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Ghosts Need Showers Too


I have a few more stories I'm writing up for this site, some need a bit of editing to hide the identities of the innocents involved. Events include a possible demonic haunting a former coworker shared with me, and I no longer have the EVP she provided. There is also the haunted elevator in a church. What I'm going to relate happened just last night, and I felt you folks may find interesting.

Currently, I live across the street from a cemetery whose history and occupants I may someday investigate. Meanwhile, it provides a nice, scenic view from my living room window. As I've lived here over a year and had no odd events until this simple tale I'm about to relate, I don't think it has any relevance.

Relevant details of the bathroom in this apartment: the building has an air vent which exhausts humid air from all the bathrooms to a roof vent. In the case of my bathroom, it is in the opposite corner of the bathroom from the shower.

As is my evening habit, I end my day with some prayers, while taking care of other business. I reached for my towel and noticed the shower curtain to be moving. Pondering if it was an air current from my movement, I looked right at it and began saying the Lord's Prayer, and the shower curtain began moving in a more agitated fashion. Of course, when I pulled the shower curtain back, there was nothing visible in the shower.

Being it was late, I hastily finished my business, returned to my room and finished my prayers. My daily ablutions this morning were undisturbed by any events, for which I'm grateful.

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roylynx (24 stories) (617 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-15)
Rookdygin, Thanks for replying! Now I get the difference. This reminded me that someone told me that gem stones otherwise power stones have strong bound since they were the closest object to the owner. This explains that!

About mummies most I heard was cursed since they were "disturbed" by tomb raiders or thieves. Well, yes, most that I have heard was just cost by some chemical reaction, or oxidation. It will be something not related to the story and so I will just skip it for now. Cheers!

Love from São Paulo

rookdygin (24 stories) (4381 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-15)
Well that is a interesting point... Does a culture obsessed with the afterlife cause their crypts and burial sites to be haunted by the departed? Think about the emphasis placed on the preservation of the body as well as the objects that were buried with them... Think Egyptian, Mayan, Incan ect... Would that focus be enough to create an attachment strong enough to hold the spirit close to its mortal shell. If so then they actually managed the opposite of what they intended. Rather than allowing the spirit to cross over their belief in mummification and materialist burials may...MAY...may have managed to 'trap' the spirit of the deceased in its tomb...

As for a 'Trigger Object' goes... These are more likely objects from the same time period that an individual lived in rather than a personal object, they can be one in the same but the latter is less likely to happen. Trigger Objects/Era Cues are things from around the same time an individual passed away... Things they would 'more readily' recognize and be more responsive to. They could be an old picture of the property from 'back in the day' or perhaps music from the time period (say early 1900's).

Now if a spirit has attached itself to an object, and that object DID NOT get buried with the individuals body then the spirit may follow that object into a new 'home'. If it does not they (hopefully) they crossover, if not then hopefully they understand what is happening and do not 'haunt' the new location, at least not in a active way.

I understand I may have created more questions with this, please ask and I shall do my best to reply... Please keep in mind anything I say is simply my opinion.


roylynx (24 stories) (617 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-15)
Rookdygin, a-Pi-Ka-Chu! Sorry house dust allergy lol

That was from the comment 1 before mine from RCRuskin. What you had commented rookdygin is very interesting. So it is kind of what people (investigators) say as a "trigger object", you mean? Well I am setting a very lame example now, like if we go to an Egyptian Tomb with treasure and stuff most probably we can meet the tomb owner as well, like not as a dead body, but like as a ghost or a spirit, if they still hangs around?
I need to do a research for that! Thank you!

Love from São Paulo


PS We don't have Pokemon Go in Brazil yet, but I am looking forward to hunt more spirits than Pokemon, cheers! LOL
rookdygin (24 stories) (4381 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-15)

Glad you are ok, one question though... After this accident do your sneezes come out sounding like Pi-KA-chu! 😉

The statement you quoted caught my attention...

""Cemeteries are places for the living. The dead don't have much need to be there, but we put their remains in these hallowed spaces out of respect, religious beliefs, etc."

I feel (my opinion here folks) that this statement holds some truth to it... I can understand a spirit wanting to or becoming to attached to a location because it was a well loved place with lots of good memories, the death of the physical body was a violent and sudden one and they are 'stuck' or even as simple as the location was 'all they had/could remember' before passing. So a Cemetery is an unlikely place to find a spirit... Are there exceptions, sure, let's say an individual had a favorite object (ring, dress, shirt...whatever) and this was buried with them... If their spirit had not crossed over then it may be possible that they 'hang around' their own grave site.

Sorry for rambling.


roylynx (24 stories) (617 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-14)
"Cemeteries are places for the living. The dead don't have much need to be there, but we put their remains in these hallowed spaces out of respect, religious beliefs, etc."

