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This is my first story I'm submitting and I thought I'd share it because it has made me think that I'm being followed.

This is a series of events that spans about 4 years. The first time something weird happened was about 4 years ago when I was home alone I was 14 just playing some madden. It was around 9 pm just laying down in my bed and I remember hearing the closet door close, it's directly across from my bedroom door, I got up and checked not thinking that it was anything supernatural just my imagination. I went back into my room and as soon as I sat down I saw a figure walk past my door and that immediately scared me but then it came back down the hall and stopped right in front of my door looking down the hall (it was hunched over it walked on all 4 limbs). I immediately stood up and ran towards it slamming my door and called my dad telling him to come home. I told him what happened when he got home but said it was just my imagination. (Parents, there so understanding...)

Over time that was a natural occurrence it would always show up, even when my family was around but no one ever saw it. The next big thing that happened was when I was 16, I switched rooms with my sister because she wanted a bigger room, I didn't mind because it blocked my view of where it usually showed up. So I was happy and I stopped seeing it, then a month after switching rooms I was laying down on my side facing my wall when I felt 4 ice cold fingers slide all the way down my back, this scared my shiatless, I was terrified I jumped up and ran out of my room into the living room. I slept there until we moved (we were in the process)

The next thing that happened was actually this past week, it wasn't a sighting or an occurrence but it was a dream, this thing even follows me into my dreams, I have no idea what it is! It was chasing my throughout my old house in my dream and when I finally hid in my old closet it walked in and looked around, then as it was leaving it came back and walked over to the closet and leapt at me, it was at that time I woke up scared, sweating and short of breath. I don't know what this is and there is no explanation for it, up until I was 14 nothing weird had happened.

Does anyone know what this would be/mean?

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-03)
No idea off hand, but if I may make a suggestion- sketch it.

Make a sketch of what you saw, such would help in it's identification.
BellaPhantom12199 (1 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-02)
is it only passing by your room the same way over and over? Because if it is it is just reliving its part over and it does not know that its dead crawling its may have been crawling so that may be how it died what room would it come out of it may have been coming out of the room hurt and crawling reliving its death and its stuck in a motion and its stuck on each not able to go to the other side
BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
Sometimes teenagers will start having paranormal experiences, even if nothing strange ever happened to them before. Maybe the spike in hormones affects the third eye, making the teen more likely to notice things, or maybe the the spike in hormones and the emotional chaos that goes with it draws entities in. Maybe it's both.
What you experienced in your old house seems like it didn't try to hurt you, but it scared you quite alot. That's a normal reaction to the unknown. It's possible, and in my opinion probable, that it just wanted you to know it was there. It's intent was probably not to frighten you, but it's nigh impossible not to be scared.
It left you alone while you slept in the living room? That would imply that whatever it was, it was bound to the bedroom area. I think the dream you had in your new home wasn't an attempt at contact from the entity, but simply a manifestation of your fear that it could follow you. If the dream has been the only sign of the entity, it probably was just a nightmare.
If you want, you could burn lavender incense in your room before bed. Lavender has a cleansing affect and negative energy is driven away by it. It also is very soothing and calming and can help you relax.

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