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The Only Ghost I've Ever Seen


Now since I was 9-10 years old I've felt ghosts, they've touched me and I've heard them before but I hadn't seen them until a year and 1/2 ago when I was 18. My family and I had just moved out of our house which we had lived in since I was in kindergarten to about 12 years. In this house I was sure there was a ghost, but it was a nice ghost and only bothered me a few times. We were moving into a two story townhouse and I adored the place. My and my sister's room was upstairs and it had a balcony that went off of it and huge sliding glass doors. After staying there a few nights, my room would be too cold to bare and I complained to my mom that it was freezing in there. It was weird because the rest of the house was actually pretty hot. My mom said it was because of the sliding glass door and she went and bought very thick curtains. It warmed up the room a little bit but not much.

I'd usually come home around 10:30 or 11 at night and talk to my boyfriend on the phone before I go to sleep. Then I'd go upstairs and go to my room and go to sleep. I always got the feeling I was being watched but I just ignored it. In the middle of the night I heard footsteps running back and forth in the hallway, I figured it was my parents or my brother. All of our rooms were on the 2nd floor. The next morning I asked all of them if they had gotten up last night and were walking around in the hallway and they said no. So I just ignored it.

Another night around 1 or 2 in the morning I was awoken by footsteps down the stairs and then the door to our backyard opening and closing like someone was slamming it. I was pretty scared so I turned over in my bed and closed my eyes and forced myself back to sleep.

I told my boyfriend about how I feel weird in my room, like someone is watching me, and that I always feel like someone is in there with me. He says that I'm crazy, until one night he came over and we went to my room to watch a movie. The T.V. was by the sliding glass doors that go out to the balcony and he was putting in the movie, when he dropped it and looked over at me. And I was like "what!?" He said... Now I don't want to scare you but... I just saw a lady standing on your balcony and then she just vanished. He told me she had long blonde/white hair and had a blue dress on. Unfortunately, I didn't see her but my boyfriend sure started believing me then.

Another time, my boyfriend was babysitting my 1 year old brother at my house and no one else was there and he had put my brother upstairs in his crib to sleep. He had heard some footsteps upstairs and some noise so he went up there and while he was walking up the stairs, the bathroom light was on, so he turned it off. He walked into my parents room where the crib was and looked around and my brother was asleep. He went back down the hall turned to go down the stairs when he looked over and noticed the bathroom light was ON now. He thought nothing of it and turned it off and went downstairs. Once downstairs he heard more footsteps so he proceeded back up the stairs and noticed the bathroom light was ON again. He went into my parents room and there my brother was sitting straight up staring at the wall. Which is weird because when he wakes up he usually cries but he hadn't and he didn't even look over when my boyfriend walked in.

A week later or so, me, my boyfriend, my step dad, and brother were in the living room and we were all sitting on the couch. I heard a noise and I looked over and I saw a woman standing there and I said "MOM?" and the woman vanished. So I got up and I thought maybe my mom was home, so I looked all over for her, she wasn't there. It was the same woman my boyfriend had seen on the balcony with blonde hair and a blue dress. My mom has blonde hair that's why I had thought it was her.

On another occurrence, my boyfriend spent the night downstairs at my house and in the middle of the night, he woke up and the same woman was there standing at the end of the couch staring at him. She stayed there for a few minutes then walked away and he saw her feet going up the stairs. He then heard footsteps in the hallway above him going straight to my room.

She was so weird, the only ghost I have ever seen. She didn't seem mean but she seemed like she needed attention or something she actually really creeped me out and I don't know why.

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Jackpot_Girl (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-08)
Just this morning I woke up to a Spirit girl... I woke up and I saw I had a text meassage. I glanced up and I saw this little girl in my doorway with my door open. This is weird because I NEVER leave my door open. I saw her and screamed. The weird thing is my sister saw the same girl (whom had long black hair over her face) the other night. I'm scared as I am only 13... I hope she doesn't come back. 😭
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-29)
I have seen 4 ghosts and the 5th one was the first girl only I could hear her though. I have seen 3 orbs in my house as well one blinded me for 2 seconds and one of those ghosts walked into me. I enjoyed reading your story thanks for sharing it with us. One of the other ghosts was standing in the bath hiding away from someone he looked like he was abused by his dad. His dad was a ghost the ghost who walked into me he wasn't really nice so he must of been after his son who I saw a week before standing in the bath. 😐
jarretswifey (2 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-12)
this is Sheri.

She was young with long blonde hair wearing a blue dress. She was maybe in her 20's or early 30's it looked like.

Maybe she was trying to protect the kid but it didn't seem that way to me.
JAMV100 (4 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-08)
I think the lady that lived there is protecting the house from bad spirit that killed her around that area or I think she was running from a killer and walk upstairs to get her child and protect it well I think shes trying to tell you something like move somewere else.
Tmetsfan31 (3 stories) (52 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-08)
Whoot! First comment, alright. I think mabye she is here to protect the baby. Check out the history of the Townhouse and the Town. Mabye she died there, mabye her house wa there, but no matter what DONT USE A QUIJI BOARD! That will only bring trouble.
Tmetsfan31 AKA Tanis
Tmetsfan31 [at] for any questions
Buttons4me (guest)
17 years ago (2007-06-08)
What did she look like in the face. Was she old, young, ugly pretty?...I must say that is quite scary. Just last night I was looking at picture of my brothers communion, and little orbs where all over him, when I was in one particualr house. I seen a lady behind my brother about 2 years ago. She had blonde hair, but had a red dress and white sweater.

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