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The Footsteps, The Window, The Terror


One of the worst experiences I can remember happened when I was extremely young. I don't recall exactly when this happened, but I remember it was before I started attending kindergarten. When I was very young, I would often get up in the middle of the night and climb into bed with my parents. I'm not sure if this was because of fear or loneliness. I don't remember many things from my young childhood, but this memory is still very vivid in my mind.

One night, as usual, I got up and went to get into my parents' bed. I remember that I was getting comfortable lying on my back right between them. Above the head of the bed was the only window in their room. They never bothered putting curtains or blinds on it because it was high enough off the ground outside that no one would be able to just walk up and see into the room. As I lay there, not yet falling asleep, I heard heavy footsteps outside the wall at the head of the bed. I looked up at the window and instantly froze in fear. I heard the footsteps getting closer and louder until I could feel them vibrating through the bed. I finally saw what was making the noise step in front of the window.

At first, I could only see a dark figure against the cloudy sky above. Then, it turned toward the window and looked in. It was a humanoid figure as far as I could tell. All I could see from my angle were its shoulders and head. Its head did not narrow down to a neck before reaching the shoulders. It was black and stood out very clearly in front of the cloudy sky in the moonlit night. It seemed to be very solid and not hazy like some people describe as "shadow figures." Its eyes were red and glowing with a shape that I can only describe as wicked and evil. It looked down at me and I was frozen in place looking directly up at it. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, I saw its mouth open and the same red glow that lit up its eyes flowed out, and then I heard its voice. It didn't say any words, it only moaned long, loud, and full of bass. I finally snapped out of it enough to throw the covers over my head. I could no longer see anything and could only hear it finishing its long moan and my panicked breathing. I never heard it walk away. The next thing I remember after that was waking up under the covers. My parents were both already up and the bright sunshine coming into the room blinded me when I threw the covers off.

I never actually saw it in the physical world again after that, but it plagued my dreams for years to come. I had recurring dreams that anytime I looked at a window with no curtains or blinds covering it, I would hear the footsteps again. It would always come to the window and look for me. I would hide the instant I heard the footsteps and I don't recall any dreams where it actually saw me. I do remember that anyone else in the dream would not notice the footsteps or the giant, black, red eyed beast staring through the window. Thanks to the constant nightmares, I developed a fear of windows that lasted through most of grade school.

I've seen several stories now describing something similar terrorizing others, sometimes even being in the same room as them. It makes me feel almost lucky that this was all I got, but it was still the most traumatizing experience I remember from my young childhood.

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Copperskull (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-15)
Sorry about the late reply; I've been out of town until now. I'm fairly sure it wasn't a sasquatch. I lived in a small town, but the area we were in was densely populated. We had a neighbor on each side of the house within 100 feet. Also, it was several miles between our house and the nearest woods.
Fobok (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-10)
Actually, from what I've read on the subject, sasquatch eyes can seem to glow red if they're at the right angle, it has something to do with the same kind of thing that makes a cat's eyes seem to glow in the darkness.

However, the mouth glowing and, as you describe, a lack of hair seems to indicate it was something more spiritual/demonic. Glad it's been leaving you alone for so long.
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
I think every small child hops in bed with their folks. I did. My lil' ninjas did.I've seen a Sasquatch but it's eye's were not glowing. It stunk. I wouldn't think these creatures would be super approaching like what you saw. What you saw is from the pit of hell & I'm glad they all are going to rot there:) I can't stand the glowing eye trick anymore, I'm just so sick of it it startles me now at first but really scares my lil; ones. Like it used to scare me & oh I remember the deepest darkest dread & fear I felt. Very powerful, but on the same token uber weak. Bless you & yours. I like this story. Much love.

Copperskull (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Actually, I haven't lived in this house since I was young. I don't even think I could find the property again if I tried.

Both my parents have since passed away, so I'm not likely to get anymore info on the subject. I can say that I talked to both of them about the incident and they both dismissed it as my imagination.

My mother had plenty of ghost stories from her childhood in England, so I know she wasn't a non-believer. She must not have heard or seen anything involving this creature.

AlexH444, I appreciate the concern, but this happened about 25 years ago and the nightmares stopped around 20 years ago. Whatever it was, it seems to have left me alone, at least for now.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Hmmmm I'm not to sure about the sasquatch theory but you never know! If your still living in this home I would start doing some detective work regarding home and land history. It might have shown itself to you as you were younger and more open minded, this is common for young children as they are not as affected by other wordly thoughts and social beliefs that we learn as we mature. Did your parents ever hear or see anything out of the ordinary?

Thanks for sharing.

WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Grizz801 actually makes a very valid point most big foot creatures from all regions have been called spirit beast by natives. Many people who have encountered them have talked about them haunting their dreams. I think many of the cryptic creatures are for lack of a better term spirit beast.
AlexH444 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Copperskull, be careful! You might have seen something you really would not want to have seen
I have some advice for you-

you should consider getting rid of the thing with an exorcism, burning White sage, etc... All of those things. If that doesn't go away then leave the area- anything to get rid of the essence - true it happened a while ago but it could still be with you...

Just a friendly word of warning... ] 😊
Copperskull (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Interesting. I wouldn't have considered that. It didn't seem to have any hair.
Grizz801 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-08)
Not sure which part of Indiana you're from but this almost sounds like a Sasquatch encounter. If you check out there are quite a few sightings in Indiana. Some people also report them as having glowing red eyes.

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