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Hello guys I hope you're having a great day, this is the first story that I am sharing on this site, so please excuse any shortcomings that you may find. I have been a fanatic of the paranormal ever since I can remember, and although I have not encountered anything yet, my grandmother has shared with me various of her personal experiences with the supernatural. I would like to share one such event that she narrated to me long ago.

Back in the 1980s, my grandparents lived with their three children (2 sons, 1 daughter) in suburban Bombay, in India. They were not quite as wealthy back then, and lived in those one bedroom each type building with a common bathroom per floor. My grandmother had about five neighbors on her third floor.

To give a background for the family in focus. One of the six rooms was inhabited by a family of three. A man (Kumar), his wife (Savi) and their son (Amir). Kumar worked in a restaurant just beside the building, Savi was a housewife and Amir (approx. 20 Y'O). Since his childhood Amir had a habit of stealing money from the restaurant where his father had worked, and he had started gambling. The company he played with let him win consecutively for the first few times so he'd start betting big, eventually he fell in their trap and lost a large sum of money putting him in considerable debt. When they asked for the money, he put them off for a few days, but soon they threatened to beat him up. Finally he went to his mother, Savi, to ask for money. She was cooking dinner, and he went and stood beside her pleading for the money. She denied to give him any because she knew he had been stealing from the restaurant, so he threatened to kill himself if she did not give him money. She thought he was being sarcastic so she denied harshly.

After hearing this reply, he pulled out his shirt near the flame from the stove to show to her he was being serious. Unfortunately for him, his shirt was made of that synthetic fabric that was in trend back then. It quickly caught fire and then it stuck to his body. His mother was paralyzed by shock, hearing his scream and shouts. He ran outside his house, burning, towards the hallway. He fell down outside the door of his house, and his screams brought all the people outside. His mother was screaming to pull him to the bathroom, but nobody would touch his burning body. Then someone threw a blanket over him to smother his flame. Somehow a few people grabbed him, and rushed him to the bathroom.

There were three compartments in the bathroom for bathing, they pushed him into the center one right under the tap. After about two minutes all the fire on his body was fully extinguished, but he was badly burned. He was then admitted to a hospital. My grandmother went to see him once, all the skin on from his belly through his throat was burnt off, his jeans had burnt into his skin, so both his legs were badly injured and some part of his face was burned, and one ear had completely melted. He died after nine days in the Hospital, and soon the paranormal experiences began.

Once my grandmother was returning home at night (she worked at the post office), and she climbed up the stairs and went inside her room and closed the door behind her. Then somebody knocked on the door. She opened it. And a dark figure stood before her. It was cloaked in a blanket, and it's face was shadowed. My grandmother was and still is a believer in the supernatural, but she's a brave old person, as she was back then. Although she felt that something strange was happening she asked, "who's there?", and it replied, " Don't you recognize me? It is Amir. See what has happened". She was taken aback a bit, but she told it to go away, and she closed the door.

After this incident the third floor bathroom became haunted. Nobody would use it after six in the evening. Especially the middle stall. People would see the cloaked figure at night. And there would be a burning-flesh like smell sometimes, and the bathroom doors would open or close on their own sometimes when somebody walked past.

A couple years after this incident my grandmother's family moved out of the building to occupy a bigger flat. But for the period of time that they lived there since the haunting began, the spirit never harmed my grandmother or her family.

I asked her why the ghost was haunting the building, if the person had died at the hospital. She said that his soul had endured great pain in that place and it was still bound to it somehow, or a fragment of it was. I did not quite understand what she meant when she said that back then.

I have also visited that building a few times, about thirty five years later, but I did not see anything different or unusual enough to tag as paranormal. I even ventured into the middle stall of the bathroom, and I came out unscathed (I don't know what I expected LOL). I think the entity went away when Savi and Kumar passed away, or perhaps the inhabitants of the building got a cleansing done.

That was the story, please let me know what you think about it. And if you guys think there was another reason that the ghost was attached to this place, do let me know. Also why do you think the haunting stopped after some time? It's quite intriguing.

Goodbye for now.

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Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-26)
Amit spent his life in that flat with his family, even though he passed away in the hospital his soul would be bound to where he lived, his family. It's sad when youngsters do foolish things and end up taking their own lives.

My cousin hanged himself because if some gambling issues so I can relate to how Amits parents must have felt.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
4 years ago (2020-12-29)
Hello OPP211103,

Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing your intriguing post.

I have no idea why the spirit of Amir returned to the house and not the hospital where he died. My father and brother both died in hospital too. My father's spirit wonders around my family's house where my frail old mother still lives.

I'm also not sure why Amir's spirit stopped visiting. Like you said it may have been because Savi and Kumar left. Perhaps he felt a need to be near people that made him happy. Once again, I think you're right in saying that maybe a cleansing has been done or he's moved on to the next realm and that's why he doesn't come back these days.

I felt so sorry for Amir being burnt so badly. I hoped he'd be ok and when I read he died I was saddened.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❤

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