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Haunted Family Home - Or Am I Haunted?


I lived in my family home from birth until I was 21 years old and have had strange unexplained experiences in it my whole life. I now live in my own home with my fiancé and have not experienced a single thing there even though a young boy died right outside our door. I have never felt any spirit activity and feel more at home and relaxed in my home of 8 months than I ever did my whole life in that house.

As a child I would apparently speak to unseen people, had strange vivid memories which still play on my mind of a house being behind my airing cupboard the same as my house but with a man and woman and a baby, in a sort of parallel existence. I can still remember the smell in that house and the way it was decorated, how the lady looked and would smile at me and I have no idea where I got this from or why it is so valid more than 15 years later.

My dolls would move of their own accord, their hats would fly across the room and terrified me. Something would bang really loud on my bedroom window in the middle of the night, I would have terrifying dreams of scary looking people in my room coming for me, my pillow would seem as though it was talking to me. I would be so scared I would hardly sleep at all. My bedroom seemed the worst place in the house and would always be freezing cold no matter how warm the rest of the house was. But things would happen downstairs too, ornaments would snap and skid across the floor when my sister and I were in on our own and my mum would feel uneasy sitting in the kitchen on her own.

When I reached my teenage years things really seemed to kick off. I would wake up through the night sure that I had just been speaking to someone, and would frequently feel myself nodding or saying "yeah" in agreement as though someone was telling me to do something. I would see black shapes in the corner of my bedroom. In the end I just sort of got used to it and learned to live with it, but just before I moved out I really started to feel scared. I would lock the door when I was in the shower because the feeling of a presence was so strong outside the door and my bedroom door would open on its own through the night and I would hear the floorboards outside creaking as though someone was standing there but there never was. What really scared me one night was I woke up to a hand holding my hand on the side of the bed. I have never jumped up so quickly and slept with the light on the whole night.

On Christmas Eve last year I was in the bathroom with the door open and from there you are looking right down the stairs, I could actually make out the aura of someone standing to one side on the stairs and I felt very strongly that I knew who it was and when I made this recognition the aura/shadow seemed to start walking up the stairs towards me. I didn't feel threatened by this or feel that it was the same thing that was waking me in the night, I felt as though this was my uncle who had died a few years previously letting my know that he was around me protecting me from whatever was in my bedroom.

On Christmas Day my fiancé spent the night at my family home and slept in my bedroom with me rather than travel back to his house. We had just drifted off when I got that strong feeling of presence again and there was a massive weight on the bed. I was absolutely terrified and managed to wake my fiancé who looked around the room and couldn't see or feel anything. It was as if whatever it was was not happy that I had brought my fiancé to stay. The funny thing is, strange things would sometimes happen to my mum and dad and sister when we both lived at home but since we have both moved out now and my parents live in the house alone, they have experienced nothing.

What I would like to know is was the house ever haunted at all or was it just me since everything seems to have calmed down now? But if it is me, how come I don't feel anything in my new home even though I live there alone most of the time as my fiancé works away and only comes home at weekends? Apparently my grandfather saw a girl pulling a coffin from the master bedroom in the family home back in the 70's when he lived there and got a call the day after to say his best friend had died and he refused to stay in the house again so things were obviously going on way before I was born.

I have had lots of experiences both "psychic" and paranormal in lots of other places too especially in my office at work and that makes me think that perhaps the spirit of the boy who died outside my home (whom we tried to revive) is staying with me in my home protecting me and making me feel safe because we tried to help him, and that that's why I don't feel anything bad in my new house.

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fififromdublin (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
sounds as if you are sensitive, lots of people have experiences that others living in the same environment don't share, and often this causes the person aware to be disbelieved and left to cope alone, with the fear, and the confusion, of the so many questions experiencing the paranormal raises within us... I'm glad you had your parents and your sister share at least some of the strangeness of your old home, and I hope you will accept that you have left that behind you now, and also that whilst being a sensitive can mean you may pick up what others may not... It does not mean you yourself are haunted... Be happy in your new home, immerse yourself in the good energy of your own family and try not to dwell on the fears of your childhood, move onwards and don't take the negative with you, even in memory... Much love and respect.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
Some people have a greater sensitivity to the paranormal than others. I would guess that you are more sensitive than your parents, and that is why they have experienced nothing there but you do.
Something sounds like it is closely attached to that house.
Be happy in your new home. It must be a nice change of pace to be in a quiet, non-paranormal environment. 😁

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