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The White Lady Nanny


This is a story my mother and relatives told me...

At the time my mother was carrying me she was working in Saudi Arabia and because her line of work she couldn't leave the country to deliver me. 3 weeks after my birth she took me back home to the Philippines, Panggasinan where we lived together with our relatives. After her trip home she was very tired but still forced herself to be awake because she wanted to spend some time with our family instead of just go straight to bed. So of course when the time came that everyone decided to start to go to sleep she prepared the usual routine; Making ready the Diapers, Empty bottles, Formula milk and water on the bed side table. She also has this thing that she really have to close and lock the door to her bedroom when she's going to sleep, which she also did this time. When she finally laid down on the bed she passed straight in to a deep sleep before she suddenly woke up stressed and worried in the morning because I never cried through the night and she thought something had happened to me. After she took a look at me and saw that I still was sleeping and was well, another thing came to her concern: The bottles were scattered around the floor all used, the formula milk was empty and there where diapers lying there that clearly was changed from me cause my diaper was dry! Really worried my mother took me in her arms unlocked the door which she's the only one to have a key to, and went downstairs confronting them of the mess. But none of them had either been in the room or heard me cry that night; guessing mom is really beforehand keeping me well and fed.

At the back of the house you can find a large piece of land that holds a lot of trees, specially mango and banana trees, it is said that in the banana trees a white lady lives and she really like taking things and putting it on top of trees, from time to time in the morning when they will cook breakfast all the kaldero (Pans) can be found on top of one of the trees! Because of this everyone got scared of the thought that maybe this white lady looked at me because I'm new in the house and from another place, she would also place me on top of one of the trees during the night.

When the night came by my grandfather went in the room leaving knifes, stones and garlic around the bed, While waving this buntot ng paggi (Sting ray tail) and saying "Stop bothering my Grand Daughter, you are not welcome here and don't dare take her away from us or else I'm going to destroy your house! "

After this ritual nothing seemed to bother me there anymore. Later someone told us that during the time the soldiers where there a pregnant woman was hit on her head with a pan so they could rape her and then kill her.

Thank you for reading my story J

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penjente (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-02)
[at] K-D-L: yes maybe you are right... But there's still something happened to me after that because they say that white lady have a long hair... Then everytime my mom cut my hair (just triming it) I'm getting sick... Then my mom take me to the witch doctor and she say there's a woman who is always guiding me and she don't want my hair to be cut... I was wondering maybe it was still the white lady who take care of me... 😕
K-D-L (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-01)
The ghost must have been taking care of you as a baby trying to cover up for the loss of her own child... Since she was raped and killed...

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