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Ghost Disappears Thru Closet Door


At the time, I was 14, and did a great amount of babysitting. One of the families I babysat for were very close neighbors that lived diagonally across the street from my house; Edith and Frank. They were foster parents of 4 children at the time.

It was Monday, June 17, 1968, again, I was 14 at the time. As kids, we were very close to Edith and Frank, and called them Aunt and Uncle, even though they were not actually family. It wasn't an unusual day, I had gone to school, and got home in the afternoon. My Mom had just gotten home from a little shopping with Aunt Edie (we called her that). She got a frantic call from Uncle Frank to come over right away. My Mom dropped everything and went across the street. Uncle Frank had called the ambulance; Aunt Edie was not breathing. After a horrible evening, we found that Aunt Edie had had a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away. We were all heartbroken to say the least due to the fact it was so sudden.

I continued to babysit, and especially spent a bunch of time at Uncle Frank's to give him a helping hand with the foster kids.

The next Friday, June 28, 1968, I was sitting for Uncle Frank, as he had to go out and do some things. It was especially strange, I was watching TV after I got the kids in bed. I have to say, I was NOT fond of the dark, and it was very weird being in the house as I was missing Aunt Edie.

This is the part that scared the living daylights out of me, and to this day (I am now 69), still freaks me out. I heard a noise upstairs, the baby was in the far bedroom in the crib, and that was it, I heard a little whimpering from that room. I went up the stairs, turned right down the hallway, and left into the room, I didn't turn the light on, but could still see with the little bit of light from the hallway, standing in front of the crib, looking in the crib, stood Aunt Edie! And she looked like you would think a ghost would look, airy and somewhat white see-through. She turned to me, looked at me, turned around, and floated right through the closet door! I could NOT believe what I had just seen. With all my strength, I opened the closet door to check, and she had disappeared!

I ran downstairs, went into the kitchen, grabbed the wall phone and called my Mom across the street! She came right over and spent the rest of that evening with me!

After that experience, YES - I do believe Aunt Edie had unfinished business since she died so suddenly - to check on the kids - well, and SCARE ME HALF TO DEATH!

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Aros (6 stories) (57 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-22)
Sorry to hear about the frightening experience but it is also heart-warming knowing that we in fact survive physical death. The last thing she wanted to do was scare you but at the same time her love for her child (ren) was too much of a pull not to check in on them. Thank you for sharing!
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-16)
Beautiful story. I am sorry she scared you. There is so much beyond our everyday world
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-12)
Hi pastryguy

Some bonds are so great that even in the afterlife people still hold on.
pastryguy (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 months ago (2023-06-12)
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments!

Lady-Glow, it was the only time I saw her that way, and I didn't sense her presence after that.

Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
12 months ago (2023-06-12)
Hi Pastryguy,

I know it was super scary at the time but I hope you're now glad it happened. This is a very sweet encounter. Sounds like Edie cared very much for those little ones. She probably left through the closet door simply because it was an easy way to exit, perhaps to minimise any fear she was creating.

Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
12 months ago (2023-06-12)
What Lady Glow said.

But I also wonder something. We hear many tales of ghosts in old buildings that have been remodeled, and they walk through walls that were once doors or halls. But here we have Aunt Edith, recently deceased, walking through a place she knew in life was not a passageway of any sort.

Very curious.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
12 months ago (2023-06-12)
Welcome to YGS.

What a fascinating experience! Edith sounds like a loving and dedicated mother.

I wonder if you were the only one seeing Edith, or if the baby saw her too. I agree with you, she must have been there checking on the children.

Was this the only time you saw her? Did you ever sense her presence even without seeing her?

Thanks for sharing.

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