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My name is Alisha. I live in Massachusetts and have been experiencing paranormal activity since I was three months old. I hope that by writing this story here and getting some comments I can perhaps get some insight on what exactly has been going on. I have relatively good memories, so these experiences may seem detailed.

Since I was three months old, we lived in a small house in a rather peaceful town that no crime really ever took part in, at least not in my lifetime. For the first few years that we lived there, it was quiet and not much took place, but everything started to change when I was six years old. My first encounter with what I think is the other side happened in late January when I was six. It's still a very vivid memory.

I used to sleep with a small night light, as some children at that age still do. I thought I heard a whispering, so I thought it may have been my parents in the hallway right outside my room as I slept with the door open for many years. I sat up in my bed and saw a small shadow in the far corner of my room, by the door that leads to our porch. This door was covered by the shades, so it couldn't have been anyone from outside. I tried to make out the voice but I couldn't, so I remember moving sideways to try to catch a glimpse of the entity's face. What I saw was a little girl - she was older than me back when I was that age, but now she is little to me. She looked about ten years old, with shoulder-length, medium shade hair, probably a brown of some kind, and she had very dark eyes. She was wearing what a night dress may have been in the mid 1900's. She didn't glow she was a bit shadowy. However, as soon as I saw her face, she seemed to fade out and soon she vanished. After that, for the next year, I'd hear the same whispers that I heard that night. I still remember what they sound like but I still can't make out what exactly that she is saying.

A few months after I'd turned seven, we got our first family pet. It wasn't a dog, or a cat, but a Guinea Pig. Despite that he wasn't a pet that was as loyal as a dog; we still had a strong connection as pet and owner. This doesn't seem odd to me, because he was my first pet and I loved him very much. The whispers still continued throughout the time that my pet was alive - his cage was in my room and a bit close to my bed - and every time I heard the whispers, I'd hear him get restless one night, though, more than usual. When I got up out of bed to calm him down, I heard a voice say "Leave me alone". It was a deep male voice. While I was standing there, trying to calm my guinea pig, I froze up when I heard it and the room seemed to get cold. I slowly began to turn around and was confronted by a man in the opposite corner from the one where the little girl had stood. This man stood next to my mother's closet door (the walk-in closet was in my room, so my mother used it) which was also in the corner. He seemed to be in his late fifties, his hair was gray and white, and he was wearing heavy black clothes, and since he was so shadowy I couldn't tell what exactly he was wearing but it seemed like a heavy winter jacket. His eyes were extremely dark and looking into them made me feel cold. When I started to open my mouth to yell for help, he disappeared much like the little girl had. That was the last time I saw the man or heard his voice for a few years.

A month before I turned nine, we got another pet. This time a cat. I didn't like cats much at that age, so my parents bought a canopy to hang over my bed which I could close so she couldn't jump up on my bed while I slept.

When I was ten years old, and after seeing the little girl several more times (my guinea pig would still get restless every time she appeared), I went overseas during the summer, to Germany. About a week before I was to go back home, I received a sad phone call that my Guinea Pig had passed away from an infection that was due to a problem in his leg, like it had been broken. I didn't know much about sicknesses with animals so I left it to that, mourned, but didn't let it stop me to any degree. When I went to bed that night, I heard the little girl's laughter.

After returning, and after another few years, I still kept the canopy to my bed closed at night, as if it was a barrier between me and the entities that would bother me.

At eleven years old, I remember only somewhat the memory of seeing a man in his mid thirties, around 4 a.m. He glowed a light yellow but didn't bother me - rather, he was smiling slightly, not even in a malicious way.

When I was about twelve, something very frightening happened to me that I still remember, and get absolutely terrified when I think about it. The memory is engraved into my mind. I was lying in bed late at night, the light still dully shining. I heard breathing, and didn't think much of it because for the most part I'd grown accustomed to the experiences. However, I sat straight up in bed when my light began to dim out. I thought maybe the light bulb just needed replacing so I got ready to get up and get my dad to fix it, but I instantly froze when I realized what was making the light dim. The area around my bed was surrounded by shadows that seemed to be coming slightly and slowly closer. I was frozen in fear and pulled the blanket up over my head, leaving a small hole to peek, but I sat back up when I saw a bright light hovering over me. It was small and had somewhat of a bluish hue. And it started brightening, to the point that I covered my eyes, and I began hearing a ringing in my ears. As soon as it stopped, I opened my eyes and the shadows and the light were gone. I believe it may have been the spirit of my dead first pet, because we buried him in the ground right outside the window of my room.

Until we moved out of that house, I only heard the entities' whispers and voices - I never actually saw them again.

In late February of this year, we moved from our house to an apartment in the next town over. For the first two months, all was peaceful and I expected to have a normal life from then on but I wrong. Some nights I wake up and look in the corner to see another shadow - this time a very old woman with gray hair, who seems to be in her late sixties, maybe early seventies. She doesn't do much except breathe, very heavily like she has problems breathing.

I did some research in the family and my second cousin, whose name is Jeff, happened to be the one to contact me. What he told me was somewhat disturbing, yet somewhat comforting as well. He told me of my Uncle Tommy, who most of my cousins on my father's side have seen. Jeff himself described his own encounter. He said that Uncle Tommy would appear around four in the morning, since that was the time that he passed away. He was in his mid thirties and had said to be glowing a slight yellow. This is the only one of the four entities I know about. As for the little girl, the old man, and the old woman, I don't know anything about them.

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HarunaXV (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-30)
My parents didn't at the time. But there was one specific incident I didn't mention because it might have just been slip of memory. One night I was in my room and noticed the TV on in the living room. Someone was laying on the couch with bed things over them, such as a blanket and pillow. The blanket was over their face so I couldn't tell if it was one of my parents. I asked both the next day but their response was that neither had gone out into the living room that night.
MARINExSNIPA (1 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-06)
That's scary. I've had wierd experiences before; one when I was 4yrs. It was scary! Thanks for sharing! 😊 😊 😁
XxelliesxX (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-04)
wow I'm so glad you shared that I'm only 13 and have had a few experiances but none as vivid as them.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
Geez HarunaXV: You do have a good memory you explained your experiences with great detail well done. These all seem like they are attracted to you, you are obviously sensitive to seeing and hearing things paranormal this is why they show themselves to you. The small girl, the old lady and the middle aged man could have something to do with the land or the home in the past, or the other reason could be that are attached to an object within your home. Did any other family members experience anything at the time?

Thanks for sharing.


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