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Not So Typical Sleep Paralysis


I have had experiences of sleep paralysis before this particular experience. It started when I was around 18. At first the SP would feel like a dream, but then I would realize that they weren't dreams, because whenever I would open my eyes, everything in the room would be exactly how it was when I went to bed. What I mean by that is that when I would experience SP, it was as if I was seeing my whole room through foggy glasses, but everything was exactly the way it was when I went to sleep, if I placed a red toothbrush dangling from my nightstand, it would be there for example.

Anyways, those first few times of sleep paralysis were always creepy, especially after I looked up what sleep paralysis actually was and saw that other people had experienced things like this before including seeing shadow people. The most frustrating experience with SP was when I was in Peru, and for some reason I have always been afraid to sleep in my grandmas house alone, it is probably from my aunts stories about denudes, ghosts, and her feeling as if someone would sit on her bed during the night in that house.

I was in that room and I fell asleep, and I sort of woke up, it was as if I had not even realized I even feel asleep, I remember shutting my eyes, but when I woke up it felt as if I had just gone to sleep a second ago. I could see what was in front of me normally, a little foggy, but not as foggy actually. I saw a toy bin, some clothes, basically everything the way it was; as if I had my eyes completely open. It truly did feel like I was awake, the only thing was that I felt as if someone was holding me down, I tried to stretch out my neck, but I could only muffle.

It really felt as if I was tied up, I was sleeping on my side too, not even in the supine position (which I hear can be a trigger of SP) I don't know if this was supernatural, but I had not experienced SP like this before, I even remember thinking that I knew I was going to be going through it, I could feel it through my legs first, and then it would just paralyzed my whole body, I couldn't even wiggle a finger like I usually tried to do.

I didn't see any "shadow people", but it was still the most terrifying for some reason. Sorry if this was a boring entry, but I found it interesting when I realized that what I was going through actually had a name. Thank you for reading.

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BIGSHIV (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-30)
I have had similiar experiences. Tip do not give in. Keep fighting and do not give in to fear. Use anger if you have to. However do not allow rage to consume you. This thing is like a bully. Once you stand up to it, with faith and the word of GOD it will run away like the coward it is. Remember it CAN be DEFEATED. Useful Tip. You must muster up to will power to try to command both by thought and voice whether you can move or not for it to release you in the name of Jesus. IT WILL OBEY. Do this with authority like you are boss of it with NO FEAR
Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-09)
This seems that you had an O.B.E
It is not anything scary after you get use to it. Try to relax the next time.

Go to Astralboobaby on youtube. He best describes this natural phenomena without the superstitions attached to it.
Vikstal (4 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-09)
Sounds like a very typical sleep paralysis to me. I don't think the aunt's stories brought up any paranormal activity.
I just think you were more nervous about the room cause of the stories and that's why you had SP in the first place.
JessieLeigh (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
Your are not alone. I have the same thing happen to me alot. Especially when I am alone. Or when My spirit is weak. Like when your fighting with a spouse...etc.I was told that they are demonic forces who are trying to get into your body. I also was told that it could be your spirit projecting itself (astral projection) outside of your body and your live physical body is trying to wake up and it cannot because your astral body has not yet joined with its physical body. See if you can move your bed where your head lies away from the east... See if that helps. Also look up wasy to keep yourself from projecting out of your body while your asleep... See it can be both... You could be projectiong yourself by accident out of your body and bad spirits could be trying to get in... This is all from people who know what the are talking about. This has happened to me ever since I started meddling with the unknown as a teenager. Hope this helps.

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