Reading the above made me shiver a bit.
Well, I have just come back from the hospital from a "shocking" accident. No, just an electric shock while setting up the old microwave from my friend's parents lol. I am OK now, so don't worry about me please, see now I can even joke about it?

During the time I was in hospital (I was there for 12 days, since I have burnt parts under my skin) there is a strange old man beside me, he keeps saying "esta cama não é seu" which means "this bed is not yours" in our language.

He says that during evening time and sometimes early in the morning. I told the nurses about it they said the man was always like that and they gave up asking him what's going on. 2days later the man was gone, I have heard that he became ill and died during the operation that he was having; no, I don't know what operation it was since I did not bother talking to that strange old man.

Few days before I left the hospital, I felt that the bed where that strange old man was always seemed occupied. And in my dreams I think? I will always be awoken by that phrase that the man always says "esta cama não é seu". I did not wake up that way this morning since I was in my own bed already.

Well, what I want to tell is that even the body is not around the spirit might remain, as I have discussed with someone here their body odor could be sensed sometimes, not just that their voices, their touches, their breath anything could be possible if their spirit is there.

Well, it could be someone whom needed a shower or had some sort of accident there; it could get aggressive if you are aggressive against it, just like any living human being. Cleanse your house when needed please.

Blessing from São Paulo

RCRuskin (7 stories) (277 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-12)
RedWolf, the last thing I want is for someone I cannot see to follow me home. I've had many puppies follow me home, and as much as I love dogs, they are a handful.

The thought about disturbing their rest reminded me of a controversy in Syracuse NY when I was attending Syracuse University. There's a cemetery behind the Carrier Dome and some folks, on their way to games, would go into the cemetery for their cookouts, and to visit the graves of friends or relatives buried there. Others felt it disrespectful.

Not going to say where I come down on that debate, but it made me realize that cemeteries are places for the living. The dead don't have much need to be there, but we put their remains in these hallowed spaces out of respect, religious beliefs, etc. And I'll be in one on Monday due to a neighbor's sudden demise. We have markers for the graves of the dead and we go there to share life events: birthdays, holidays such as Memorial Day or Veterans' Day, anniversaries, etc.

I did wander into the cemetery a few days ago and read the historical marker and the signage. Many grave markers are missing, but it is known the whole plot has remains dating to the early years of Syracuse. Now, it is a city park and it seems weird to see children from the neighborhood playing there: soccer, Frisbee, etc., when I know that the whole place is a cemetery.

But, perhaps, the souls of those interred there smile, knowing there resting place is full of laughter and joy.

And maybe there's a grumpy curmudgeon or two.
RedWolf (28 stories) (1258 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-12)

Although I know the temptation to "investigate" a cemetery is great especially if you live right across the street from one, but please do not do this. It is disrepectful to go to someones final resting place to investigate especially at night. Besides you may disturb a spirit and have it follow you home.

That being said. Years ago my friends were trying to convince my husband and I to move to Maryland. The one afternoon the husband calls me up and he said he found the perfect house for us. It had a lot of land and a cemetery across the street. The seller had quite the sense of humor because as a selling point it said that the neighbors were quiet. 😆 😆 😆.

EB (1 stories) (8 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-10)
I do know that warm humid air is less dense than cooler air with less moisture. The shower curtain makes a great barrier to contain the warm humid air from the air outside of it. If you've ever been to the Midwest, you eventually see what that does during tornado season! It creates on a large scale very violent air movements and obviously a tornado. Just as an example of how powerful mixed air temperatures react. I'm not doubting it could be paranormal, since I've had experiences, but I also ALWAYS put my experiences through a thorough logic test to rule out anything natural and explainable. If you truly know it couldn't have been the air, then that can be very creepy!
sds (14 stories) (1357 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-05)
Hi RCRuskin, thanks for sharing your experience. I go with shelbyloree, it could be nothing or something but difficult to say because it was your only experience. But, if you did not feel anything negative, assuming it was a paranormal entity, then it is better that we leave things as it is. Still my suggestion would be to keep your eyes and ears open.

Kindly share if there are any further encounters.

Regards and respects to you.

SomeCallMeTim (4 stories) (13 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-04)
Greetings, RCRuskin.

Just my two cents, but since this occurred during your evening prayers, your serenity and connection to a positive force may have attracted a benign entity. Unless this unsolicited visit caused you unease or alarm, you might consider that your prayers comforted or benefited your guest to the point that they wanted to make their presence known to you.

Best wishes,

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-04)
Could be nothing, or could be someone (like the ghost of a child) wandered over from across the street and played with the curtain.

Maybe keep an eye out for anything else?

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