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I'm a newbie in this page and I really wanted to share my stories about my experiences with the paranormal. I have been seeing unknown entities most likely spirits or elementals since I was young. As I grew older, it has become so clear that I can see glimpses of the past especially if I visit places that have a great history. Also my third eye can open another person's third eye. It may sound strange and even myself can't explain why but all I know is I inherited this "gift" from my grandmother.

One time, me and my friends went up the mountains in Cebu for a night ride. We visited one eerie spot near Babag ridge, as we drive further I suddenly saw a scene, most likely a war scene where many mothers and children were killed by Japanese soldiers. Filipino men were shot in their heads and it was very real to me that I can feel the pain they had felt. I suddenly called the attention of my friends telling them that we need to get out of the place. Then they followed what I told them (maybe they can also feel the place is somewhat eerie).

As we drove down, one of my friend's motorbike suddenly stopped. It was like someone was playing games on him. Then I saw my other friend driving but someone's sitting on his back ride already but no one was with him at that time. I keep on praying silent prayers and all of the sudden everything was fine. As we've notice the weird happenings stopped, we hurriedly drove down to the city and talked about what I really saw. I told them everything.

After a month, as I was reading some old stuff about cebu and about the world war II, I discovered that the place where I saw the vision of a war was actually a place where Japanese and Americans fought during world war II. What I saw on that night did happened in real life. Until now I can't believe that what I saw really did happen but what I don't understand is the message they want to give. What could have happened if I did get what they really meant? Still a mystery for me.

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