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Annoyed Silhouette In The Kitchen


This story is just a small experience of mine that happened in the early morning of August 29, 2020. This is a kind of continuation with what I am experiencing from my earlier story, " New House, new experiences". It is not that I want to make a sequel of stories regarding my experiences in this new home, but I feel the need to share this since this is quite spooky for me in comparison with the curious entity on my bedroom.

My grandma tested positive for the virus and needs to be isolated for a couple of days thus the need for me to sleep temporarily on the couch at our living room. Actually, it is advantageous for me to sleep in our couch since it is closer to both the kitchen and the WIFI router. Our living room and the kitchen is just connected without any dividers or separators because my aunt has the habit of watching the tv while eating and since there is no dividers, she can watch the tv in the living room while sitting at the kitchen eating her meals.

Continuing with my story, I was asleep on the couch when I was awaken by the 4 am alarm on my phone. I quickly put it off and went back to sleep. As soon as I rest my head back to the pillow, an annoyed "anu ba yan" (what is that) came from the kitchen. It sounded so real and my mind snap from sleepy to completely awake. I was still in debate on looking over to the kitchen to see if a person is in there or just ignore it. I did the latter part since I was scared.

I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep again. The moment I did the latter part, the pans cabinet on the kitchen started making noise as if someone is pulling out a pan to cook. Now, I know I decided not to look but I took all my courage and sat up from the couch and saw a black silhouette of a man crouching over the stove, as if he was igniting the burner and I thought it was just my uncle cooking, and laughed at the thought of me getting scared of my uncle cooking. After that, I went back to sleep and woke up 2 ½ hours later.

We were already eating breakfast when my uncle told us what happened earlier, he went to the kitchen to heat some water then went outside to do some morning exercises. I asked him what time did he went down to heat some water and he said 5ish. I was taken aback by his response. I was awoken at 4 am and saw something at the kitchen which was definitely not him. My aunt reassured me that nothing paranormal is happening in the house. But I was firm on what I had seen so the following night, I set my go pro to record anything in the kitchen so that I can show it to them, but at the last minute, I changed my mind and turned off the go pro. I was scared of what I might record in there.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope you all are in good health.

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-24)
Zaruje - I do apologise! I posted my comment on the story link I referred you to. I don't know how I managed that. However, I've corrected it now.

Regards, Melda
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-24)
Zaruje - I think that there are a couple of possibilities to explain the "person" in the kitchen.

I'd like to tell you about something I experienced. At the time I think I still only had my firstborn son. This is a very long time ago. One late Saturday afternoon my husband received a call from a friend asking him for some assistance on something or other. Off went hubby to his pal. A short while later it was bath time for the toddler and as I walked past my front door with him in my arms I saw my husband about to enter through the screen door. I said to him I won't be long, just going to bath the baby. So off I went. To my surprise after my son was bathed and dressed, there was no sign of my husband. Very shortly thereafter he did in fact enter via the screen door. He totally denied having been home at the time I was bathing the baby. I believe him, he had no reason to lie. So, what was that all about?

I'm adding a link which is similar to the above although the circumstances are different.


So perhaps you saw the entity which has made its presence known to you previously, or perhaps you did see your uncle at the stove an hour before he was actually there.

Strange things happen!

Regards, Melda
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-21)
Hi Zaruje,
First, I would like to say I do hope your grandmother is in full recovery, and no longer dealing with the virus.
Secondly, from what I gather after reading a few of your other stories, it seems that you are highly sensitive and possess some abilities. Regarding the vision you had of the man crouching over the stove in the kitchen: is it possible that you were still dreaming, or do think you may have had a glimpse of a past happening? Retrocognition (subjective clairvoyance) is the ability to see things in the past; such as events, or happenings.

There's also the possibility that you are now seeing and hearing the figure that you may have experienced in your earlier story, 'New House, New Experiences". Maybe this figure, or spirit, is making it's presence known to you because you are sensitive and aware of its presence?

Unless you already do so, maybe it's time for you to start keeping a daily journal about what you've experienced in that house, and write down anything that seems unusual to you.

I really enjoyed your latest story, thank you for sharing again! LightMight

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