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Has This Pair Of Earrings Provoked A Haunting? - 2


Since I first noticed the paranormal activity taking place in my house and at my workplace, I've had a few more encounters.

In my last post with this title, I referenced something I termed "the draft" which may or may not be the manifestation of my grandma since everything started after I began wearing a pair of her earrings. When the draft first started, it seemed to be erratic. It came and went randomly; there didn't seem to be a pattern, but that has since changed. Recently, it's been coming to me every night at anywhere between 2:00am and 2:30am. It wakes me up but never for long. When it comes to me during the day, it's always in the same room of my house when I'm studying. As a student, I spend quite a bit of time studying, and it can cause quite a bit of stress. When I'm stressed and studying, I tend to feel the draft touch my right arm in particular. It doesn't feel like it has an actual shape to it like a hand or anything, but it is concentrated on my right arm.

On January 20th, I was woken up at 2:00am by the draft like I am every night. But before then, I was having an odd dream. I was home alone, and I heard someone walking down the stairs, so I consciously made the decision to go investigate. (I'm prone to lucid dreaming so I can often control what I do in my dreams). When I got to the stairs, I saw one of my mom's shirts, a pair of her pants, and a pair of her shoes just sitting there at the bottom. There was no physical person. I then heard someone turn on the shower, so I went to investigate that. There was no one there, but sure enough the shower was on. I texted my mom to tell her, and she came home a few minutes later. We looked at her clothes on the stairs, and she was just as confused as I was. When I woke up, I didn't see anything, but I felt the cold draft sensation on my right cheek. I don't know if this dream was some form of communication. I generally dismiss dreams, but I've never had one like this. Any thoughts?

On January 23rd, I woke up at 1:07am. My dad had been out late the night before, so I checked outside to see if his car was there. It was, so I went back to sleep, but didn't stay asleep. I woke up at exactly 1:37 and my door was open a crack, so I could see my dad come out of the bathroom and go into his bedroom, but there was someone else there. There was a short, hunched over figure following him. He didn't seem to be aware of it. It was short and female, but definitely not my mom. I couldn't make out any other features. I wasn't really alarmed by it, but I was wide awake. I stayed awake for a while after that, and at 2:15ish, there was the draft again touching my right arm. I immediately felt calm and more tired and fell asleep again shortly after. I'm not sure if the dream and the figure are related to the draft or not. It seems to be an ongoing situation.

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Rachel9997 (4 stories) (27 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-29)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11,

First of all, thank you for your insight.

Secondly, I have thought about trying to communicate with the entity, but I worry that I will not be able to do it safely. Even with precautions, nothing is really guaranteed. I will seriously consider attempting communication thought after reading your comment.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-29)
Hello Rachel9997, thanks for updating your ongoing experiences. It does indeed seem to be a form of communication. I know in my case, most dreams I do not remember. However dreams I have that I deem 'visitation' dreams I remember quite clearly. These types or dreams involve people in them that are usually still alive, although I have had a few where the people are deceased. Since people can astral journey and travel when they sleep this makes sense. I believe that those people alive or otherwise are actually visiting with me and appearing in my dreams. In those cases it's not quite the same as a regular dream, in fact we may be together on an entirely different astral plane altogether and not in a typical dream state. That maybe why even though it seems like a dream, it's not and maybe that's why I remember them more clearly.

This is of course my opinion, but it explains things at least for me. Perhaps this entity is attempting to communicate by the air breezes in the physical world and also in your sleep. I'm not entirely sure what the things you see in your dreams mean, as this entity seems to be using this dream like state to try to talk with you, but maybe the images are imperfect, and jumbled. Since the images and symbols are being directed by a supernatural force and not a typical dream, trying to find meaning in regular dream interpretation books and resources won't get you very far. Maybe like someone learning to write, it will get clearer as this 'being' for lack of a better term gets more 'practice' with this type of communication. Your experience is a bit different because you have a level of control in this state that most people do not.

I would try to make sure you ask for protection as you sleep, according to what you believe, this may also help. In the waking world, try talking with it. If you can find a safe way to meet this entity halfway in terms of communication you may get somewhere. Just be careful, I wouldn't attempt divining tools of any kind, but talking with it and remaining curious and open in your dreams albeit with protective measures may prove to be enough.

Rajine may also be onto something with things that need to be deciphered or resolved in our dreams as to being another reason why we remember them. That dovetails with the visitation dreams, since people or possibly entity's as may be your case, appear in our dreams to begin with, usually to communicate something, even if it's as simple as they care and miss us. Just as our minds in waking life puzzle over things that don't add up and love a good mystery, they may tend to hold onto and mull over things that happen in our sleep as well.

Hopefully this helps and adds some perspective to your situation. Good Luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-26)
Hi Rachel9997

I believe that dreams we remember after waking up has somebmeaning that we have to decipher and that there's a reason why we remember it even after we wake up, as compared to other dreams that we forget or vaguely remember once we awaken.

Your story particularly hits home because I suffer from insomnia and in the few and rare occasions that that I actually manage to get some sleep, I suddenly wake up around 2 to 2:30am I'm not sure why that specific time though, even if I'm absolutely tired my sleep will break around that time.

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