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A Friends Silhouette


I've been reading stories on this site for a long time but I have never posted any because well, I think all mine are rather boring, but I figured I would try to put a few up for people read.

I grew up in a small town in Wyoming and like many of teens when there was nothing to do we'd go walk the grave yard. I realize this might sound kind of odd but lots of high schoolers would go walking there at night just something to do there's not many options in small towns. Anyway the graveyard is considered a public park by the city and all parks are "closed" at midnight found that out getting busted by the cops playing paint ball in a public park but that's another story. So back to this story.

I don't remember if we had been playing paint ball that day or not. We had been doing something where some of us where still in BDUs. (Battle dress uniform) so we were walking along talking and a bright flash waved past us. I asked if any one else saw it they all agreed I was just seeing things. I swore that there had been a bright flash and I didn't understand how they missed it. A moment latter I was proven right. There had been a bright flash it was the cops spot light on a quick sweep and now it was very apparent they had seen us and where doing a patrol through the grave yard, which as I mentioned we were all aware was technically closed. So we were trespassing and breaking curfew. So we did what any teen out past curfew in a grave yard would do and ran.

Me and one friend hopped the fences sense we were in at the back end of the grave yard ended up laying in a little natural drainage way. The cop passed, drove a bit further and stopped.

The cop got out and started searching a bush telling one of my friends to come out he saw him jump in the bush and was only getting him self in more trouble trying to hide. Lucky for him he was in BDU's which are amazingly effective for hiding in bushes at night it turns out. The cop beat around the bush for a bit, with his flash light, then just seemed to creep himself out, hopped back in his car and left. Me and my friend Bruce hopped back over the fence and agreed to get everyone to meet by the old water tower in the top corner then get going. He went down the path one way to find people and went the other.

I didn't have to go far before seeing John leaning against a small tree that grew up in a Y shape. There's this scrawny Y shaped tree with a tall stocky guy leaning against it. I was like "that's the worse hiding place I've ever seen" this tree was only about as thick as my wrist and provided no cover at all.

What really confused me about the whole thing was when did John put on a hat and I knew the cop had driven up this path. How could he have possibly missed seen him. Neither of those really mattered though chalked it up to dumb luck or dumb cop either way. John turned his head and looked at me when I had told him his hiding spot sucked but had not moved any more or said anything.

I said John come on, we are going to the water tower and leaving, let's go. Still not a word. He turned away from me and walked off. I realized two things at this time. One, the tree was an amazing hiding spot and two; it was not John I was talking to. The tree V'd out about waste level a bit lower and as he rolled off the branch he was leaning against he vanished. Not all at once; I could still see his legs as he walked off but nothing what so ever showed up the other side of the branch or tree at all that he was leaning against.

The south side of the tree rolled off the tree eastward and walked north like he was going, but nothing showed up north of the tree. Even while I could see his legs his body didn't show up on the other side of the branched out section he had been leaning against. I wasn't really afraid more confused, but very sure of what I had seen a Silhouette with the same build as John wearing some kind of cowboy hat had walked off and vanished.

It wasn't really a cowboy hat the brim was straight and angled down I don't know what they are actually called. Anyway I decided to share this story first as it is not the most exciting, scary or fancy but 100% no doubt as to what I saw I was at most ten feet away really probably only about seven feet. Thanks for reading if you have any question just let me know.

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DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-08)
WReck72, this was a good story. I hope you post more if you've got them.

amethyst07 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-19)
I know this is an older post, but I think I know what cemetery you're talking about.:) I used to do the same thing when I was in high school.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-02)
I don't know why you'd think this was boring. I thought it was fascinating. Please post more.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-10)
Hi WReck72: I enjoyed reading your story sounds like it was a fun night out! I believe you definitely seen something that night, I'm in agreement with Granny if you have respect whilst in the cemetary I believe whatever resides there will also respect you.

Thanks for sharing.

KarlaMarie (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
I would have peed myself if I had seen that! LOL, but yea that's some scary stuff, I live right next to a cemetary that dates back to the late 1600s (I live in Philadelphia). Personally I have never seen anything but I have heard strange noises at night and had the feeling that I wasn't "alone" on more than one occasion. Did you ever go back to that cemetary? He probably was a lost soul that hasn't made it to the "other side"...
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
WReck: Actually, I think this was pretty cool!...I'm wondering if this fellow detered the cops away from you guys?...He was a teen once too, you know! 😆...I don't think the occupants of cemeteries mind it if people walk through after hours as long as they're respectful...

Great story... Keep them coming! ❤

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