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My Grandmother's Ghosts


My grandmother's house had quite a few spirits that hung around, most of which were benevolent.

I was a very sensitive and easily frightened child and so my mother had built a psychic wall for my mind against spiritual manifestations. I don't remember any of the direct encounters I've had with ghosts because of that, although I know I had them.

There was a room in my grandmother's house that nobody liked. They were afraid of the entity that lived in the closet. My mom, stepfather, older sister and I lived there when I was about two. My sister and I stayed in that room. She hated it but I practically lived in that closet. My mother told me many times she'd realise she didn't know where I was and would find me in that closet talking to 'myself'. I don't remember these instances but I've never minded that room like everyone else.

We moved to the house next door after a year or so, I think. I had many indirect sightings of spirits in my grandma's home growing up. There was a young girl on her stairs I caught in my peripheral vision and a shadow man upstairs who seemed to get a kick out of scaring babies that learned to climb steps.

The most direct encounter I had after the psychic wall was when I moved in with my grandmother during my mom and stepfather's divorce. I was 17, staying in room with the closet entity. I felt it's presence often but it was friendly to me and so we coexisted. I was alone in the house and taking a bath when I heard the front door open and close hard (my grandma's door was solid heavy wood and you couldn't mistake the sound), then thundering foot steps up the stairs. All the way to the top, just outside the bathroom door. I was frozen in fear, I knew my whole family's foot steps by sound and it was not one of them. It was not my boyfriend either, who would come over frequently and also stay nights.

I waited for a several minutes before gathering my courage to go check. Wrapped in a towel I search the upstairs, and then the downstairs. Empty. I went to the front door, the deadbolt was locked. I asked my grandmother, mother, sisters, aunts and no one had ever had a similar experience in that house.

Not an immensely significant or intense encounter, but it's mine. Thank you for reading.

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TheFaeFolk (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
Yes, my mother psychically built a wall to block out phenomena. And I can't say I know either way, the wall may have worn down over the years as I've had mild experiences but perhaps I have also lost a lot of ability to interact through years of going unused. I've often thought of using forms of meditation to try and regain ability but I never actually tried so I guess I'm still sensitive (a chicken lol)
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-05)
Greetings, FaeFolk, and welcome to YGS.

You've shared a narrative with several interesting details, but the one that stands out to me isn't about ghosts *directly.* You state, "my mother had built a psychic wall for my mind against spiritual manifestations." Wow.

I'd like to be certain I understood that sentence correctly. You mean that your mother psychically created a boundary within your brain --for your own protection-- and the barrier she created is still in effect one-and-a-half *decades* later? Did she do this for you, or did she show you how to create a psychic block of your own?

There are 2 further points contingent upon this: First, *imposed* blocks --no matter how well-intentioned or necessary-- often wear down over time, unless the recipient is continuing to reinforce the mental defenses. Second, some psychic abilities do diminish over time if they are not used or grown. If you are still having experiences in which you can identify the entity (for example, "it was friendly to me and so we coexisted"), and you are aware that the your bath experience was caused by a different entity/phenomenon, then you may have a somewhat-pressurized backlog of psychic ability held in check by the wall your mother built for you.

If my guess is correct (pressurized psychic restraint), then your own abilities to remember/see the supernatural, in whatever condition they may be (strong, neglected, random, etc.), may begin to manifest as poltergeist phenomena as your brain tries to wrestle with its own hindered strengths. *That* phenomenon --unexpected psychic "leakage" manifesting in the same manner as repressed anger or a hidden trauma-- may be the source of the heavy footstep sounds.

Please note that this is highly speculative on my part; I am not blaming your mother for what she did to protect you. Clearly, she had a vested interest in reducing your fear. I'm merely surmising that some of the phenomena *may* be accounted for through your repressed abilities, which should give you LESS to worry about, NOT more.

If I've strayed wide of the mark, here, I apologize. Feel free to let us know if my suggestions sound like a possibility, or the reasons I may be wrong. The more data we have, the greater the opportunity for YGS members to help you to deal with the situation.


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