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My Grandmother


My name is Joey, and I wish to tell this story of when I saw my grandmother's ghost in my room.

My grandmother lived in Brooklyn New York and every time she came to Toronto to visit the family she would stay at our house and I would share my bedroom with her because there was an extra bed in my room just for her. Out of all my cousins I and my grandmother were very close.

It was a few years after she passed away when this happened.

Every night as a teenager I slept with my door closed and locked but this one night for no reason I had slept with my door completely open. It was at 2:00 in the morning when for no reason I had opened my eyes and I saw for the first time a ghost. It came into my room through the open door and disappeared when it got to the other side of my room. I was scared and tried to call my parents but I could not even speak. Eventually I fell asleep again.

Two hours later at 4:00 am I woke again but this time the same ghost that I had seen earlier in the night, was sitting on my chair watching me. But only this time I was not so afraid. I looked at the ghost and I realized that it was my grandmother and I spoke to her in Italian. I said to her come sit beside me on my bed because I'm scared and that's when she got up, she sat on my bed and without speaking to me or trying to communicate with me, she reached over, touched my hand and I immediately fell back to sleep.

Does anybody have any explanation to this?

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psychicteen13 (2 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-06)
I'm sorry for your loss; I can relate. I lost my Great Grandmother back in 2008. On 3/16/2008, which especially hit me hard, because 3/16 is my parents anniversary. Again, I am truly sorry for your loss.
I have had an experience exactly like the one you just shared.
koalagirl (3 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-27)
hi sorry about your loss, maybe your grandma wants to know if you are ok, maybe you need to tell her that. Thankyou for your story. Di.

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