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A Super Bowl Party?


Going to start with an apology for the silly title, but the experience was a bit silly. I finally went to visit that cemetery turned city park across the street from me. It's been an unusually warm winter in the part of Upstate New York where I live. I also brought along my tablet, on which I installed an app called 'ghost radar'. It supposedly senses changes in the capacitors on the chips inside the device, determines if they're the result of ghosts or spirits trying to communicate, and displays results in the form of color coded blips of how strong the ghost is, some numbers, and sometimes words. Some reviews of it in the various app stores detail experiences using it to hunt for ghosts.

Before heading out, I tested it in my apartment and found the device quite app can detect the elevators in my apartment building. I turned it off and headed across the street. The park was empty of living people on my arrival, it being on a school day during normal school hours. At other times, the park would be too full of school children playing soccer, or drug dealers and homeless if late at night. I went about 1 in the afternoon, right after I'd eaten lunch.

Almost as soon as I brought up the ghost radar app, my tablet started spouting words. The same words, over and over. 'chicken wings'. Personally, I dislike chicken wings, as I find it to be too much work to get the little bit of meat off the tiny bones. So, either there was a hungry ghost who wanted me to get some wings, or there was a ghost just teasing me for my dislike of his or her favorite snack.

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RANDYM (1 stories) (195 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-18)
Really enjoyed your story and got a really good laugh
On a serious note about the app.
Think of it like this.
While the app may be able to detect environmental changes (as a lot of apps do)
It is what causes those detected changes that is key as to whether the
'Ghost Radar" is detecting a real ghost
In my opinion the app is only detecting a change and the creator of the app decided that it's a ghost causing the change.
I'm glad You only got the free version.
'Paranormal " is big big big business right now as witnessed by all of the paranormal shows on TV. There is a new show out each week. There are folks all around taking circuits and wires and making 'paranormal' equipment. They are making a fortune
Just because they get a box to squawk and flash some lights on and off
Then they sell them to people who oooooh and awweeee cause they detected
A real live (ugh not live) ghost with their very own GHOST GITTER VERSION 1
The GHOST GITTER VERSION 2 has a third light and extra knob for those extra
'Hard to detect spirits".

I know I got on a run there and I'm not in any way saying this is you
Have fun with it but no gadget will ever replace that 'knowing and feeling' you get
When in the company of a real spirit

Have a great day
spiritwaiting (32 stories) (757 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-14)

Thats a beautiful, thoughtful and heartwarming suggestion.

Like you his last comment did pull at the heartstrings.
I was thinking of how what most of them if all of them, went through.

And to only be given a grave and nothing to be remembered by. That is a truly sad, and horrible thing to do to anybody.

I would try to do what Valkricry suggested. I believe the souls that still remain would greatly appreciate the gesture.

Maybe that's why they tried reaching you that day.

Thanks for commenting back

valkricry (32 stories) (2560 posts) mod
2 months ago (2017-02-13)
RC, your last comment made me a little sad. To be forgotten has to be the worst feeling in the world, and it does sound like those left there have been forgotten for the majority at least.
You mentioned that there is a historical marker, at least - that should be of some comfort. I have a wee suggestion, take it or leave it, as you will. In the Jewish faith, there is a tradition of leaving a small stone or rock on the headstone of a loved one. If you ask why, there are several theories on it, but the one I like best is given by Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, rabbinic director of the New York Jewish Healing Center. He said, " "The Hebrew word for 'pebble' is tz'ror - and it happens that this Hebrew word also means 'bond.' When we pray the memorial El Maleh Rahamim prayer (and at other times) we ask that the deceased be 'bound up in the bond of life' - tz'ror haHayyim. By placing the stone, we show that we have been there, and that the individual's memory continues to live on in and through us."
Perhaps either on or by, that historical marker, you could place a small stone. Then either think/say "This is for all of you, in remembrance of the lives you once lived."
RCRuskin (6 stories) (178 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-13)
SpiritWaiting and Kiki, thanks for adding this to your favorites.

Maybe, when the weather clears and I'm over my cold, and these winter storms end, I'll see about leaving something. But on which grave? The whole place, according to the historic marker at the site, remains a cemetery and most of the plots are unmarked.

It makes me sad, really.

Here lay the remains of people who had hopes and dreams. Some died on the Underground Railroad trying to reach Canada. They never did, but at least they did not die slaves, even if they died in fear.

Nowadays, it's a small city park. No swingsets or sandboxes, but open grass where folks gather on nicer days, kids play soccer or toss frisbees. So far as I know, no one has picnics there, so bringing in a package of chicken wings might be suspect.

It makes me sad. They lived, left behind at least loved ones and friends, maybe family who never knew. The city mows the grass, but no one mourns. Maybe I should.
spiritwaiting (32 stories) (757 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-13)
Ha RcRuskin,

Haha he wanted those darn chicken wings!

What a lighthearted experience, this is going into my favs.It's so funny to know this one had a sense of humor.

I probably would've bought some and then set them out. Then again typing that in doesn't sound like a good idea could've attracted so many different critters!

Thanks for sharing
RCRuskin (6 stories) (178 posts)
3 months ago (2017-02-11)
Kiki, it was the free version (I'm cheap!) of ghost radar. Just shows a radar type screen with flashes of color to indicate where spirits might be. I'm not sure I really trust it, and I've als uninstalled it.

I love chicken wing sauces, just not chicken wings themselves. (I'll buy a big package of chicken nuggets and then go to Buffalo Wild Wings or similar place for sauce.)

And, so long as the ghost behaves himself, I don't mind if he stops in. Emphasis on behaving. No scaring anyone.:P
KikiGirl (8 stories) (199 posts)
3 months ago (2017-02-11)
RC! Thank-you for sharing your story! I am adding your story to my favorites purely because you are one of my MOST beloved and admired friends on YGS.

We had chicken wings for dinner tonight, and rump steak! *lol! What sort of ghost radar do you have? I have one on my phone that can also supposedly sense spirits, but the same pictures come up again and again. I did a quick check, I saw a silhouette of a person in our dining room / lounge and I held the tablet up - 100%! The picture of a ghost came up exactly where the silhouette was in the room! I was actually quite impressed and a little startled!

I have heard an old story of a ghost that says, "chicken wings, chicken wings" because he loved that meal so much in life so after death, he would always ask people for chicken wings. Again, I am laughing! Otherwise, it could be a message, very coded and I don't know exactly what it means.

None the less, I hope you get more results in future.

Regards, Kiki!
Argette (4 stories) (915 posts)
3 months ago (2017-02-11)
I'm glad you submitted it! We cannot spect entities not to have a sense of humor, right?

I think you were being toyed with by a spirit who looks askance at ghost hunting.
RCRuskin (6 stories) (178 posts)
3 months ago (2017-02-11)
Yes, Argette. I was boggling about it too. Spent some time going back and forth pondering if I should even submit it as it was so silly.
Argette (4 stories) (915 posts)
3 months ago (2017-02-10)
I've got to thank you for making me laugh, RC. The whole idea of an entity repeating the words, "chicken wings" is definitely silly, but it's also fun. Who knows?

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