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My first encounter with the Supernatural was when I was between the ages of 5-7. I remember waiting with my mum and sister at my friend's house, waiting for them to get home. I was on the trampoline when it started to lightly rain, then a big flash of yellowish light (like lightning) formed in front of me for about ten seconds. I remember thinking that it was just lightning and though nothing of it, until the next encounter I had. It was last year, I was 13. We were driving to Melbourne at about 1 in the morning when I saw a sign, saying "Melbourne Historic gold mines 100m" Then about 10 seconds later I saw a man in Dark blue overalls in the light of our car. He sent REALLY bad vibes, I started freaking out and swearing and I got told to calm down.

When we arrived home from Melbourne, a couple of days later, I was lying in bed getting ready to sleep, Mum went to the grocery store and I was home with dad and my sister. As I was getting to sleep I saw a pair of headlights leaving the driveway, through my window, which was mum leaving. Then about ten minutes later I saw them coming back, about another five minutes later I saw another set of lights. I believe these were spirit lights (I can't remember the proper term). A couple of nights after that I felt something softly touching me and then breathing on my neck. And then I heard loud screaming inside my house. It scared me so much I nearly ran to the neighbour's house.

I have also had visions of recently deceased, voices, I can often see glimpses of the future (e.g., I see plants, scenes of a place I have never been before, and once I dreamed a five minutes of the bus trip the next day.

Just need some advice as to how to keep calm, because I wrote this because I feel a very evil prescience in my room right now and I want to get this all out.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-27)
You should Try sage and burn it and Pray along all over the house Indoor and outdoor also Yourself too Use sage to Cleaness just burn the sages that will get the spirits out that evil.

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