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Intelligent Haunt In Ohio


This haunting wasn't really caught until my brothers and I began moving out of our parents' home as we reached college age. The home was built in the 1870's. It began with my dad who worked 3rd shift. He'd complain that when he'd arrive home in the morning (before we awoke) we were leaving dry paper cups in the bathroom beside the sink. After all of us denied doing this every single night, he joked "maybe we have a ghost." The first time I think was caught when we all denied it, closed the door when he left for work and went to bed. He arrived home from work and sure enough there was a cup. My theory was the heat register, etc... Dad was convinced something odd was going on, though. So, one night he pulled out a cup, placed it in "the spot", then shut the door and went to work. In the morning he found his cup flipped upside down with a new cup stacked on top! Okay, so things are getting weird.

Next, he draped a tissue over "the spot". When he arrived home the cup was in its usual place - with his Kleenex draped over top. This ruled out the register to me... Maybe someone in the house playing tricks? This option was ruled out for me when we went to dinner one night. I played a joke on my father by putting a cup in "the spot" trying to trick him. He caught it before we left. We laughed, and then I put the cup away and shut the bathroom door. I also locked the front door on the way to the restaurant. Upon returning home I opened the bathroom door and there was the entire cup dispenser pulled from the wall and sitting in "the spot". My skin literally crawled. I was scared to death, as were the rest of my family. Somebody was reaching out to us and responding to our actions.

It seemed like the more we recognized it, the more actions occurred. My dad eventually left a pencil in the spot. Next morning, there's the cup with his pencil balanced on top. Soon after he began writing small notes... "Who are you?" etc. We'd often get very, very small check marks or x's. The answers seemed to make no sense. Once, even, we got initials "MC". They were very tiny and faint scrawls. Lo and behold, we later discovered a "Mabel Close" had lived in the house in the 1920's. My parents bought the house from her son, who was estranged from her until her death. Eventually the direct communications ended because things just got too weird. It was uncomfortable to live there. My dad charted the cups for years. This has happened for over twenty years. In the beginning they happened 3-4 times per week now, maybe once a month. He still has every calendar and note. We had one actual "sighting". My dad always asked to see her, while I always said "if you're here, I don't want to see you."

One night while my grandmother was visiting my dad awoke to see someone standing at the foot of his bed. He initially thought it was my grandmother, but said he quickly focused to see the outline of a woman. She was wearing a black dress, paisley pattern. Her hair was in a bun. He said she had no face, though just darkness. She faced him for a few seconds then turned and "glided" across the floor and through his bedroom floor. He said where she stood watching was actually in the middle of a cedar chest. I was at college then. He called me out of breath he was so excited.

Other events occurred through the years. One night while my mother was in the hospital after surgery and he was home alone, he heard heavy footsteps. He said he thought I was home from college. He heard footsteps up the stairs, then walking to my bedroom door. He said it sounded as if the door was swollen and I was striking it trying to open it. Then, the steps turned and came to his bedroom door. When I asked how loud he said "like a basketball being dribbled hard." Wow. He was scared senseless that night and asked that whoever it was not scare him again.

Looking back, I can think of some odd occurrences through the years. In the middle of the day our doorbell would ring with no one there, hearing faint voices /conversations virtually every single night while I tried to sleep. These distant conversations were so frequent that I was almost terrified to go home. In the middle of the night with my ear pressed to my pillow I'd always hear the talking. I knew it was English, but I could never decipher a single word. It was odd. My dad later confessed he's heard these conversations for years, too, but was afraid to say anything for fear of terrifying me. There were also small things thrown on occasion, balls rolled, items disappearing and reappearing.

