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Grandmothers Name


When I was young (12-13 years old), I "played" with the Ouija Board with my friends many times (more than 7 times). I know, bad idea, but we didn't know that it's actually real. We always asked silly questions (e.g. Does xxx have to pretend having an orgasm, or questions about the future, what they can't even tell, so far I know or like say the first letter of the first name of xxx only cousin that lives in Portugal), but the responses always were true. At every session I thought someone's moving the glass. Therefore I didn't believe in ghosts or paranormal activities.

Now to my story, why I begun to start believing that ghosts and paranormal activities exists:

I was at my friend's flat and because we didn't believe in the realness of the Ouija Board, we decided "to give it a chance again" and check if something's true on it. As always, we tinkered the Ouija Board by ourselves. As we started the session (Of course we always asked, if it's a good ghost or not and what the name was and it always was the same ghost), I said to my friend: "Let's ask something, we don't know right now, so we can find out later" (Because of moving the glass... Nobody can move the glass, if you don't even know the answer and if so, the answer would be wrong). So my friend said: "Alright, but what should we ask?". So we were thinking a little bit and than straight away, I remembered that I don't even know, how my mom's mother's name was (Her parents died when my mother was in her 20ies) so I never really talked about them or asked what their names were. Despite of even thinking about grandparents. Only when we saw pictures of them, my mom would say, that was my mother/father).

So I said to my friend: "I swear I really don't know, how my grandmother's name was. Let's ask for the first letter". And my friend said: "Alright" (just FYI: She could of never ever known my grandmother's name, when not even I knew it myself). So we asked for the first letter. The glass went to the letter "D". We asked for the second letter and it went to "E". Than I said to my friend: "Come, let's ask for the third letter too, because if it will be correct, maybe we will say to ourselves: aaaah, it's only the first two letters that are correct, that's just a coincidence". So my friend said: "Alright" and I asked for the third letter. I have that picture still in my mind... The glass started to move, but it couldn't go further, due to wax that was on the board because of the candles. So I removed it and asked again. It went to "R". So we closed the session. We sat there and we were like: "Which name starts with the letters "DER"?".

As we were finished, we discussed, how I should ask my mom for her mothers name... We came to a conclusion that I should ask her the day after in the morning, so she doesn't notice, why I'm really asking, because I never really talked about her parents with my mother. Like 20 minutes later (still on the same day at my friend's flat), we couldn't handle the waiting, we were too curious, if the Ouija Board is real or not, we decided to ask my mother now.

So I called her and told her that we were playing a quiz and that I need to know what her mother's name was. So my mom said: "Oh okay, her name was Tina...". So I said (don't even know why I asked her this question, I mean of course she knows how her mother was called) "are you sure?" and she responded: "Well, that's actually her nickname, her whole name is Dernestina".

My friend and I were shocked. We couldn't believe it and we got scared. So I smashed the glass outside when I went home, because we read, if you have a bad ghost you should do that to be sure that the ghost is really away. We decided to do that, even though it was a friendly ghost, just to be sure.

The next day, I told the whole story to my mother and she shat me out... I never used the Ouija Bord ever since then.

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DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-04)
Talking boards are not innately dangerous. What makes them dangerous is the fear people have, or the foolishness--a failure to enact a proper amount of protection. I have heard well over a hundred stories of talking boards at this point (and that's not an exaggeration), and every single one of them that turned bad had a very common link: no protection, someone was very sad, depressed, and / or angry, or someone was being foolish to the spirits. Every. Single. Time. That's not a coincidence.

People have a right to be afraid of Ouija boards. They CAN be very, very, very dangerous, and I fully agree: you and your friend got lucky. There are so many stories out there where people who didn't have any protection suffered the consequences, and I am very, very, very glad that nothing happened to you!

And, though so many people will disagree... There is no need, in my opinion, to immediately say that every time someone uses the Ouija board, they're making a mistake. In particular if someone uses proper precaution and tons of protection, the only spirits that are likely to be around them are high vibrational.

Still, though, to each their own. 😉
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-04)
Hello Piggy_

My wife and I passed through Switzerland on The Orient Express from Paris to Venice, back in 2014. The valley through which we traveled was green with snow capped mountains on both sides. If you still live there, you are in a beautiful part of the world.

I don't know how this account has been on this site for 70 odd days without attracting a comment. So, my apologies and I hope you are still looking in, from time to time. In fact, if you click on your account's Paranormal Category: Ouija Board / Seances, you will find other similar experiences with different outcomes.

In your case, there was no hesitation (apart from a bit of candle wax) in the spirit indicating the first three letters of your grandmother's real name. Have you considered that your grandmother's spirit was watching over you?

I firmly believe that you "got lucky" this time. There are other members on this site that "got trouble" instead. I understand smashing the glass, in my case my father also closed the session then destroyed the board.

Glad that you are now OK.


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