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Footsteps, Voices And Slamming Doors


I am in my early 20's. I live in north London with my sister and dad. I was between 10 and 11 years old when this happened. My mum and brother also lived here then too. We had been in our house a couple of years already and nothing spooky had happened previously. When we moved in the house it had no double glazing, just the normal kind of windows which blew a draft in and let all the heat out. The door to the back that led to the garden would shake when there was a strong wind. Our staircase leading to the bedrooms was wooden with no carpet or any other sort of covering (still like that now) and would creak if you stepped on the bottom and top step.

My bedroom was a small square room which had no door. I would normally sleep with my head facing the doorframe. I could see the staircase from where I was. I would go to sleep as normal without any thing out of the ordinary happing but for some reason wake suddenly for no apparent reason (normally I would wake up if I needed the loo). It would be all quiet. I was more confused than scared. But when I looked to my side table where I had my clock and it was 3am. As I put my head back down to go back to sleep, I heard the back door that leads to the garden slam shut. Then almost 2 seconds after, there was a sound of slow footsteps coming up the stairs. Now being ten I was more kind of curious than anything else, so I turned my head to look towards the staircase, not sure why, I might have thought it was my dad or something. But as the footsteps progressed up the stairs I could see no one and when the footsteps got closer to my door I hid under the cover, and as I did this the footsteps stopped. I stayed under my covers until I was sweaty and fell asleep.

When I was up, and getting ready for school, I told my dad about the encounter with the footsteps and the slamming door, and asked if he was up at that time. My dad gave me a funny look and simply said that I must have been dreaming. (My dad does not believe in that stuff never has, still doesn't). Also he said if the door slammed, he himself would have more than likely woken up too, since he is a light sleeper.

This continued for a few weeks, I had not told my brother or sister about this) I really thought that maybe it was just me dreaming, until, one night it happened to my brother, and his friend who was staying over in the room next to mine. This is what my brother told me, the next day (I for once did not hear this or wake up) and his friend was already gone. (My sister and brother shared a room, at that time but she was staying over at a friend's place, that night).

My brother and friend were up talking, and watching DVD's in the bedroom, mostly comedies like Ace Ventura and others like that. It was late around 2:30 am. My brother's friend wanted a drink, but didn't want to go downstairs on his own. So both my brother and his mate went downstairs to get a drink. When they were halfway back up the stairs, they heard a loud thump on the first step. They both looked down and around, but shrugged it off and had a bit of a nervous giggle about it. But as they turned a load of footsteps carried on towards them. At this point he said that they both freaked and ran into the bedroom, and closed the door as quickly as they could without looking out into the hall way. But this was not the end of that, because what happened next was that whatever was coming up the stairs didn't seem too happy about having the door shut in its face, and it banged three times on the door.

They both sat in front of the door, and my brother's mate began to cry. My brother then said that there was a voice, a deep and sort of gravely, like a man's voice, saying very clearly, "LET ME IN". Then it was silent. He said that they both sat in front of that door scared out of their minds, for over an hour not daring to move. Until his friend had had enough and was determined to go home which was only a few doors down from us. He got up opened the door to the bedroom practically jumped down the stairs, opened the front with such force that it banged against the wall Leaving the door open. My brother then said that is when mum came out of her room to find out what the noise was. He told her that it was his friend bolting from the house. He then told our mum what happed and asked if she heard anything apart from when his friend left. She said that that was the first and only noise she heard, and didn't really believe him about his story.

I then told him that I had the same kind of experience, but it was just me waking up at 3am to the back door slamming then someone walking heavily up the stairs but no one was there. We were both a little freaked at this. My brother's friend didn't stay around the house foe ages after that and my brother did not have any other things happen. But I continued to hear the same thing every night for about six months. My dad eventually decided to get double glazing for the windows, all through the house including the back door. When it was put in the slamming of the door stopped. The footsteps happen every now and then and even my friend who is very religious (I did not even tell her about it) had heard it when she stays over.

