such as this often take place in one's bed. Many years ago, I had one other experience. I was talking in the dark to my cousin, whose bedroom was across the hall in my grandparents' house in Nebraska.

We had our doors open so we could talk back and forth. There had come a pause in our conversation, and then I felt someone sit down on my bed, near the foot of the bed, on the edge. Irritated and certain it was my cousin I scolded him by name... He responded from across the hall, still in his bedroom. The impression remained in the bed... Someone was sitting on my bed, but it was not anyone I could see. Yet, I was not afraid.

These are the only bedside experiences I have had. I have had other extrasensory experiences, very few and years apart, such as knowing my grandfather and I would be in an auto accident one day, which occurred. I was only 5 at the time, but was completely tranquil and unperturbed. This also occurred in Nebraska.

On another occasion I was sitting beneath a heavy glass globe light fixture. Suddenly, I moved to the right and the glass globe came crashing down beside me, where I had been sitting. On another occasion, I awoke my mother and sister, who were sleeping nearby. In so doing, they avoided having the ceiling come crashing down on them... Huge chunks of plaster fell where they had been sleeping. Once again, I was not afraid. This took place in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Only once have I heard an audible voice... Which I did, once again, isolated and out of the blue. My formal name was clearly said in a man's voice, which got my attention in the dead of the night, as I sat composing a song. I looked to my mother and sister, who were close by... But then, seeing they were sleeping, and fully aware that the voice I had heard was that of a man, I knew it was not them, but someone unseen. Again, I was not afraid or spooked... There was something natural about it, something familiar, but also something I couldn't put my finger on, figuratively speaking. This took place in Birmingham, Alabama.

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14 years ago (2010-04-06)
well Puzzled, you did say all of these experiences happened in bed, so maybe your suffering from a dream trance and imagined it all.

But if your sure that the sensation you got was from an actual touch, than you may have a problem on your hands...
Such things tend to grow more powerful with time and are not always friendly

If you seek a cure than page me on my hotmail account
Atanveermalik [at]
I really think I may be able to help you out on this one
Cuddlethefear (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
I have had experience with being touched by unseen forces. They were always friendly and never disturbing.

My first experience saved my life. I don't know who or what pulled me back from the front of the truck, but it happened.

I have had a person touching my arm or my back as if to comfort me or get my attention.

I am afraid I don't know what to do to help you.

Just know there's someone else having the experience and believes you.

I will send all the positive thoughts your way. 😊

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