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The Voice Of Her


Ever since I was little, I've loved reading ghost stories and learning about the paranormal especially after my family and I moved into our house in PA, which was where it all began. I was around four or five, not yet in kindergarten, but almost. I and my elder brother, Justin, were choosing who got which room of the upstairs bedrooms and as soon as I stepped into the room I would be living in for the next eleven years and started groping around the wall for the light switch, I heard someone whisper from the far end of the room "Boo." My brother flipped the light switch and I asked him why he said Boo, but he told me he hadn't said anything.

As a bit of background on the house we had moved into, it was over one-hundred years old and before us there had been a family living there and, from what they told us on their yearly visit to the house, they had had a bad childhood in the house with an abusive father. Before them a doctor lived there, and the neighbors told me he had lived alone. I'm not too sure about that, seeing as it is a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a nicely sized kitchen and living area.

Once, maybe a year or two after we moved in, Justin got a bad cold and was in bed day and night for at least a week. One night, I had gone downstairs at around midnight to get a glass of water, as I had been waking up thirsty recently. On my way back to my room, I saw a misty, white figure in the corner of my eye go up the stairs. By the time I had looked it was gone. Being so tired, I shrugged it off. I was just about to head up the stairs myself when I looked up and saw what seemed to be a nurse, female in shape and the same misty white that I had seen only seconds before. I was frozen to the spot and the as soon as the figure turned its head to look at me, it disappeared. I ran upstairs to my room and went straight to bed.

About a month later, Justin, who was now feeling just fine, and our dad went on a men's trip that our church was holding. It was Justin's first and he was excited. My mom decided to have me spend the night in her room, and after watching a movie, we went to bed around eleven 'o clock. I was restless and my mom was sound asleep. I kept tossing and turning and flipped onto my back at one point. I was lying there for a few minutes when out of nowhere, I heard a girl's voice whisper "I'm Manna." It was a little girl's voice, just like the one that said "Boo." I whispered "Hi, Manna." However, I didn't get any reply. The next night, I was lying in my bed and once again could not sleep (insomnia runs on my mother's side). I was staring at the light on my wall from our neighbor's porch light, which was kept on all night, every night. I saw the form of a person fly past from outside. When I told Justin, he insisted that I should have gone to our father to have him look around outside and make sure no one had been out there. However, outside my window you can see the entire backyard and neighbor's back and side yard, and you can also step out onto a large piece of roof, which is right above the dining room. If a person had been out there, they would have to have been on the roof in order for the shadow to have been as clear as it was, and I didn't hear anything outside.

That was pretty much it for several years until my childhood best friend came to spend the night for the first time. Because I thought it was kind of cool, I told her that there was a ghost living in my room, but she said she didn't really believe in ghosts. That night, as I was lying in my bed, once again unable to sleep due to insomnia, I looked at the wall the light from the neighbor's porch always shined on and saw that it was actually off that night. The only time that ever happened was when they weren't home. In place of the light, I saw the figure of a small girl dancing at the foot of my bed. I watched her for a minute before I was able to grab my DS and shine the light on her. I didn't see anything there, aside from my doll sitting on the shelf.

Now, I've only lived in NY for almost a year now. June will start our second year. In the last year in PA, I started reading ghost stories a lot more as something to do before I could sleep, and along with that, I started hearing a whispered "Hi" every once in a while, and black figures almost daily. I would see them turn corners, sitting on the floor, walk past me; but it was always out of the corner of my eye and when I would look, no one would be there. The whispered words I'm not too sure are something paranormal, as I have a great uncle who is Schizophrenic, but I've been told it is unlikely that I inherited anything from him, as the relation is very distant.

After we moved, for about the first two months nothing happened. So far, it has just been whisperings of "Hi", my name, and seeing black figures.

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EmeraldAngel (4 stories) (319 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-24)
Hi silent, I too see shadow people and hear things. Has anything happened lately? I deal with harmless yet pissed off ghosts if they bother you too much just pray to God to put their souls to rest especially Manna. Be careful, Katherine.
TheSilentOne (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-21)
To SleepyHollow17: Thats ok, I just recently started myself
sleepyhollow17 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-10)
oh,cool. I see shadow people and hear voices too. Srry I sent it twice, I'm new on here so I'm gettting the hang of it.
TheSilentOne (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-08)
To Sleepyhollow17: Not much, really. Once while I was sitting in English, I heard my name be wispered into my ear rather loudly and when I looked back, the people behind me weren't even paying attentiong to me. And for about a month I had been hearing the sound of chains rattling whenever I was alone, but that doesn't happen anymore. Other than that, it's just whispers every so often and shadow people.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-07)
As hobbyholly mentioned the nurse could very well have been the doctor that resided there before you moved to the house and maybe one of the children died there also and have not moved on for some reason.

Thanks for sharing.

sleepyhollow17 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-07)
It Is Possible That You Are A Haunted Person. I Know A Haunted Person And It Sounds Like Your Experiencing The Same Thing Shes Experienced Her Whole Life. Has Anything Else Strange Happened In New York?
sleepyhollow17 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-07)
You Are Possibly A Haunted Person. I Know Someone Who Is Haunted And You Both Show The Same Signs. Is There Anything Else Strange Going on In New york As It Did In Pennsylvania?
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)
In regards to the nurse like figure. It could be possible that the doctor that lived there also practiced out of the home. An old house (converted into 2 apartments) I resided in had a lawyer that lived/practiced out of there
TheSilentOne (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)
Thanks. I'll be sure to read it. It sounds like it will be interesting.
Hawk92 (11 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)
intresting story, me too I see shadow things most of the time they don't harm me but once they did and I'm going to write my first story.

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