Not sure what to think of it all, but sometimes I do feel like am being watched, but it's not a really bad feeling it's just like someone peaking there head around the corner and saying peekaboo, Quite a friendly presence really. But my brother's experience well I am not too sure what to think about it.

What do you think?

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Penelope200 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-26)
Hi, thanks for all your, comments on this subject

It's been a few years now since I have had any other exprinces, and I now am sleeping in my brothers room becase he moved out about a year ago. And thankfuly nothing paranormal has happened.

Any way thanks for your advise:)
sharelbroome1 (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
I have to agree with Jim on this also. One is because of the waking up at 3 am which sounds like you do often. Your brother and friend went down at two thirty or did they actually look at the time? Demonic almost always comes in three to mock the trinity... Father son and holy ghost didn't you say it knocked three times before speaking? Anyway I would use the holy water like Jim spoke of or I would stand on the word of Jesus... He gave us power over demons to cast out using His name in Mark 15:16&17 I believe is the scripture. Also you could try and leave a bible open to psalms 91 and always call on Jesus! God bless! You have to have faith in Jesus to do this though be careful. But on the other hand all the faith that is required is that of a mustard seed again good luck and God bless!
IGoRawrX3 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
You know what? My house is an apartment. One house upstairs and one down stairs. I've lived here a long time and the prople downstairs make it hard to sleep (Teenagers who party all night). Before they moved here the apartment was empty but I always heard noises at night. No, it wasn't my dad's snoring. But the ruffling of paper. Maybe the sound of someone looking through floders? Do you know what I mean? I was young so I would creep in with my parents. I would also hear footsteps, creaks, the computer going on. What stop all that was a piece of grass dipped in Holy water and stuck to a picture of me and my sister. It hangs above my head at night. Even when the noisy neighbors have gone to sleep, nothing is to be heard.

I agree with Jim also.
biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
sounds like what youve got is a residual haunting though distressing to live through not harmful they are just scenes playing over and over try reading up on somthing called the stone tape theory, I notice you like me live in uk if your property is in an area with high granite levels this can be realy prone to this phenomina
Puppeteer13 (131 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
I agree with one point on this fellows comment, Know your opponent, I will not contest that from Jims decrsiption of things that is sounds like a demon however with all due respect to jim. One to children many things are scary at the age when footsteps in the dark could meen any type of unkown boogie man. Two Only one of the two incidents happened at 3am the other was before the mocking hour by a half hour, thirdly the pressence she is now experianceing is not malevolent in the least. 4 have we considered it may just have been a spirit who died in that house perhaps in the room the little brother was sleeping in. It may be my "No Suprize cure" But I recomend sage the smoke of wich calms benevolent spirits and repels malevolent ones. Secondly if you are realy worried place a circle of salt around your brothers bed it is a powerful barrier that has been used for centuries. 3 Do not assume the spirit is melovelent just because it may be startleing otherwise you risk dammageing what may be a truely innocent soul. Jim of cours you have my usual respect as a coleauge. And as to you Penelope200 I also invite you to contact me by email should you desire my help the email is on my profile, Good health and Good luck

Your freind
The Puppeteer
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)

Well, first I hope you're ok. A lot of posters will offer their caring counsel, and, unlike others who only tolerate like minded views, I say that their opinions are AOK by me. My take is (shocker), it's demonic. Why?

Several things: 3 AM mocks and inverts the hour that Jesus died on the Cross. Satan loves to act up at this time. Also, there is both fear and chaos, and I think we'd all agree that that is not good. Night time footsteps and that gravely voice, which many of my clients report, does indicate a demon. The terror alone is not good.

My counsel is Catholic Holy water, especially on the beds and at night, and the names of Jesus and Mary. One thing I learned as a brown belt in Shotokan is to know your opponent. Knowledge is power. Good luck and God bless you. Email me, if you need more.

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