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I work at Camp Roberts in California. There is a base there that was built in the 40's used for basic training. The base was built in a matter of weeks and still stands to this day. On this base there used to be a full functioning hospital in the 200-300 block. Nine buildings that still stand from that grand hospital, eight of the nine are in a locked gated area. These buildings take about 2 minutes to walk from one side of the building to the other.

The buildings were at one time connected by covered wooden walkways that have since then been taken down. Only one still shows evidence of these walkways, Bldg 308. They took out the walkway and made steps and put in soda machines on the old platform.

Next to Bldg 308, to it's left is Bldg 307. Behind Bldg 308 is bldg 315. Behind 307 is bldg 305. Diagonally from the back of bldg 307, about 50 feet is bldg 303. Next to 303 is bldg 304. All buildings have entrances on the end of the buildings. Only in bldgs 303 and 304 is the building not built like one giant hallway.

One night, as always, my co-worker and I had to lock up. But on this night we worked late and it was already dark. We had to go into each building and make sure that both doors are locked. I had bldg 307 and 305. He took 308 and 315. I locked up 305 first and went on to 307. When I entered what we call the center of the compound after locking 307. I saw him on the platform of bldg 308 heading towards 315. I went towards bldg 308 to tell him to hurry up. Mind you, bldg 307 and 305 is like 20 ft from each other. He disappeared from my view behind the soda machines. I walked up the platform, no one was there. There is all but open space. You would be able to see anyone get down the other set of stairs. I ran over to bldg 315 to see him walking back from the other end of the bldg. That's when I realized that the person I saw wasn't him and that there is no way that anyone else could be in the compound because it's gated and locked.

When he walked out of the building he looked at me and asked what's wrong. I told him that we needed to leave, NOW! As we walked back, I told him what happened and he laughed at me. We worked there for 6 months. Nothing has ever happened like that before. We started to turn off the lights to bldg 303 since that was the last building left to lock up. He clicked off the light switch to one set of lights that has only one switch. Walked to the other wall to turn off the other half of lights and the switch to the other set of lights turned back ON!.

I looked at him and said, "told you so. Lets GO!" He ran to the other side of the bldg to turn off the set of lights that just turned on and we ran out the the building. Our boss doesn't believe that those buildings or any other on Camp Roberts is haunted. But me and my coworker think that's why our boss always goes home before dark.

I found out after telling this story to one of the guys on our base that have been here forever that the hospital was full of people from the war that were there to recuperate from war injuries or diseases they caught, boot camp trainees, and Italian POWs housed at Camp Roberts. The 300 block was the death prep area.

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Vannarra (2 stories) (26 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-27)
Woah. Very nice. I think it's funny about your boss lol. You're right that could really be the reason. But this is still a very good stry and the fact that the 300 block was the death prep area... *chills*
❤ -Vannarra

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