Twenty years after we first became aware of "Mabel" and I'm still terrified to sleep at my parents' house! Maybe she's fading away, or just misses having the house full of boys. I don't know. She was about as formidable as ghosts came, though. She could perform at 3:00 pm as easily as 3:00 am. No problem at all. If I "tested" her in mid-day, she would respond almost immediately. Oddly, though, nobody ever "caught" her in the act. I'd place an item over her spot, leave the bathroom, and within 2 minutes she'd respond... Just very odd and interesting. I always wondered about having a real investigation done. I always sensed she sincerely wanted to communicate something. I began as the ultimate skeptic, but really ruled out every single answer possible. Was someone in the house doing it? Well, the phenomena occurred regardless of who was in the house. My brothers would be gone, it occurred. My parents would be out of town or in the hospital - it occurred. No real explanations but an intelligent haunting in Ohio.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-06)
You know what I find the most interesting?
YOU told whatever this was NOT to show itself, and it did not. Your DAD not only wished to SEE what was causing this, but he actively tried to communicate with it. I would say she "listened" to that. It really sounds like SHE wanted to let him do both.
You say that she and her son were estranged, right up to her death. THAT could be why when you asked if the obituary was OF her son, she responded no. When she PASSED, they were still in a tiff. Perhaps in her denial, YOU got your proof.
Perhaps she was a "kitchen body". I know of a few people (one in particular) who has a ghostie that ONLY stays in the kitchen, and boy does SHE like to throw her weight around!
Who knows why she decided to hang out in that particular space? All that is truly obvious is that she LOVED her previous home, and enjoyed the communication that your family allowed.
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-05)
This is such a well-written and interesting story! I can't believe your dad didn't faint when he saw Ms. Close without her face! 😨 I know that's pretty common, for spirits to manifest their body but don't have the energy to "finish off" their image by adding a face. You would think that would be the one detail they would NOT miss! 😆 And your dad is one brave man for tracking these paper cup activities for twenty years, especially after the incident with the entire dispenser being removed.

I agree with the others, it would be interesting to find out if anything happened in what is now the bathroom. Just a thought... Maybe your family could train her to move clean dishes from the dishwasher to the cabinets? She might as well help out around the house! Seriously, thank you very much for sharing this great story.

Best wishes,

Watersprite ❤
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
Hi Jaco this was a great account of an intelligent haunting, I'm fascinated by the cup games I bet it certainly got everyones attention, awesome but frightning at the same time. To have it actually communicate by writing is very rare indeed, I think she continues to reside there as she receives the attention she so greatly desires, possibly relating to her son. Great story.

Thanks for sharing.

jaco (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
thanks, everyone. A few years ago her estranged son died, so we placed his obituary in her "spot" and left a note asking "is this your son?" she checked "no" in her tiny little "x". Maybe she didn't recognize him at an older age? Her answers haven't always made sense. I thought she'd slow down after his death, but didn't. She didn't die in this house. She moved in her later life and died down the street. As to her spot... It's a bathroom now attached to the kitchen. Back before indoor plumbing, I have no idea what that room would've been. A pantry? Maybe it's just because it's a high traffic area?
shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
Fantastic story, well written too. Thats incredible that she was able to communicate with you like that. Did you ever figure out why she was obsessed with that one particular spot? Or what was with the cups? It's nice to hear about an entity that wasn't threatening and just trying to communicate with you boys:)
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
Great story Jaco! Sounds like Mabel's spirit is content with staying in the home and communicating in whatever way she can. I am amazed at her ability to act at will when you all lived in the house. I believe because she was estranged from her son in life she wanted to make a connection with you boys. 😊
ParaTam (3 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
jaco -
Wow! Very fascinating story! As a paranormal investigator, I would love to have the opportunity to investigate your parents' home. Depending on where it is located, I'm sure there is a group fairly local, or one that would be willing to travel the distance to investigate, maybe for just the cost of gas. (If any groups try to charge you an actual fee, say "no thank you" and hang up!)

Mabel Close sounds like a very interesting spirit. It sounds like she very much wants communication with someone of the living persuasion. It would be an interesting experiment to see if she would move other items in other rooms besides the bathroom, and could possibly do some spirit writing through other individuals.

Thanks again!
Nordic (44 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
Jaco, what a brilliantly written account! Going straight to the favorites list. What makes this so nice (obviously not for you!) is that although she's clearly intelligent and well aware of what she did, she doesn't seem to be menacing in any way. You asked never to see her, and she obliged. Your dad asked to see her, and she again obliged. This is really rather sweet and in contrast with many of the other accounts here where the intelligent spirits seem to be rather scary and angry. 😆
logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-04)
Hey Jaco,

How interesting, really liked your experience. I agree with you that yes probably she was really trying to communicate. If she was fixated on one particular spot, there definitely has to be a relevance. Did you find out how she died?

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