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Who Else Is Living Here?


I already posted my first story up last week about my old house in the Southside of Milwaukee; this will be my second story about that same house. A little background information, this all took place when I was younger during my elementary and early middle school days. Right now I am 21 years old so it's been a long time. Just recently, my brother who is now 19 years old has been telling me his stories of strange things that used to happen to him when we use to live there. I never knew he was experiencing anything until a few months back when we were talking about our old house. This is quite long so bare with me.

Strange things would happen around the house once in a while and I believe to not scare us, my parents would make up an excuse to cover it. In this house, all the bedrooms were located on the second floor.

We didn't have central air at the time so during the hot summer nights, the whole family would gather together in the huge living room with our sheets, blankets and sleep together. Our kitchen and living room were connected with no door, so to prevent the cold air from escaping into the kitchen, we hung a long curtain between the kitchen and the living room as the door.

One night when the family decided it was too hot to sleep in our rooms, we all came and slept together downstairs. I remember during the middle of the night, my brother (the 19 year old one I mentions earlier, he's my only brother) who was probably no older then 5 started crying and jumped over my parents and hide behind my mom's back.

When my parents finally got him to clam down, he explained that he had seen a ghostly figure by the curtain peeking at him. My parents told us that my brother just had a bad night mare and that everything was fine, so we decided to go back to bed.

There was another night, when we all slept downstairs again and I slept by the wall. I always have a hard time falling asleep, even up until this day. So that night since I couldn't fall asleep and since I was sleeping next to the wall I decided to use my index finger and my imagination to draw on the wall.

As I was drawing, I suddenly concentrated very hard on the wall with the dim light that was coming from the window and made out what seems to be a face of a lady that was pretty scary looking. Immediately, I covered the blankets over my head and went straight to sleep.

Recently, my brother told me that when we used to live in our old house, every night after everyone has gone to sleep, he would start hearing foot steps from the floor above which is the attic.

Our upstairs hallway is in a layout of an upside down "L". On the top of the stairs is our bathroom, and down the hall there's two doors on each side. The door to the right leads to my room and the door to the left will lead up another stair case to the attic. You will have to walk a few more feet, turn the corner and to the left my oldest sister's bedroom will be there and my parent's room will be the last room in the other end corner.

Our attic door always remains lock from the outside so if you are lock inside, there is no way out unless somebody unlocks the door for you. My brother said that this would happen very often, almost every night but it's strange because he's the only one that can hear it. The noise (foot steps) will be loud enough for him to tell that it starts from the floor above him, then it will make it's way down the attic stairs, through the hallway and into my oldest sister's room first. By the time it comes out of my sister's room, the foot steps will be different. It would sound as if what ever it is has put on a pair of heels.

My brother thinks it goes and put on one of my sister's heels before it comes into my parents room, where he also sleeps in. He said he can always feel the presence of someone being there watching them once it reaches my parents room.

He has never dared to open his eyes to see what it was and he would always pretend that he's asleep so that whatever it is will not come towards him. This caused him to always have his blanket over his head every night when he goes to sleep. My dad would always yell at him about having his blanket over his head because he can easily suffocate from it.

We have never explored our attic before in the 8 years that we been there. It was always cold and it gives you the shivers when you enter. We have only made it up the stairs, took a quick glance and ran back. Our attic was pretty big too and had an additional room in one side of the wall. I remember it having a lot of old stuff such as a rocking chair, and a huge pair of a men dress shoe. Can those possibly relate to the noises my brother kept hearing?

Another occurrence was during the fall/winter time, I'm not exactly sure what year it was but like I mentioned earlier everything happened around the time when I was in elementary school to the beginning of middle school. My older sister and I shared a room together and our room was the closest to the bathroom with the attic door just right across from our door.

One morning after waking up, she asked me if I've seen anything the night before and I told her I didn't see anything. She then told me that during the night, she'd woken up to the sound of cat meowing in our room. As she opened her eye, she saw a black cat in our room and it walked out through the door. The strange thing is we don't have a cat and our door is always shut tightly during the night. There was no way the cat got in and out through a closed door. My mom believes that a lot of times ghost likes to transform into the figure of a cat.

I will continue with part 2 soon.

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Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-27)
sounds like, the ghost in your old home was thrown off when the family would change their sleeping pattern. More curious than anything, as to why everyone was sleeping together in the living room...
Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-27)
Wow, you're former house is Creepy! I've had many experiences with the paranormal but having something peek at you from behind a curtain...I'm very mellow when it comes to the paranormal and I was advised to try and communicate with spirits that linger but my worst fear is that if I say hello it will say hello back!

Also, is it wrong for me to MISS the "activity" now that its quiet? My dad passed away a few months ago and since then its almost like I've been "switched off".
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-27)
Hi ImSmiley, thanks for sharing your story, I liked reading it. It's real scary. It seems like your house can be a paradise for ghost hunters. I'm waiting for part 2. Take care Trix. ❤
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-26)
ImSmiley: Firstly from what your brother has described regarding hearing the footsteps doing the same routine pretty much every night sounds quite residual in nature. The reason for hearing it change to high heels leaves me baffled, why only he experienced it may be because he is more open to see, hear, and perceive these experiences.

Now the peeking of something from behind the curtain and your sister seeing the cat could be based more on the intelligent side, I'm thinking it wanted to be acknowledged. I believe the items in your attic could have possibly held the key as to why these things were happening, whilst possibly also giving you an idea on the history of the home and land. Looking forward to part 2.

Thanks for sharing.


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